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Frugal Challenge Series 2019 ( Week 1 )

Welcome to the Frugal Challenge Series. Each week, I’ll give you a little frugal challenge you can take away to do. These little challenges help you get into the minds of frugal folks. You’ll learn to think like a frugalist in your everyday life.  Who is this Frugal Challenge Series for? This series is perfect… Read More »

23 Frugal Christmas Tips – Last Minute Savings

Christmas is hot on our heels. If you’re like most folks, just wondering where all that time has gone, take heart. I have more frugal Christmas tips to help you cut costs and make great savings. Yes, even at the very last minute. You may like to read Christmas Money Saving Tips Part 1 and… Read More »

Best Christmas Side Hustles to Make Money

Christmas is now almost upon us. And you’re starting to feel the strain, the strain of pulling back your budget as it threatens to gallop away without restraint. But . . .  what if I were to tell you that there’s still hope. That you can actually use this Christmas season to take up creative… Read More »

Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips ( Part 2 )

Welcome to Part 2 of Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips! If you have read the Smart Christmas Money Saving tips in Part 1, I trust you have been saving well. So, let’s continue to rein in your spending – make this Christmas the best ever and enjoy this festive season with peace of mind. After all,… Read More »

11 Personal Finance Experts Reveal their Secrets of Success

A very warm welcome to you, dear readers. Recently I invited my favorite top personal finance experts to share their secrets of success.   If you have always wanted to know the best financial tips to get ahead and achieve wealth at a much earlier stage in your lives, look no further. These pearls of… Read More »

Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips (Part 1)

With Christmas fast approaching, you will want to make sure that your budgeting plans don’t get blown off course even before Santa lands. It’s not easy to cut back on spending when others are busy opening their wallets, but you need to do yourself a favor. It’s up to you to make this Christmas a… Read More »

7 Frugal Ways That Saved Us $1,300 Recently

Trying hard to save on your income without compromising your quality of life? Find out how we saved $1,300 using these 7 clever frugal ways. Maybe you have heard of super savers who saved more than $100,000 a year. Then, you realized that they are either high income earners or are making good money in… Read More »