80 Cheap and Easy Sandwich Recipe Ideas

By | October 14, 2019

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There’re heaps of times when we’ve been overtaken by the desperate need to have some food, preferably cheap sandwiches that are fast and easy to prepare. I’ve had my fair share of an angry tummy growling with such ferocity that it would send a lion scurrying for cover.

These sandwich recipe ideas have rescued me many times over and I know they’ll do the same for you. Some of these frugal recipes are suitable for vegetarians.


What do these sandwich recipe ideas have in common? They’re super simple and perfect for filling and soothing our hungry stomachs fast and effectively.

If you’re wanting to save time on food preparation and get on with doing other things, they’re great too as many of these ideas are fast and easy to prepare.

You can try any combination of the ideas below to suit your taste. Mix and match whichever way you like. The more adventurous you are, the more you’ll discover new ideas that you’ll love.

Some of these fillings need to be cooked before you eat them. For examples, sausages, meat patties, chicken nuggets, fish nuggets and so on.

Another tip is to cook them in batches, leave them in your fridge and use them as and when needed. You’ll also need to heat them up before eating.


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Here are simple meal ideas that go well with bread:

  1. Peanut butter
  2. Peanut butter and butter
  3. Peanut butter with a sprinkling of sugar
  4. Strawberry jam or any other type of jam
  5. Lettuce and peanut butter
  6. Marmalade
  7. Almond butter
  8. Peanut butter with walnut pieces
  9. Banana
  10. Avocado slices
  11. Yogurt
  12. Cucumber slices and butter
  13. Tomato with ground black pepper
  14. Cream cheese and carrot slices
  15. Toasted bread with melted cheese and tomato
  16. Melt cheese on pita bread. Place cheese slices on pita bread and toast them lightly till the cheese melts. I use Camembert cheese, but you can use tasty cheese or any other type of cheese.
  17. Poached eggs with toasted bread
  18. Curried eggs
  19. Bolied eggs with mayonnaise
  20. Scrambled eggs and tomatoes with toast
  21. Scrambled eggs and ham with toast
  22. Soft boiled eggs with tuna and toasted bread
  23. Canned tuna – any flavor
  24. Canned tuna with avocado
  25. Sausages to be halved so they don’t roll off
  26. Canned chicken – any flavor
  27. Canned chicken with avocado
  28. Baked beans
  29. Hazelnut spread
  30. Lettuce, tomato and carrot slices
  31. Ham with cheese slices
  32. Ham with lettuce and tomato
  33. Canned olives, feta cheese, sun-dried tomato, cucumber slices and olive oil. Dip bread in olive oil.
  34. Toasted bread sticks, carrot sticks and celery sticks with peanut or almond butter or other types of dips
  35. Sliced apples
  36. Sliced apples with peanut butter
  37. Marmite
  38. You can make quick pizzas with melted cheese, tomato sauce, sprinkling of onion and ham pieces on top of bread slices.
  39. French Toast
  40. Omelette, tomato slices and butter
  41. Bacon and butter
  42. Bacon and eggs
  43. Hummus and lettuce
  44. Carrot and lettuce
  45. Canned sardines
  46. Butter
  47. Butter and sugar
  48. Dip bread in milk
  49. Chocolate spread
  50. Honey
  51. Condensed milk
  52. Margarine
  53. Chicken with cranberry sauce and cream cheese
  54. Chicken schnitzel with sweet chili sauce and lettuce
  55. Ham and mustard
  56. Silverside ham and gherkin
  57. Roast pork with gherkin
  58. Chicken with cream cheese
  59. Roast beef and onion relish
  60. Basil pesto
  61. Pumpkin and sweet potato hummus
  62. Salad leaves with corn and butter
  63. Ham, gherkin and tomato
  64. Popcorn shrimps and lettuce
  65. Yogurt, radish and cucumber
  66. Olives, onion rings and lettuce
  67. Cocktail sausages and salad leaves
  68. Surimi and mayonnaise
  69. Cooked shrimps and mayonnaise
  70. Grilled salami and mozzarella cheese
  71. Crumbed calamari
  72. Beef patties, tomato and lettuce
  73. Fish nuggets, mayonnaise and lettuce
  74. Chicken nuggets, mayonnaise and salad leaves
  75. Camembert cheese and canned chicken
  76. Cottage cheese and sprouts
  77. Peanut butter, raisins and honey
  78. Canned chicken and mayo with sliced carrots and Black Mission figs
  79. Gherkin slices and canned chicken
  80. Fried egg omelette with dried herbs

Wrap Up

So there you have it. With these quick and easy sandwich ideas, you’ll be able to whip them out in no time to feed hungry stomachs.

If you know of others who will benefit from this, share it to help them.

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Sandwich Recipe Ideas


77 Cheap and cheerful sandwich ideas. tasty and fast to fill you up.


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