Best Christmas Side Hustles to Make Money

By | November 11, 2018

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Christmas is now almost upon us. And you’re starting to feel the strain, the strain of pulling back your budget as it threatens to gallop away without restraint. But . . . what if I were to tell you that there’s still hope. That you can actually use this Christmas season to take up creative side hustles that will earn you money.

Christmas shopping in the mall

Good. I can see your ears pricking up.

Even at this eleventh hour, you CAN earn good money in time for Christmas because this amazing collection of side hustles will come to your rescue.

At the end of this post, check out these different companies that have hired extra help during the festive season.

Now that you don’t have to amend your Christmas shopping list like crossing out 100 names or forgo giving presents to your dog, don’t you feel better?

The good news is you’re not alone in feeling the pressure.

With Christmas around the corner, many places like stores and malls are bracing themselves for the influx of shoppers during this holiday season. This alone offers a treasure trove of side hustle ideas.

Let’s hustle!

Be Santa Claus or Santarina or Christmas elves

Apply early to be a Santa Claus or Christmas helper at your local malls. There’s a huge demand for these roles. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look like Santa Claus (how many do?!). You can always modify your appearance to suit the role. What’s more important is your ‘can do’ attitude!

Be a gift wrapper at malls

Most malls offer free gift wrapping services to attract shoppers. If you’re clever with your hands, they need people like you to offer this free service to throngs of shoppers. Tip: watch YouTube videos to learn how to gift wrap creatively. It’s an asset that can get you this side hustle. You don’t even need a lot of skills for this.

Read my Christmas Money Saving Tips (Part 1) and Christmas Money Savings Tips (Part 2 ) to reduce your Christmas spending to near zero.

You are wise with money, and so don’t have to spend lots like other less careful shoppers! When you both save and make money, it’ll take your finances to a whole new level!

Be a temp

DIY stores and garden centers are looking for extra staff. Before holiday seasons, my local mega DIY stores and garden centers always advertise for extra staff during this period.

Be a wait staff member

Restaurants and eateries will be swamped by diners, as out-of-town folks come to visit their relatives and friends. These places will be looking for extra wait staff. No work experience in restaurants? Why not volunteer in the short term? This will get you the needed experience and references for when you apply for paid positions.

Be a product promoter

When Christmas draws near, my local supermarket chains always offer free tastings in store. There are lots and lots of booths to serve and promote new products and they need extra people. You can apply for these positions too. As for me, I’ll have a light lunch and descend on the local store for a great variety of free offerings! Yum…

Offer accommodation

Most motels and hotels may be fully booked during this festive time. If you’ve an extra room and enjoy meeting people, why not offer accommodation at your property? The cash can come in quick and handy.

A friend of mine started with Airbnb last year. In December 2017 alone, she had 23 nights booked. Look up the Airbnb website for more information. Check with your insurance company for guidelines. They may require you to inform them of this arrangement. Don’t forget to get them to make a note of this in writing and give you a copy of this to ensure that your are covered.

If you’re driving to visit families, you will want to reduce your car expenses. Read this post for more ideas and they will help you to save lots of money. This is ideal for non-car experts and experts.

Be a motel/hotel cleaner

Due to the holiday season, motels and hotels will need more cleaning staff if you don’t mind working on your off days. Most offices will be closed and you may find that you’ve more time on your hands during this season. A college undergrad I know used to be a motel cleaner and a cinema ticketer – all this while studying for a double degree.

Be a hotel or motel receptionist

You can also also double as a night receptionist during peak holiday seasons.

Be a garage organizer

Many proud homeowners have “junk” sitting in their garages. When they get visitors during this season, they want to be seen in the best of light and have guests oohing… and ahhing over their impressive houses. But over time their garages have become unmanageable.

That’s where you come in. Organize, tidy, and sort their garages out.

You can advertise in your local online sites or just let your neighbors know that you can provide this service.

You can even offer to take items that they don’t want free of charge and sell these items to make extra cash. Just make sure that your clients understand that these items belong to you once you remove them.

Be a local tour guide

You have good local knowledge, and so you can offer sightseeing tours to small groups of tourist.

You can sign up for Airbnb. I know of a local who offers both accommodation and day tours. He charges each guest $1000 a day including meals.

Be a Christmas decorator

Can you transform an ordinary home into a Christmas wonderland?

For this special season, you can put your creative talents to work on special Christmas themes. For example, an Arctic Pole theme is not your usual Christmas idea.

It may surprise you, but some folks may not enjoy setting up Christmas lights, and other decorations.

When you show your potential clients a portfolio of what you can do, you’ll be in strong position to get hired.

You can advertise in your Facebook Page, local neighbourhood online sites and distribute fliers. I’ve heard that others can earn up to $150 per house.

Looking for more ways to boost your income? These 14 great sites will buy your used items like old clothes, phones and many other items you have lying around your place. Check out #14 in this post where this machine gives you instant cash if it accepts your item. Now isn’t that music to your ears?

Be a painter

As a painter you can charge up to $100 per room. Many folks are not willing to put in their time and effort into this. Take this opportunity and turn it to your advantage.

Be an all-round helper

Let your community know that you’re available to run errands like grocery shopping, posting cards and Christmas gift parcels which entail waiting in long queues at this time of the year.

Gifted Baker

Good with baking?

Offer to bake Christmas goodies at home and your happy clients can say their goods are home-baked. The only difference? The baker. But who’s going to tell?

Good with making jams and chutneys

Have time on your hands?

You can get easy recipes and watch youtube videos here.

Get started with making jams.Why not offer healthy alternatives instead of the usual ones loaded with sugar? Offer reduced sugar or sugar free jams. This makes your jams and chutney stand out from the usual offerings.

How about making Christmas cakes and goodies?

Recipes for Christmas cakes, Christmas fruitcakes, Christmas cookies, Christmas pies and Christmas bread can be found here.

Or what about Christmas pudding balls, Christmas fudge, and Christmas slices. These recipes and more mouth watering ideas are here.

Pet sitting and pet walking

Some people you know may be going away to visit their families, or some may want to focus more on their celebration without the additional workload of tending to their pets’ wants during this hectic time. Step in to fill the gap.

House sitting or renting out your place

Many families visit their relatives in other parts of the country. They need help with looking after their house, pets and plants, offer your house sitting services. Be prepared with references.

If you are the one going away, you can charge those wanting a place to stay. You can register with AirBnB and make up to $1,000 a week.

Work extra hours on your current job

My organization I work for has many branches and every week, my work email is flooded with requests for help.

There’re always people away for different reasons: sickness, holidays, conference attendance and so on.

I know this may sound boring, but if you offer to do extra hours when your colleagues take their annual leave during Christmas, you earn their undying gratitude as their leave gets granted, the chance to earn extra money, and get into your boss’s good books too.

You may like to read which companies hired extra seasonal help here.

More information is available for you to find out what stores hire extra help during the Christmas season. You can still ask if they’re still hiring.

Wrap Up

Feeling better already?

Good. There’re so many options for you to start your side hustles to make more money. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Which of these Christmas side hustles do you like best?

You can let your workplace and local community know about what you can do.

Most offices have internal online notice boards, so get your name out there. Stick notices on grocery noticeboards, let your neighbors know. Advertise online in Facebook groups. The more people you’re able to reach, the more chances you get to make more money.

If you find this helpful, do share.

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