Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Guide

By | April 2, 2019

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Her special day is coming. Yes, I’m talking about Mother’s Day. If you want your Mother’s Day gifts to be affordable, meaningful and unique – one that comes from your heart, I’ve got you covered here.

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law or even a friend, you’ll find these gift ideas special and meaningful.

Don’t just go with any gifts that are pretty and attractive.

Show mom you’ve put some thought into your gifts.

Shower her with special gifts which symbolize what she means to you. She’ll appreciate your gifts even more- guaranteed.

Some of these ideas are from ‘Gifts with Meaning’ by Shanon Lyon.

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Let mom know the meaning behind your gifts and she’ll deeply appreciate your choice of gifts for her. Hope you’ll enjoy looking at these gift ideas as much as I have.

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The Moon

The moon represents family and home. It is a symbol of our mothers’ feminine touch. It’s seen as a sister to the powerful sun.

Gift ideas:

Activity: Organize a moonlight walk by the beach or picnic.

A moon pendant

Picture mom’s delight in receiving this moon pendant. It’s stylish and dreamy.

A book

The Magical Land of Noom by Johnny Gruelle.


Spoil mom. Pamper her with this luxurious body mousse. Spoil mom with Fair Trade Shea Body Mousse that’s made with organic ingredients.


The bed symbolizes birth, rest and family.

Ok, I’m not going to suggest getting mom a bed. Did I hear a sigh of relief?

The bed represents rest, sleep, giving birth and so on.

Gift ideas:

Activity: Serving mom breakfast in bed with a tray.

Your mom will love the feel of smooth silk. A pair of silk pajamas just for her.

Perfect for moms who love reading. Make her reading pleasure even more enjoyable with this bedside reading lamp.


Won’t mom simply love this set of stylish bedsheets?

This exquisite set is a perfect addition to her home decor.

The Fig

The Fig symbolizes peace, prosperity and abundance.

If a lady dreams of figs, it symbolizes her motherhood. The Bible talks about a fig tree bearing fruits as representing perfection.

Gift ideas:

Fresh figs in a basket

Fig jam

Let mom enjoy her morning toast with this oh-so-delicious fig jam! Breakfast will never be the same again.


Fig tree

A touch of fresh outdoors. Let this fig tree purify and beautify mom’s home.

Nesti Dante Fig and Almond Milk Soap

Why settle for the usual boring soap? This unique blend of fig and almond milk soap will surely send mom into raptures.

Fig desserts make great gifts too. Delicious and special for moms.


Now who wouldn’t love flowers!

In the United States, the traditional flower given on Mother’s Day is carnations. Deep red color symbolizes love and affection.

Red carnations are a popular choice. We can see why.


Find out more about Flower Meanings for Mother’s Day here.

This will surely please moms! Why not gift mom this 100% organic and natural carnation essential oil?

She’ll absolutely love the amazing fragrance.


Jewelry symbolizes tradition.

In the early 20th century, France awarded mothers with medals depending on how many children they had.

Bronze medal : mothers with 5 children

Silver medal: Mothers with 6-7 children

Gold medal: Mothers with eight and more children

Gift ideas:

What a gorgeous charm bracelet!

Mom will surely cherish this beautiful bracelet.

Personalize your gift. A bracelet or necklace with her birthstone is meaningful.

January – garnet

February – amethyst

March – aquamarine, bloodstone

April – diamond

May – emerald

June – pearl, moonstone

July – ruby

August – peridot, spinel

September – sapphire

October – opal, tourmaline

November – topaz, citrine

December – turquoise, zircon

Here are a few samples you may like to have a look at.

Aren’t they stunning? Can you see mom smiling as she puts these on?

Just click on the images to find out more. Animals

Animal-themed gifts that symbolize special qualities are also excellent ideas.


As turtles are known to produce many eggs, they’re seen as symbols of fertility.

Different cultures embrace the idea of turtles as symbols of fertility.

For example, the Chinese see turtles as a representation of fertility and patience while Polynesians see them as symbols of fertility and long life.

Gift ideas:

Think of gifts that have a turtle theme.

The Sea Turtle Stemless Wine Glass is hugely popular. Hurry, they may get sold out soon.

What about these cute yellow solar powered turtles? Perfect for mom’s garden. They’ll keep her company as she tends to her plants.


Mom will simply love this giant stuffed sea turtle.

A drawing of a turtle on a card.

A turtle sketch or framed photo of a turtle.


Cats are symbolic of domestic happiness and fertility. In Egypt, cats are seen as protectors of the house.

Gift ideas:

Cat themed cups


Anything with cute cat pictures. Think cute cat socks!

You can draw a cat on a card or get a set of this hugely popular watercolor painted cat note cards.


The cow symbolizes Earth and abundance. In Hindu culture, cows are sacred.

Since cows produce milk, they are also seen as symbols of motherhood.

Gift idea:

This comfortable Sherpa Luxury Throw with Cow Print is perfect for all moms.


The hippopotamus symbolizes motherliness and fertility.

Gift idea:

This Smartphone Wristlet Pouch with Hippo print will keep mom’s phone safe and sound.


The swallow symbolizes fertility, love and peace. In Egypt, the swallow represents positive anticipation and fertility.

Gift idea:

Mom will love this special Vintage Swallow Fashion Collar Necklace.

A perfect fashion accessory to any of her outfits!


Wrap Up

With all these great gift ideas, you’ll never be wondering what to get for Mother’s Day ever again. Don’t forget to let mom know the special significance of your gifts.

I hope you’ll have as much fun as I did selecting these gifts. They’re so good, I’m thinking of getting them for myself. 🙂

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