More Money Tips: What’s in it for you?

By | December 25, 2017

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More Money Tips…………What’s in it for you?

You get:

High quality, valuable content (that is free) to enrich your personal finances.  This content is from my many hours of effort and research, very much like creating hand-crafted chocolates.

The Soaring Cost of Living

These days, we are trapped in this scary spiral of soaring costs.

The cost of almost everything you can think of – groceries, power, insurance, mortgage, healthcare . . . is ever rising.

And this is happening not just in our country, but in many other countries around the world.

Does this happen to you too? Trying to work out how to stay afloat with the constantly rising costs?

I had a rude shock recently.

No, I don’t mean a speeding ticket … I looked at my grocery bills at our cheapest supermarket. $105 a week! Ten years back, it was just $61 per week.

The middle-income squeeze is getting tighter by the year – we can hardly breathe.

What do you think?

Don’t wait for our authorities to improve our money situation. WE need to take positive action ourselves.

Why this blog?

Having struggled with years of less than good health, even the ordinary things in my daily life managed to be “extraordinary” on countless occasions.

By sharing my personal journey of improving my finances while coping with my health challenge, I hope that you will find easy and useful ‘takeaways’ that you can also use in your daily lives.

So take heart that you are starting on a much better footing that I can ever be. And I’m glad for you.

When I read about the marvellous ways others have achieved and improved on their financial situation, I’m so happy for them. But at the back of my mind, I’m uncertain whether I’m able to achieve their great results!

Being a very ordinary middle-class wife and mother, I’ve my fair share of good and not-so-good money stories. I’m not claiming to be an expert on money matters, prescribing what you should do.

Rather, my greatest hope is that you’ll be able to learn from my past experiences. It is also with humility that I appreciate your comments and suggestions by leaving your thoughts below.

What’s in it for you?

Without sounding too clichéd, are you:

-Looking to have more money, but don’t know how to start?

-Wishing to be more in control of your money?

-Needing information and tips so that you can make better money decisions?

-Wishing to take simple, effective steps to improve your finances?

-Wanting to save money, time and effort?

-Preferring to learn from the personal experiences of others, instead of wasting your time and energy through painful trial and error?

If you’re wanting to do all or most or even one of these things above, then you’re in the right place.

Ostrich-head-in-the-sand’ syndrome

So where do we start? Simple.

Let’s take a look at this list:

-Food (groceries, takeaways, eating out),

-Transportation (car payments, gas, maintenance, road tax),

-Housing (rent/mortgage, insurance)

-Utilities (power, water )

-Insurance (health, life, house, car)

-Pets, if any (food, grooming, accessories, vet, insurance),

-Clothing and footwear

-Leisure and entertainment

-Internet costs

-Other costs

With our busy daily lives, how many of us actually stop to think about:

1. Where our money is going.

2. How much money we are spending on different things.

In fact, many of us just carry on with our day-to-day activities without considering the list above, most probably because it is so much easier.

Well, we’ve gotten so comfortable with how things are going, so why stir up the hornet’s nest? (Myself included). Sometimes, it’s so much more convenient to leave things be.

Unpleasant as it was, I did steel myself to look more closely at where and how much of my money has been going to, using the list above.

It wasn’t precise to the last cent, but at least I got a clear idea of where things stood, and so it was a good starting point.

So the same goes for you. Have an idea of where your money is going to.

It really doesn’t have to be in exact amounts unless you want to. Make a start today.

Then decide what can be cut back in some areas (preferably without too much pain).

As with most folks, while some areas in the list above need my urgent attention, there are other areas seem to be fine for the moment. Phew!

What will I talk about?

Personal finance involves practically all aspects of life, so I’ll cover things which may seem at first to be unrelated. The reason? Our daily lives are so interwoven with money that it is near impossible to talk about them without relating them to money.

If you’ll like to find out how, I have detailed about how my spouse and I have saved more money than we expected, once we decided to take action from May 2017:

5 Easy Steps Saved me $554 in under An Hour

The good news – it didn’t take much time and it was very easy. The savings really took me by surprise!

I’ve also detailed the action steps I took, so that you’ll have a clear picture of how to apply them to your own situation.

To sum up

My hope is for us to support and encourage one another to save more. By sharing smart saving ideas as I’m sure you have, we’ll surely reach our goals of saving and having more money 🙂

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I’m very interested to know what you think.

Are you keeping ahead of rising living costs? Or are you finding it a challenge?

Please share in the comment section below. Thanks. 🙂


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  1. Maddy Steele

    Hey, I liked how you said the “soaring” cost of living, which couldn’t be more true, the food prices in particular are especially scary.

    Thanks for sharing this information.I shared it on Google plus 🙂




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