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By | January 2, 2019

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Welcome to More Money Tips! I’m so delighted you’re here.

It’s wonderful you want to save, to have more money, to have a much much better life! Not just for yourself but for your loved ones too.

Not many people realize that in saving money, we’re saving our environment. Lots of money saving tips actually reduce wastage and strain on our ‘overtaxed’ environment!

Hi, I’m Jo, a wife, mother, former teacher and ex-homeschooler. As an avid reader of Georgette Heyer, James Herriot and Gerald Durrell novels. I love humor, animals and nature.

I love sharing ideas that work, so that you too can make great savings. You’ll be inspired to have more great ideas too 🙂

You can have a great lifestyle while being frugal. Being frugal is surprisingly easy as I’ve discovered. You’ll find the answers in my post on 20 Frugal Living Tips To Save More Money (Part 1).

Are you tired of having to foot ever-rising bills that give you a sinking feeling? Me too.

Saving money hasn’t always been my strong point. You see, it was never talked about in my family when I was growing up.

In my younger adult days, I had only a few hundred dollars. When I was working in casual jobs (between 8 am to almost 10 pm daily) during my college vacation, I spent almost all that I earned.

As the years passed, saving was never a conscious activity. If I happened to save some money, then that was well and good. If not, it was a ‘never mind’ attitude.

But finally in May 2017, I made a decision to be more aware of how to manage my money better. Ironically, it was the house insurance bill that ‘woke’ me up.

I could hardly believe myself. I saved $554 in under an hour! Read the post here.

From then on, there’s been good improvement, clearly showing that it’s never too late to start. You can read how we saved more than $40,000 in 2 years despite a modest income here.

13 years ago, I reduced my part-time work hours to become a homeschooler. Living mainly on my husband’s part-time income wasn’t exciting.

We did different things to cut costs and meet expenses. To be honest, I’m not much of a homemaker. Buying tons of kitchen appliances impulsively when I’m not much of a cook didn’t help!

But I have learnt much along the way, and am still learning.

It hasn’t always been a success. But by sharing what works and what doesn’t, all of us will improve our finances.

After all, having more money, at whatever stage of life you are at, certainly makes life better.

I’ll share practical tips for you to save and make more money. Keep returning for more money tips. Even better, you can subscribe to be updated on the latest ideas.

It would be great to learn about the savings and money you have made. Do let me and our readers know your money-savvy tips!

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