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More Money Tips: What’s in it for you?

More Money Tips…………What’s in it for you? You get: High quality, valuable content (that is free) to enrich your personal finances. This content is from my many hours of effort and research, very much like creating hand-crafted chocolates. The Soaring Cost of Living These days, we are trapped in this scary spiral of soaring costs.… Read More »

5 Easy Steps Saved Me $554 in Under An Hour

Bigger Bills and More Bills 🙁 You may well have been regularly stung by your bills. Our house insurance bill arrived in June 2017. What? $1,009?! Wait a minute, wasn’t that $918 just last year? $91 more, a 9.9% increase! Wouldn’t it be $1,110 next year at this absurd rate of increase? 🙁 Our near stagnant salaries… Read More »