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By | December 23, 2017

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We all know this – pay $0 for free antivirus software and thereby save all your money in this area.

I’ve used some free versions of antivirus software. According to, the top free ones for 2018 are:

My family’s experiences with some free and paid antivirus programs

A great way to save some money on paid antivirus software is to subscribe for a free trial – try it out and see if it fits your needs.

It’s a great way to test if you are happy with its performance.

In the case of Bitdefender, they were very generous with a trial period of 3 months.

I will detail our search for the best price, but before that, I would like to share my family’s personal experiences with different antivirus software.

This is not a technical comparison but it is candid feedback from the viewpoint of a typical home user.

We had a paid version of Eset before. But why did we buy Eset in the first place? Our so-called logical conclusion was that my spouse’s workplace uses Eset, so it must be good!

Well . . . it worked satisfactorily. However, when it expired, we decided not to renew the licence.

We tried to replace Eset with Comodo, a free antivirus software. That’s when trouble started.

Eset simply refused to be removed and kept popping up every single time the computer was switched on. It kept insisting that we renew the Eset licence πŸ™

As a result of that, Comodo couldn’t function properly.

A computer technician spent a very painful hour trying to remove Eset. He downloaded his company’s program to try to erase Eset, but he failed miserably

In the end my IT student son had to factory reset the computer to remove Eset. Thank goodness it worked!

The verdict is, if you should decide to pay for Eset, it seems to work fine.

However, should you decide not to continue, it keeps bugging you to renew. It’s better to think twice about buying Eset in the first place!

Why we chose Bitdefender

My oldest computer has a free version of Bitdefender. It works well.

You can download a free version of Bitdefender from their official website here.

After trialling Bitdefender for 3 months, we decided to buy it as we were happy with its performance and wanted long-term enhanced protection.

We chose it based on the following:

1. Price

Besides its generous free trial period, Bitdefender is reasonably priced compared to other good antivirus software.

2. Reliability

What makes it different? I didn’t really expect much of Bitdefender’s free version. It’s only a free version after all.

Yet it surpasses my expectations.

It detects viruses, malware and spyware in its scans.

Other antivirus programs we’ve tried didn’t actually report detecting anything, which is surprising.

3. Very high rating in authoritative reviews

According to, Bitdefender Internet Security is one of only two which won their Editors Choice (Kaspersky Internet Security is the other one).

4. Excellent customer service

When my spouse gave some feedback, Bitdefender replied soon, emailing back to suggest helpful solutions. The service was polite too. Quite impressive!

How we saved $80 on the same product

Since Bitdefender met all of our needs, my spouse set about researching for the best Bitdefender deal.

This was what he found – Bitdefender is an international company that has websites in many countries around the world.

Now, that’s interesting, we didn’t know that.

So, he decided to visit the different websites to find out more about their pricing.

Keep in mind our motto – Know More, Have More.

When we did this, we noticed something very interesting:

1. The Bitdefender websites in each country charge different subscription prices.

2. The charges are in the countries’ local currencies.

Now, why would Bitdefender offer such different pricing deals?

One reason could be that they see the level of competition in each country differently.

Before doing our research, we assumed that the best deal comes from the United States.

Now, armed with this latest information, it seems that the better deals are found in other countries.

This is especially so as digital products like software can be downloaded easily without the need to consider shipping costs.

On the United States/Australian website, Bitdefender Internet Security costs $121 a year at the time of writing.

But the best deal comes from the United Kingdom on its Total Security, at a 50% discount – 30 pounds a year! Equal to only $41 a year.

Of course, we used a currency conversion calculator.

We were delighted πŸ™‚

In all, an instant big saving of $80! All it took was about 15 minutes!

Isn’t this so rewarding?

After all, who wouldn’t like to get the best value and make our money go further?

Easy steps to get great antivirus software at the best price:

1. Google your chosen antivirus software.

2. Access the company’s different websites to check the antivirus software prices in their local currencies.

3. Use a currency converter to find out which deal is sweetest.

4. Grab the best deal πŸ™‚

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