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Frugal Challenge Series 2019 ( Week 10 )

Welcome to Week 10 of the Frugal Challenge Series 2019. If you’re new to the Frugal Challenge Series, a warm welcome to this series 🙂 How can this Frugal Challenge Series help you? Once a week, you’ll get a frugal challenge that is simple and doable. Not only do you get frugal tips to save… Read More »

Frugal Challenge Series 2019 ( Week 8 )

A very warm welcome to Week 8 of the Frugal Challenge Series. If you’ve been following my Frugal Challenge Series tips, know that you’ve made the right decision to improve your finances. If you’ve been applying them and making frugal living a joy for you and your family, that’s even better. I want to congratulate… Read More »

Frugal Challenge Series 2019 (Week 7)

A very warm welcome to Week 7 of the Frugal Challenge Series. If you’re new to this frugal challenge series, readers have been having some fun from doing a little frugal challenge each week and learning how to save well. Over time, these little frugal exercises will train and motivate you to develop good frugal… Read More »

10 Best Personal Finance Books You Must Read for 2019

Don’t you dream of getting out of debt and reaching financial independence? I’m sure we all do. But thinking about it is merely a wish. Acting on it without sound financial knowledge is dangerous. To make your dreams of retiring earlier a reality we need the best personal finance books, books that give us -a… Read More »

Frugal Challenge Series 2019 ( Week 6 )

Welcome to Week 6 of the Frugal Challenge Series. In this series, you’ll get a frugal challenge you can easily carry out each week. Over time, these little frugal exercises will help you develop strong frugal habits – habits that’ll make frugal living a breeze.   If you’ve missed my earlier challenges, click on them… Read More »

300 Frugal Living Tips To Save Money 2019

Do you want to reach financial freedom faster than you can ever imagined? Then saving is the easiest way to start. I’ve put together this monster list of 300 Frugal living tips for you to save money every day even if you’re on a modest income. These 300 frugal living tips will definitely help you… Read More »

Money Saving Challenge for Small Budgets

How are you going to save when you have a small budget? You’re already trying to get by as it is. I’m going to show you it’s possible using this money saving challenge. Using my Life Changing Money Saving Challenge, I have been saving more than $40,000 in just 2 years on a small income.… Read More »

Minimalist Living: The only 50 items You Need for Home

With Spring upon us, it’s a great opportunity for you to simplify your life and declutter. Why not give minimalist living a go? Save money by sticking to only 50 items that you really need in your home. Minimalist living has huge benefits, both for your peace of mind and wallet. When you have less,… Read More »

Top 10 Things Americans Waste Their Money On

What do Americans waste their money on? Are you guilty of these top 10 money wasters too? Even if you are, there’s still hope. I’ve clever strategies for you to counter each of these top money wasters. According to a recent survey by Hloom, more than 2000 American respondents admitted to where they’ve been wasteful… Read More »