100 Frugal Ideas to Enjoy Life to the Fullest

By | February 19, 2019

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There’re many things in this world that bring us happiness if we allow them into our lives. This collection of 100 Frugal Ideas gives you lots of opportunities to enjoy your life to the fullest. The best part is they won’t cost you very much, if anything at all.


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Ready to make your life meaningful?

To enjoy your life to the fullest, remember to slow down, be kind to yourself and others, and experience each moment. Here goes. . .

  1. Say to yourself 5 things you’re grateful for today.
  2. Take your time to enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea.
  3. Take a different route home after work.
  4. Pack a picnic for this weekend.
  5. Play with your pet or neighbor’s pet.
  6. Record it on video and watch it next time.
  7. Take a leisurely evening stroll.
  8. Watch a sunrise or a sunset.
  9. Look up at the stars and admire them at night.
  10. Listen to a new podcast on a topic you love.
  11. Visit a new place in town you’ve never been before.
  12. Explore a nearby park.
  13. Practice yoga for 5 minutes.
  14. Give a family member a hug.
  15. Brush your hair gently with long soothing strokes.
  16. Eat something you’ve not enjoyed for a long time.
  17. Choose a room and decorate it with a special theme.
  18. Call a friend or relative you’ve not spoken to for some time.
  19. Learn to say ’hello’ in 3 different languages.
  20. Volunteer at a local center.
  21. Take a free online class e.g. Udemy.
  22. Go for a nice, relaxing drive in the countryside.
  23. Read your favorite magazine or book.
  24. Take a bubble bath and relax.
  25. Go on a nature walk or go for a day hike.
  26. Plant some of your favorite flowers or herbs.
  27. Find out how to do a DIY project you’ve been putting off.
  28. Make your own organic skincare product.
  29. Treat yourself to a DIY manicure.
  30. Enjoy some cloud spotting on a sunny day.
  31. Organize a date night on a budget.
  32. Bike or scoot.
  33. Bake a delicious treat.
  34. Invite a neighbor over for tea. Get to know her better.
  35. Donate your time to charity.
  36. Lie down and clear your mind. Breathe consciously slowly and deeply. Don’t try to think.
  37. Have a fun outing with friends.
  38. Visit a library or art gallery.
  39. Build a sandcastle or snowman.
  40. Enjoy a movie night with your partner.
  41. Harvest walnuts, apples or other produce during fall in places that permit this.
  42. Cut some flowers from your garden and display them.
  43. Take a photo of the flowers to admire them later.
  44. Play brain games like crossword puzzles or Sudoku.
  45. Send an email or Facebook message to a friend you haven’t been in contact with for a while.
  46. Reuse an item that you would have trashed.
  47. Do slow stretching. Pretend you’re a cat.
  48. Browse in a bookstore or library.
  49. Go to a nature reserve and see if you can spot any wildlife.
  50. Take up a new sport or hobby.
  51. Watch a funny movie or search “funny” on YouTube.
  52. Praise yourself for something you’ve done well today.
  53. Listen to live music at a free concert.
  54. Write down 3 things you look forward to this year.
  55. Savor a glass of wine.
  56. Swap items with a good friend e.g. clothing.
  57. Be kind to yourself. Say 3 nice things to yourself daily.
  58. Attend a free workshop or talk.
  59. Explore your town. Look at things through the eyes of a tourist.
  60. Take a power nap.
  61. Don’t plan to do anything “important” for the next 2 hours. Be spontaneous.
  62. Drive up a hill and admire the scenery.
  63. Collect pictures of places you’d love to visit. Imagine you’re already there.
  64. Look at the clothes in your wardrobe and donate those you’ve not worn for 2 years. Sell them for cash if you like.
  65. Try out a new recipe for dinner. It’s fun and yummy!
  66. Dance to groovy music.
  67. Sing, hum or whistle to yourself.
  68. Watch funny video clips on YouTube.
  69. Compose a short poem or song.
  70. Read blog posts on topics you enjoy.
  71. Learn to knit or crochet.
  72. Take photos during your nature walk.
  73. Draw anything that comes to your mind. Color it too.
  74. Listen to your favorite music or talk show.
  75. Complete a puzzle.
  76. Learn to play an instrument for free online.
  77. Try a new cake recipe.
  78. Play board games or cards.
  79. Collect pebbles or shells by the river or beach.
  80. Look in the mirror and say, “You look gorgeous today!”
  81. Write down your dreams for your future.
  82. Turn the alarm off during weekends when you’re not working.
  83. Throw away your clutter – recycle or sell them. Find out where you can sell your clutter for more money here.
  84. Watch and/or feed the birds or ducks. Marvel at how happy and excited they are 🙂
  85. Look through old photos that make you smile.
  86. Share a funny story or joke and have a laugh.
  87. Recall 5 good things that others have gone out their way to help you.
  88. Eat something you enjoy (that is ideally healthy).
  89. Think of and write down some jokes. Read them and laugh. Share them with others.
  90. Tell your family members you love them.
  91. Say kind things to at least 2 people today.
  92. Think of what you can do to help someone.
  93. Smile at home and at your workplace.
  94. Lie down on your couch and think only of happy thoughts.
  95. Tidy up the most messy part of the house.
  96. During a walk, take time to listen to the birds, the wind and other nature sounds. Experience the moment.
  97. Be aware of the buzzing of bees outside during summer.
  98. Do something that is eco-friendly. The environment will thank you.
  99. Read a good book under a lovely tree on a sunny day.
  100. Walk barefoot on a sandy beach – enjoy the sea breeze and breathe deeply.

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Wrap Up

Ready to try some of these frugal ideas? Start now and make your life and the lives of others truly rich and fulfilling. Experience the moment – be mindful, happy and relaxed 🙂

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100 FRUGAL IDEAS to enjoy life to the fullest

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