Amazing Tips to Slash Your Cost of Living

By | June 28, 2022

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These amazing tips are among my favorite collection of money saving ideas I have been using to slash my cost of living for more than 20 years.

Not only are they great for your pocket, they do wonders for the environment. A real win-win!

Ready to save? Read on…….

Cut out buying paper towels

Do you know you can reuse paper towels for drying your hands, especially after visiting public toilets in malls?

They get a second life when you save them from a single use.

Instead of chucking them in the bin right after you use them, you can place them in your bag or pocket.

Take them home and leave them to air.

They are great for mopping up spills on kitchen floors and wiping away condensation droplets on window sills on frosty winter mornings.

You can also dampen them slightly to clean your vacuum cleaner head after use.

Use them for jobs that require the toughest cleaning jobs. Not only do they work, they’re totally free.

The price we pay – literally pay for convenience

Avoid buying everything on your grocery list from supermarkets. You have to make the call.

If you are willing to spare the time and effort, buy only what you need from supermarkets that you can’t get somewhere else.

If you want to save more money, go where you can shop cheaply for fruits and vegetables, like farmers’ markets.

Of course if you know pricing and you know that the supermarket special is truly special, then buy those items by all means.

On a personal level, I have been carefully scrutinizing the prices of items I usually shop for.

I know buying your meat from the local butcher is so not convenient.

But if you really want to save, well then, shop for cheaper cuts of meat from your local butcher.

For instance, I did a comparison recently between my favorite supermarket and a local butcher near where I work.

The former charged $44 per lb. of lean beef mince whereas the latter only charged $35 per lb. for the same item.

Similarly, a lb. of non-organic garlic in a supermarket will set someone’s pocket back by more than $110 per lb. while a local shop sells organic garlic for $88 a lb.

Don’t go on a decluttering spree without careful consideration

For example, have you been throwing out your plastic ice cream boxes? Just because they are taking up room?

Did you know they make great storage containers for knick-knacks?

Use them to store your bits and bobs. For me, they’re perfect for sewing kits, small toys and cookies.

Lately, I have been using them to store my masks. See, free plastic ice cream boxes are so versatile.

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Final Thoughts

Sure these money saving tips may not net you thousands in one go. But rest assured that when you use them consistently over time, even you’ll be surprised by your own results!

Go on, make your start now. Make it count and you’ll be on your way to counting more money in your bank.

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