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By | September 4, 2018

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A warm welcome to my blog, dear readers. If you’re thinking to save money when buying the best smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I have a special guest post by Ezra. He has carefully examined the 3 most important things you have to think about if you wanna save money and you’re after

– value

– price

– performance

(This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small compensation if you purchase through these links. You do not pay any extra at all. Please read my disclosure policy. I only recommend products that I trust and have received positive reviews).

With his no-nonsense style, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the most out of this post. Over to you, Ezra.

So, you need the best smartphone now, like right now. And wanna save lots of money too.

Perhaps your mobile contract is up for renewal, or your phone took a dunking in the washroom. Maybe you are looking to upgrade.

You brace yourself for the daunting menial slog of examining and going through many different types of phones there are on the market. I’ve been there too, and it ain’t pleasant.

Well, I’ve got some good news – Now you don’t have to trawl through the ocean of phones to find one that suits your needs and budget, and save money.

I have found a brand that will suit your needs, but for a tiny fraction of the price of most branded phones.

This brand of phone, you may be thinking, is probably a cheap Chinese brand.

This usually brings to mind a device which is rather slow and doesn’t work well at all.

But before you quit reading, I’d like to encourage you to continue, because I have bought the phone myself and tested it at length. Its features and performance couldn’t be further removed from the negative rap that Chinese smartphones usually endure. This one could not be more different, in a positive way.

The brand is Leagoo, and I am here to show you exactly why it is so much more worthy of your money than brands like Apple and Samsung.

I ordered my Leagoo S8 Pro from Aliexpress.

I recommend Aliexpress with confidence because my purchase arrived rather fast and in good order.

I am extremely pleased with my Leagoo phone. Also, did you know you get FREE SHIPPING?

I bought my Leagoo S8 Pro for $230.33 USD a few months ago. Now it’s going for only $191.78 Find out more about it here. (Prices are current at time of writing.)

My purchase came with earphones, its own custom shock-proof case and a pre-applied screen protector. When you pay for your purchases at Aliexpress, your payments are placed in escrow and released to the seller only after you’ve signed that you’ve received your purchase.

Retailers in Aliexpress are given customer feedback and ratings, so you can check out your retailers and buy with greater peace of mind. Moreover, the Aliexpress Refund Guarantee says that “if you didn’t receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment”.

Need to contact Aliexpress? They’re always available 24/7 with English being spoken.

What you need to know when choosing your phone

When choosing a smartphone, you need to consider if the key features of the phone meet your most important needs. Maybe you need:

– A phone with a long-lasting battery for hiking, camping, and overseas travel.

– A powerful phone to play games or run many apps simultaneously.

– A phone with enough battery capacity to handle your daily online uses with ease.

Leagoo offers a variety of phones that suit almost any of the above features.

The phone we will be examining in this post is the Leagoo S8 Pro, but be aware that Leagoo has many other phones.

Some other types of phones include the Leagoo Power 5. This is an endurance phone with a long-lasting battery.

There’s also the Leagoo S9, which is the medium-powered phone as described above.

These may be more suitable for you depending on what kind of phone you want.

Factors affecting phone speed

Annoyed with slow loading times?

Waiting forever for apps to open?

The speed of your phone is obviously a key factor in how it performs.

There are three main factors affecting phone speed:


This is how much Random Access Memory (RAM) the phone has.

An analogy: RAM is the maximum amount of information you can remember in your short-term memory.

CPU Clock speed

Continuing the analogy: Clock speed is how fast you process the information in short-term memory.

Presence or absence of low power cores

Low power cores can perform background tasks (tasks that you aren’t currently using but still need) and high power cores can do tasks which you are currently performing. This can save battery power and improve performance.

Now that you know the basics of what makes a phone fast, let’s compare the Leagoo S8 Pro to some leading phones from well-known brands –

Apple and Samsung

Comparison Chart

In this comparison, we are pitting the Leagoo S8 Pro against the new and popular iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9.

We will also consider how price and value influence the winner. This is to decide which is the best phone for someone with a certain budget. But you’ll be surprised at how the Leagoo S8 Pro compares to its more famous competitors.

IPhone X Leagoo S8 Pro Samsung Galaxy S9
Maximum CPU Clock speed 2.39 GHz 2.60 GHz 2.70 GHz
Lower Power Cores? No Yes Yes
Battery Capacity 2716 mAh 3050 mAh 3000 mAh
Internal Storage 64 GB 64GB 64 GB
Screen Size 5.8 Inch 5.99 Inch 5.8 Inch
Price (USD) $1218.71 $191.78 $947.74

The more important specifications are in red.

iPhone X versus Leagoo S8 Pro

The Leagoo S8 Pro has twice the RAM of the iPhone X, which has only 3GB of RAM. This means the S8 Pro is roughly twice as good at multitasking and running multiple apps as the iPhone X.

The Leagoo S8 Pro has a 2.6 GHz CPU speed while the iPhone X has a 2.39 GHz CPU speed. Therefore, the Leagoo S8 Pro runs faster than the iPhone X.

Furthermore, the Leagoo S8 Pro has low power cores, whereas the iPhone X doesn’t. The S8 Pro has a longer battery life and a larger screen than the iPhone X. This allows the S8 Pro to perform foreground and background tasks much more effectively than the iPhone.

Lastly, but most importantly, note the difference in price.

The Leagoo S8 Pro costs only 15.7 % of the price of the iPhone X !

Why would you pay 6.3 times more money for the iPhone X when you can obtain the S8 Pro with its superior specifications, speed, battery life, screen size, and low power cores?

Unless you’re crazy about Apple products, and must be seen with an iPhone X. (Does being seen with something matter? Or does lots more money in your pocket matter more?)

Leagoo S8 Pro Versus Samsung Galaxy S9

Now, let’s compare the Leagoo S8 Pro with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has 4 GB of RAM while the Leagoo S8 Pro has 6 GB of RAM. This is 50% more.

The Maximum CPU Clock speed for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is only slightly faster than the Leagoo S8 Pro – 3.8% faster.

(The Leagoo S9 Pro also has a slightly better battery with just as much internal storage, and a larger screen size).

Would you pay 4.9 times more for the Samsung Galaxy S9 compared to the Leagoo S8 Pro, just for that extra 3.8% of speed, which is offset by the 50% extra RAM that the Leagoo S8 Pro offers?

I wouldn’t.

The Leagoo S8 Pro more than makes up with superior specifications than the Galaxy S9 all-round, more than nullifying the miniscule advantage the Galaxy S9 has in processor speed.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S9 has 2GB less RAM to play with.

Watch this video that compares Leagoo S8 (and this is not even the Leagoo S8 Pro) Vs Samsing Galaxy S8.


Objectively, the Leagoo S8 Pro easily surpasses both the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 in speed, battery life, and screen size. The Leagoo can be yours at a tiny fraction of the prices the Apple and Samsung phones are commanding. Leagoo is clearly great value – you save a lot of money.

The winner is obvious.

Note: Please check that at least one of the cellular frequencies that your service provider uses matches one of the frequencies of the Leagoo S8 Pro (this goes for any phone that you’re interested in buying).

A special thanks to our guest writer, Ezra who has generously contributed this post to

If you’re interested in saving lots of money when buying the best smartphone, look no further than Aliexpress. They sell many other products at low factory prices. Have a look around, enjoy your shopping and get huge savings at ridiculously low prices with Aliexpress.

Which smartphone would you buy or upgrade to? Would you still continue buying the usual brand you’ve always bought? Let’s hear it from you.

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