10 Best Personal Finance Books You Must Read for 2020

By | May 28, 2019

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Don’t you dream of getting out of debt and reaching financial independence? I’m sure we all do. But thinking about it is merely a wish. Acting on it without sound financial knowledge is dangerous.

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To make your dreams of retiring earlier a reality we need the best personal finance books, books that give us

-a solid foundation and teach us what to do to achieve this,

-advice on what mistakes we should avoid and

-ways to achieve our ultimate goal of financial freedom

This collection of 10 personal finance books will surely help you realize your dreams.

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#1 The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey doesn’t need any introduction. This bestseller is a classic and has sold more than 5 million copies!

If you need a no-nonsense guide with solid advice from an expert finance coach who really wants the best financial life for you, then Dave Ramsey is your guy!

The Total Money Makeover offers a proven way to design a simple and direct money plan to get the results you want.

From paying off debts to building a comfortable retirement nest egg, Dave Ramsey has the answers for you.

Included in this book are new “Dave Rants’, new forms and great resources at the back of the book.

#2 Live Well Spend Less by Sophie Gray

Want to live well yet spend less?

Want easy ways guaranteed to save as much money as possible?

Want to have serious savings in the long term?

You’ve found the right book!

Learn from Sophie Gray, who has survived tough financial challenges and proved how well her practical strategies work.

They include how to manage your finances and save lots of money in areas like: food, utilities, cleaning, motoring, celebrations and other family expenses.

Learn to accumulate more cash, secure your financial future and enjoy a new sense of wellbeing.

Live well Spend Less will help you do all these and more.

#3 The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance

What I like about this book is you can easily and quickly learn and understand a wide range of personal finance ideas.

This book’s authors, one of them a Certified Public Accountant, cut to the chase by presenting to you complex concepts in an interesting and easy-to-digest way.

Among the many helpful topics presented are:



-Growing your money

-Boosting your income

-Emergency funds

-Securing your financial information

-Better spending habits


-Grocery savings

-Credit cards

-Credit score

-Fixing bad credit

-Debt elimination

-All forms of investing

-Supersizing your 401(k)

-Rent or buy?

-Mortgage options

-Mortgage refinancing

-Home repairs and improvements

If you want personal finance topics explained in simple plain language, The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance is your answer.

I’ve really enjoyed this book with its interesting illustrations and easy-to-digest concepts.

#4 How To Retire With Enough Money by Teresa Ghilarducci


Now is the time to learn all about How to Retire with Enough Money.

Author Teresa Ghilarducci gives you practical advice on how to secure a retirement that is totally free of money worries.

Many of her tips and tricks are based on the real-life situations of people who contacted her to ask for solutions to their money problems and worries.

Find out about important money considerations like:

-401(k)s and IRAs, and how to use them to support your retirement

-Estimate the retirement income you need

-Calculate your likely retirement income

-Social Security

-Your job security

-Saving, spending & debt

-Investing & 401(k) plans

-Is your home an asset or liability?

-Are reverse mortgages good for you?

-Should you rent or buy your home?

#5 The 30 Day Money Cleanse by Ashley Gerstley

Do you want to join those who have, on average, saved over $950 a month by using a proven system?

I’m sure you do!

The answer?

Use Ashley Gerstley’s 30-day Money Cleanse system to:

“Eliminate money stressors”

Track where your money is disappearing

-Kick bad money habits

-Know how to invest

-Master your money

-Create a money plan that you’ll enjoy

Apply the system step by step and achieve all the above goals in just 4 weeks.

Start living a fulfilling life today, and at the same time save for your goals.

#6 Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

Do you want a proven method to Financial freedom?

Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier is one of the latest finance books to hit our bookstands. He gives you in-depth advice on how you can reach this milestone in your life.

He offers expert personal finance tips such as

-coming up with side hustles that earn you passive income

-spotting money making opportunities which are invisible to most of us

-saving money wisely without sacrificing your happiness

-travelling round the world without spending a ton

-getting more out from your employer and so much more.

Phew! Is there anything this finance wizard doesn’t cover?

#7 Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan

As a financial coach with Ramsey Solutions for more than 10 years, Chris helps people with managing money and reaching their retirement goals.

In Retire Inspired, Chris teaches that retirement is a money number you need to live your ideal retirement dream.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 55, Chris helps you develop a sound plan including strategies to make good investment decisions and getting the right team of people to help you reach your ultimate goal : your retirement.

His book covers topics such as:



-Intentional Investing

-Use the time you’ve got

-Who do you trust?

-You’re the CEO

#8 Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin (and Joe Dominguez)

This book is another classic that has been fully revised and updated. It’s been THE go-to money book for more than 25 years!

Using a 9-step program, Your Money Or Your Life helps you take back control of your life. You’ll learn to improve your relationship with money.

For those considering to retire early, you’ll find chapter 9 interesting.

Vicki looks at where financially independent folks park their money and how they ensure their investments continue to provide them with a sustainable income for the long term. Among the notable ones are Mr and Mrs Frugalwoods.

Part of the 9-step program include topics such as:

-The Money Trap

-Money Ain’t What It Used to Be- and Never Was

-How much is Enough? The Quest for Happiness

-The American Dream-on a Shoestring

-For Love or Money

#9 5 Day Weekend by Nik Halik

The 5 Day Weekend is a plan, a plan for you to build multiple streams of passive income. It has real life examples to guide you on what to do.

This book is divided into 7 main parts with several chapters going deeper into these topics.

The 7 parts include:

The Big Idea – 3 More Days of Freedom

The Foundation – Keep More Money

Income Growth – Make More Money

Wealth Creation – Grow More Money

The Journey – Power Up

Freedom Lifestyle – Live Your Purpose

Outside The Box – Push the Boundaries

If you want to ditch your 9-to-5 job and achieve your goals, get the 5 Day Weekend and change your life forever.

#10 The Joyful Frugalista by Serina Bird

Great advice from a single mom turned millionaire.

The Joyful Frugalista is a great handbook to live a frugal life on any budget with happiness, meaning and purpose.

At the end of the chapters, you’ll get Frugalista Challenges.

Hey, this is similar to my Frugal Challenges that I post every week.

I’m happy to say that I came up with my own challenges before I saw these ones. Mm… great minds think alike.

Some of her topics in The Joyful Frugalista include:

-Living Large

-Get Smart About Saving

-Light Up for Less

-Eat Like a Queen

-The Frugal Fashionista

And more.

Wrap Up

Armed with these high quality personal finance books, I’m confident you’ll be able to achieve your money goals and reach your final destination – financial independence.

When you allow yourself to be guided by these pearls of financial wisdom, nothing can stand in your way.

Here’s to your financial success!

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