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7 Smart Ways to Overcome A Financial Crisis

Today, we have a special guest Lily, who is passionate about all things finance! Let her sound advice guide you in navigating the perils of the financial world we are facing in these turbulent times. Over to you, Lily. A financial crisis can stem from many factors — a medical emergency, losing your job or… Read More »

How to Start a Personal Budget That Works

Today, I’m excited to introduce Linda, a personal finance writer, who shares valuable money tips on how to start your personal budget. Starting your budget is the first crucial step, but how do you make sure that it works? Find out her top tips below. Ready? It’s not bad to be a controlling freak sometimes,… Read More »

6 Finance Lessons from Lockdowns

Lockdowns can be a pain. But folks from around the world including those in Canada and New Zealand are discovering that lockdowns might just have a positive side to it, assuming that jobs remain. Without the usual spending outlets of dining out in restaurants, bars, cinemas, concerts, salons and theaters other than on essentials like… Read More »

17 Smart Money Tips for Uncertain Times

Americans, like people all over the world, are now living in very uncertain times. Not only is our health at stake, the stock market and the housing market are both also under threat. Many are feeling uncertain about their income and even their job security. If there is any time to practice frugality, the time… Read More »

49 Money Questions to Grow Your Wealth

Many times, when our financial future doesn’t appear as rosy as we’d like it to be, it’s because we forget to have money checkpoints to measure our progress. I have compiled some of the most common money questions we should be consistently asking ourselves and they act as your financial thermometer to measure the health… Read More »

Biggest Budgeting Mistakes : How You Can Fix Them Now

Most of us make budgeting mistakes at different times in our financial journey. That’s life. But we can change and learn from our mistakes. Better still, we can learn from the mistakes of others. The good news is by the end of this post, you’ll be able to avoid these 20 biggest budgeting mistakes and… Read More »

23 Frugal Christmas Tips – Last Minute Savings

Christmas is hot on our heels. If you’re like most folks, just wondering where all that time has gone, take heart. I have more frugal Christmas tips to help you cut costs and make great savings. Yes, even at the very last minute. You may like to read Christmas Money Saving Tips Part 1 and… Read More »