22 Things We Stopped Buying to Save Money (Part 2)

By | August 26, 2018

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A warm welcome to you, dear readers of this post. Have you read part 1 of 22 Things We Stopped Buying to Save Money? If you haven’t, remember to head over to it later. You’ll discover more inspiration and tips to stop wasting money.

In this post, let’s look at more unnecessary things you and I can stop buying so we can all save more money.

9. Stopped Buying Organic Hair Conditioners

Savings: $60 a year

10 years ago, a one-litre organic hair conditioner bottle cost me $28.80. This quantity should have saved me money as it was a bulk buy, but sadly it didn’t. Not finding it effective, I’ve banished it to an obscure corner of the bathroom where it’s reduced to giving my cloths a wash now and then.

What have I done to save well?

Stopped buying any type of hair conditioner altogether.
Do you really need hair conditioners? Maybe it’s time to ditch them.

10. Stopped Buying Clothes that don’t fit me. Huh?

Savings: $50 a year

No, you read this right.
I used to buy clothes that I couldn’t wear.

In the past, I had come across beautiful pieces of clothing that I couldn’t bear not paying for. What a waste of my hard-earned money! My only consolation was that they were usually sale items.

What have I done to save well?
Stopped this habit.

You may have bought clothes online that don’t fit you. How about selling them off to get some cash back?

Stuff I won't buy to save money

11. Stopped Buying Paper Towels

Savings: $10 a year

I’ve only ever bought paper towels a couple of times out of curiosity. I soon realized that they are unnecessary as I need only 3 cloth towels in my kitchen at any one time.Two towels are used for drying hands or cutlery. The third is a general cloth for keeping wet surfaces dry.

What have I done to save well?
Use cloth towels.

You can ditch the paper towel habit too, and save more!

12. Stopped Buying Different Cleaners for Specific House Areas

Savings: $30 a year

Do you spend more on buying different cleaners?

Buying one cleaner for the bathroom, one for the shower, another for the windows and another for . . . the list goes on because the bottles say so.

Now, I have countless bottles of cleaners lying around our house.

What’s a good way to save?

I’ve discovered that a general cleaner that is environmentally-friendly and cost-effective will do the needed jobs – cleaning the bathroom mirror, shower, toilet seat and toilet bowl itself. It works well for practically anything.

What have I done to save well?
Buying only a general cleaner to clean almost everything. You can do the same too.

13. Stopped Buying Unnecessary Skincare Products

Savings: $800 a year

Beauty consultants will have you believe that you can’t do without anti-aging serums, day protection cream, night repair hydration cream and so on, if you want to look your best!

I used to take down notes! Such as when do I use the toner? Do I use the toner after the moisturizer?

(This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small compensation if you purchase through these links. You do not pay extra. Please read my disclosure policy. I only recommend products that I trust and have received positive reviews).

Now I stick to the barest minimum –

Antipodes Organic Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream (for my day and night use),

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

and Antipodes Divine Face Oil (made from avocado oil), which I only use at night.

And that’s it. I’m confident in Antipodes as their skincare products are organic and have been scientifically proven to work. I’ve meticulously checked their ingredients to make doubly sure that they’re safe and work well.

You’re probably using your favorite skincare products, and that’s fine. Just check to make sure that the ingredients are not harmful for your skin.

But if you’re thinking of going for skincare products that are organic and are proven to work, why not consider Antipodes? I’ve used many famous skincare products that are usually overpriced and can’t even come close to Antipodes in terms of quality and effectiveness. Have a look at my amazing Antipodes skincare products which I use and love.

Antipodes Products

14. Stopped Buying Storage Containers

Savings: $50 a year

Don’t throw away your takeaway containers. Clean and reuse them. They’re good for your pocket and this also helps to reduce landfill waste.

15. Stopped Buying New Furniture

Savings: $200 a year

Our work tables, office chairs and TV with its stand were bought second hand. In fact, I made some money off one of the office chairs by re-selling it.

Look for used items on

Oodle Marketplace

You’ll save lots by buying used stuff in good condition. If you don’t need them anymore, you can sell them and often get your money back! Better yet, when you had good deals on used items, you can often turn a profit when reselling them in good condition.

16. Stopped Buying Chocolates and Deluxe Cookies as Gifts

Savings: $60 a year

This was not for special occasions like Christmas . . .
My habit of being overly generous was not good for my wallet. I loved buying these items as gifts for delivery people or repair persons who came round to our house. Of course, these folks were delighted with their unexpected gifts! But I had to curb this habit to help myself and my finances. Offering them tea or coffee and my home-baked cake should be enough, don’t you agree?

17. Stopped buying disposable desiccant dehumidifier

Savings: $30 a year

Mould and mildew lurking in my closets aren’t my favorite “guests”. To counter them, I used to buy these beads to place in closets. They worked, but were an unnecessary cost. Nowadays, I simply open my closets to clean and air them from time to time.

18. Stopped buying cheap thermal wear for winter

Savings: $60 a year

I thought I was saving money by buying cheap thermal wear. But it was false economy! The low quality fiber became rough only after 2 washes. They gave Mr MMT contact eczema which later developed into hives. In the end, we spent far more as he needed medical attention and medication.

19. Stopped Buying Cheap Dental Floss

Savings: $30 a year

Cheap and nasty. Poorly-made dental floss caused me both pain and bleeding gums. They’re definitely not worth the price. I use Oral-B Dental Floss for safety and ease of use.

20. Stopped Buying Cheap Footwear

Savings: $150 a year

Cheap footwear used to last me only about 4 months! I used to replace my “cheap” shoes 3 times a year.
Despite using my Skechers shoes for 2 years on a daily basis, they are still nearly as good as new. I love walking in them, even on hilly tracks with uneven terrain. They’ve proven to be comfortable too. My feet are thanking me for giving them quality support and protection.

Have a look at my trusty 2-year-old Skechers shoes below.

My 2-year-old Skechers shoes

Cheap footwear is therefore not a good buy. You actually end up spend more as you need to replace them quite frequently. They tend to fit less well and are less comfy too. They could also contribute to foot problems.

21. Stopped buying Shaving Foam

Savings: $60

The male members of my family made an important discovery! There’s no need to buy special shaving foam. Substitute shaving foam with facial wash, which works well too. Actually it doesn’t matter.

Would you consider using this substitute?

22. Stopped Regularly Buying Takeaways

Savings: $400

I’ve reduced buying takeaways like fish and chips by about 80%. When I realized that takeaways could cost just as much as eating out, I cut the number of times I bought takeaways. Cutting back on takeaways has brought health benefits too, as we eat less oil and salt.

Have you noticed the deep frying oil that many takeaways use? It tends to be very dark as it’s not changed frequently enough. Mr MMT exclaimed that it looks more like used motor oil!! How many times has the oil been reused? For how long?

A 2016 scientific study concluded that eating food fried in reused oil harms your health – “the thermal oxidation of cooking oil generates free radicals and dietary consumption of such oil results in detrimental health effects”. Also, “histopathological observation depicted significant damage in jejunum, colon and liver of animals that received oil heated repeatedly for 3 times.”

Do yourself a big favor – cut back on buying takeaways, save money and drastically reduce serious health risks.

Well, there you have it. All 22 things We Stopped Buying to Save Money. I hope this post has encouraged you to look into different things which you can also stop buying and save your way to riches. Here is part 1 of of 22 Things We  Stopped Buying to Save Money if you’ve missed it earlier.

Thanks for reading this post.
What are the things that you’ve stopped buying? Have you found cheaper but better substitutes?
Do let us know.

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