15 Answers to Common Questions Beginner Bloggers Must Know

By | March 20, 2018

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15 answers to common questions beginner bloggers must know

Are you seriously considering starting a blog? Have you decided to take the first step towards it?

I hope it’s a firm YES since you’re here.

‘So what do I do? How do I start? Where do I go for more information?’

If you have these burning questions, read on.

In this post, I’m diving deeper into the burning issues that YOU as a new blogger will face. I’ll also suggest pointers to help make your blogging life that much easier.

If you’ve missed out on Part 1, you can read 10+ Critical Answers to Common Questions Beginner Bloggers Must Know later. All you need to know about how you can start and set up a blog is in Part 1.

As a newish blogger myself, someone who has actually never blogged before, I want to share the pressing issues that most beginner bloggers face, while they’re still fresh in my mind, so that you’ll benefit most from this.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

6. How much can I really make from blogging?

Girl typing on computer


Aha! I know you guys will be supremely interested in this!

Income reports of highly successful bloggers show that the sky’s the limit. Some of them, including Steve Chou of MyWifeQuitHerJob, Michelle Schroeder of MakingSenseofCents and Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome, make 6 to 7 figures a month! When I first came across these statistics, I thought my glasses needed changing.

When you’ve picked yourself off the ground, let’s proceed. 99% of the time, the main reason bloggers start their blogs is to make money. There’s no right or wrong answer to this.

Bloggers help readers solve their problems. In the process, they also earn some money in varying degrees. An established blogger, Crystal Paine from MoneySavingMom gave this piece of good advice. Money shouldn’t be the only reason for starting a blog. One of the most important reasons for blogging is to share our knowledge and skills to help others.

To a certain extent, it’s true. The earning money part should be secondary to the main reason to help others. So, always think of how you can help others. Don’t let money weigh on your mind too heavily. Readers know if you’re genuine in wanting to help them.

Read how this blogger makes over $10,000 per month with these 4 side hustles.

7. How long will it take for me to make money from blogging?

It depends entirely on you, your priorities and your ability to implement different strategies to make money. Some bloggers are able to make money in their first month because that is their main focus, while others may take years, as their primary aim may be to document their experiences and treat blogging more as a form of creative pursuit.

The words BLOG in different colors with the O with 2 eyes and a smiling mouth

8. Can I really start a blog in 10 minutes?

There’s advice out there that claim anyone can start a blog in 10 minutes, or something along those lines. The idea is to get you to sign up for blogging courses or web hosts as soon as possible, as they are affiliates who earn their commissions from sales. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that it’s NOT in your own best interests.

Sure, you could make a start. But what about your content, what are you going to write about?

This brings us to the next important question.

9. What do I blog about?

It has to be something you’re so passionate about that you won’t get sick of talking about it 6 months, one year, or two years down the road. Just thinking about what you’re going to write about requires some time.

Then there’s the opinion that you’ve got to niche down, you’ve got to specialize in a specific area so that you would be known as an expert blogger in that subject.

But then I’ve seen many successful bloggers who blog about different topics, ranging from pregnancy to saving money. It appears that having a niche may not be as critical as it has been made out to be!

You also have to ensure the quality of your content. You can’t just write something and throw it out there, hoping someone will appreciate it. If it has been hastily constructed, how good can it be?

Starting a blog in 10 minutes is clearly not a realistic time frame, unless you have several blog posts already written in advance. Don’t sign up with a web host yet if you’re not ready.

However, if you ARE ready to sign up with a web host, I have written a comprehensive review of SiteGround which will really help you to understand how they can take your blogging to the next level and avoid the common frustrations faced by other bloggers. Read about SiteGround here.

Take care to prepare your legal aspects like your disclosure policy and statements as well, especially if you plan to monetize your blog. This link shows you how to write different types of disclaimers to keep yourself safe.

10. Help! I’m frozen by information overload. What do I do?

You know the feeling.

As a newish blogger, I feel scared and insecure too. Am I doing this right or wrong?

I feel that I must do everything correctly.

I was reading tons and tons of blog posts to find out how to get everything done the ‘right’ way.

How to get started on a blog by using WordPress, which web host to sign up with, SEO courses, email lists, autoresponders, plugins, plus courses upon courses that say they’ll help you out as a new blogger. . . the ‘you-need-this-or-that’ list kept piling up.

I was bogged down by all this information overload. There were just too many things to set up all at the same time. In the end, I was totally confused and literally ‘froze’.

In the end, I was struck by the paralysis from analysis syndrome.

So what should we do?

What I’ve learnt is this: there’re lots of information out there, but just take what you need for the moment. Work on them first and save the rest for later.


Blogging in different colors

11. How long should my blog post be?

There are so many opinions out there.

After ploughing through heaps of ‘advice’, I’ve come to this conclusion: it’s really your choice and the nature of your topic.

Sometimes, there just isn’t much to say after you’ve said your piece. I’ve noticed many bloggers, including famous ones, fluffing up their posts. As a reader, I became frustrated because I wasted time reading such long posts, and there wasn’t much substance either. It was filled with high-sounding technical terms which mean nothing to me. From then on, I avoided reading their posts. My time is precious.

But why would they do such a thing? It’s due to Google ranking. Google favors posts that are long, about more than 1,500 words, to rank them higher in the first few pages of its search results. Long posts are supposed to be more authoritative.

(By the way, I’m not writing this long post to fulfill this purpose. My aim is to always help you as much as I can and I’ve been furiously trimming my words. ?)

12. How many blog posts must I get ready before launching my blog?

Advice on the internet ranges from zero posts to having 30 posts ready before you launch.

But why 30 posts? The reason given is that your readers will have ample posts to devour. Most of you would probably be quite exhausted by the time 30 posts has been completed though.

When I finally prepared several posts, I got too scared to publish them. I knew that once I published them, I’d have to promote them. I was full of excuses for delaying the launch – I’m not an extrovert, I don’t know many people. I don’t know how to promote . . . Finally, my spouse in exasperation hit the publish button and I scrambled to my work station to design my pins faster than the fighter pilots dashing to their jets in an emergency.

13. How do I get multiple tasks done in the shortest possible time?

As a newbie, I was all fired up and ready to go. I tried to do more than 10 things at the same time. In the end, I was scrambling everywhere, but I hardly got anything done.

I got started but there was very little progress. In the end, I was really stressed out. Everything seemed to take such a long time. I’m not a techie person and even writing requires quite a bit of time, or maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist.

What ‘s the solution?

Prioritize what needs to be done and focus on its completion. Some tasks such as pinning on Pinterest can be automated to a certain extent. There are many tutorials on how to automate pinning on Pinterest using Tailwind or Boardbooster. Just google them and you’ll find tons of information including Youtube tutorials. These tasks will always be ongoing. But for one-time tasks like installing website protection for your blog, you can choose to complete it first.

14. The Comparison Syndrome: Why is everyone else always ahead of me?

Don’t tell me you’ve not in this camp!

We as new bloggers tend to compare ourselves to seasoned bloggers who have had loads of experience and years of honing their craft.

I know, I know. It’s not easy, but try not to spend too much time on making comparisons.

Why? because it’s a total waste of your precious time. It saps your enthusiasm and energy even before you’ve begun your journey.

It did that to me too. But I’m getting better. I keep reminding myself about how far I’ve come, and I’m grateful for it. For example, I started with zero followers on Pinterest. Then, gradually over time, I gained more followers. My number of potential monthly viewers has blossomed to 206,000. By the way, if you’re interested, you are most welcome to join me on Pinterest.

Remember to keep your spirits up.

Set a certain time each day and remind yourself, for example, “I’ve learnt something new today and I’m always improving. I know more than I did the day before. And that is good”.

So, keep encouraging yourself no matter how small the step is.

Do NOT compare. My son reminded me that everyone has to start somewhere. I showed him the Yoast analysis. It looked horrible. There was a whole line of red dots except for one miserable green dot. However, I told myself that I’m improving every day. I’m producing good quality content that help others. Update: now it has 3 green dots! Yay!

Blog in different colors and children in colorful outlines

15. How do I avoid burnout?

(a) Set a timer to take breaks regularly.

You must take breaks, whether it’s a 5-minute break or a lunch break.

There always seems to be an endless string of tasks to do.

Knowing that I have to spend more time as I’m unfamiliar with digital stuff, I keep pushing myself.

Different bloggers work at a different pace.

I wasn’t at the computer surfing the web like most people, till the last year. This has been the steepest learning curve ever.

As a result of spending tons of time on the computer, I’ve recently developed back pain which is scary. The scariest part is the medical cost!

Now, my strategy is to set an alarm every 30 minutes so that I know I have to vary my posture and do something else, like stretching or getting a drink of water.

(b) Stop being a perfectionist

I have been crafting and polishing each post multiple times before publishing it.

Being overly critical of how I write has been counter-productive. Thoughts of ‘Am I logical? Am I digressing? How’s my tone of voice?” This image is either too big or too small. I was fussing about the little details. In the end, it was all too exhausting. I was behaving more like a crafts person, polishing the perfect diamond.

The reality is that it’s a waste of time to overdo something. If you’re happy with your post, accept and publish it.

So, now that you know the ‘dangers’ of blogging, do take the precaution of looking after yourself both mentally and physically. It is important because I take it that you’re in it for the long haul.

Another important consideration for bloggers is the question of paying taxes. If you’re thinking about tax implications related to blogging, read this post Top 14 Tax Questions for Bloggers and Digital Nomads Answered.

Wrap Up

In our excitement of starting a blog, many of us tend to overlook other crucial aspects of blogging. By addressing the issues above, I hope this post has helped you gain a better understanding and set you on the best possible path to making your start to the blogging world.

Here’s wishing YOU every success in your blogging endeavours!

You are most welcome to add to the list of things I may have missed out in the comment section below.


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You can read Part 1 of this post here.



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