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Emergency Fund : A Must for Healthy Finances

You’ve probably heard of Emergency Funds, but aren’t totally clear about it. Am I right? Are you thinking about whether you should start an Emergency Fund? And how to start one if you’ve no money? Don’t worry. By the end of this post, you’ll be armed with not just the knowledge, but also the how-to… Read More »

Frugal VS Cheap : What’s the difference?

Are you frugal or just plain cheap? Why is it important to know the difference? According to CNBC, 9 out of 10 people see frugality as an admirable trait in a romantic partner. But that’s not the only important reason. Another important reason is that frugality brings an upward trajectory for success and financial freedom.… Read More »

Biggest Budgeting Mistakes : How You Can Fix Them Now

Do you make these common budgeting mistakes? No worries. I’ve made common budgeting mistakes too. The good news is you can learn to avoid them and and stay ahead in your budgeting. CNN reports that only 41% of Americans use a budget. 70% don’t have $1000 in the bank. Almost half of Americans would need… Read More »

Cash Envelope System – Pros, Cons & Tips

What is the Cash Envelope System (CES)? It is used for variable expenses like groceries, eating out and gas. If you’ve budgeted $140 for groceries each week, you’ll place $140 cash into an envelope labelled groceries. The aim is to stick to your weekly budget for groceries, by making sure that you spend up to… Read More »

Extreme Frugality: 25 Real but Weird Stories from Around The World

Truth is stranger than fiction. You won’t think these weird stories of extreme frugality from around the world are real, but they are! These were postings from and were published in ‘Money’. Marvel at the weird stories or be amused, but whatever your response is, you won’t get bored. Will you dare try #17… Read More »

Top 4 SMART Money Goals for the New Year

2019. Happy New Year! It’s time to sit down and set your money goals for the year. Why set goals? Setting goals help to steer us on the right path. Most of us start our New Year with goals – there are always things that we wish for and want to happen. Your list of… Read More »

Frugal Challenge Series (Week 3)

Welcome to the Frugal Challenge Series where each week, I’ll give you a little frugal challenge that you can take away to do. These little exercises will guide you and help you learn to be more frugal in your everyday life. This series is perfect for you if you want to incorporate frugal living habits… Read More »