Earn Extra Cash for Christmas and Beyond 2019

By | October 26, 2019

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The busy holiday shopping season leading up to Christmas will very soon be here. Besides shopping for Christmas gifts and seasonal foods, do you know that this time of the year also presents golden opportunities for scoring a seasonal job and making extra cash?


Extra cash in hand means you can:

grow your finances

help you pay for your shopping

give you an opportunity to start on a new career with good prospects

The National Retail Federation believes that between 530,000 and 590,000 temporary retail workers will be employed this year (CNBC).

Kohl’s and Famous Footwear led the pack in terms of holiday job postings in mid-September followed by Lowe’s, Party City, Bath & Body Works, Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret.

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Number of Jobs Available by Big Companies

Look at how many jobs are being advertised by just some of the big companies:

Altar’d State 1,200

Amazon 30,000

Dick’s Sporting Goods 8,000

Dollar Tree 25,000

Gap Inc. 30,000

Kohl’s 90,000

Macy’s 80,000

Michael’s 15,000

Party City 25,000

Target 130,000

United Parcel Services (UPS) 100,000
(Visit the websites of these and other companies for more information).

This is a huge selection and you have so many options to choose from. These companies need multiple extra hands to cope with the Christmas crowds.

With so much demand for workers, you’ll have an excellent chance of getting extra work and earning more money.

E-commerce related jobs are also growing.

Types of Work Available

Full-time, part-time and flexible positions are open for:

-Goods fulfilment jobs

-Virtual customer support jobs – telephone, email and online chat at customer service centers

-Help at holiday

-themed store event

-Checkout operators

-Gift wrappers

-Meet and greet staff

-Night fill staff

-Restaurant staff

-Hotel staff

Apply through your phone, computer or at the store.

Monster.com advises that if you apply at a store:

-carry a pen

-have documentation prove your eligibility to work in the US

-have a copy of your current resume

Allow more time, as you might get to meet a supervisor to learn more about the job roles, and to leave a positive first impression to increase your likelihood of being offered the job you want.

Make sure that you’re well-groomed and dress neatly, as first impressions do count. You want to leave a good impression.

Note: thrift shops are a good place to get affordable clothing that suits the type of job you are looking for.

Christmas-related Jobs. Big companies hiring now

Your Resume

Prepare an up-to-date resume that has the necessary information and details that highlights your strengths in terms of your skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Avoid make typing mistakes or spelling/grammar mistakes.

Access free information on resume writing, resume templates and examples here.

Want to be sure your resume is properly written?

You can also visit American Job Centers for FREE advice and help on creating a proper and effective resume that will support your job search and lead to landing the work you desire.

There are about 2,400 American Job Centers funded by the Department of Labor around the country. Find a center near you.

What kind of help can you get?

These places also give you free access to a wide range of tools and services like:

-Resource rooms with phones, free internet and resume writing tools-Employment plan development

-Job training services

-Job search assistance

-Career counseling

-Practice interviewing

-Skills testing

-Labor market and employer information

-Employment workshops

-Supportive services (which can include information about SNAP, financial assistance, Medicaid, training services, child care, emergency funds, and other benefits)

-Hiring events and business service information

-Accessibility and special accommodations for people with disabilities

-Referrals to community resources and other agencies, and more

-Access to CareerOneStop’s Worker ReEmployment website for laid-off workers

-Access to your state’s job bank or CareerOneStop’s national Job Finder

-Unemployment insurance information
(Source: CareerOneStop)

Access the CareerOneStop website here.


Interviews for seasonal jobs are held in many places – at the hiring stores, call centers, and distribution and fulfilment centers.

Phone interviews may be conducted for online applicants.

Monster.com advises that you need to show you are able and prepared to multi-task, to be more likely to clinch the job.

I would add that it is ideal if you can provide specific examples of this ability, to strengthen your application.

You need to be flexible in your timing too, I would say within reason of course.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to say yes to arriving, working and leaving the workplace at unearthly hours.

It may not be safe to be out and about commuting in the early hours of the morning.

Think about where the workplace would be, and where you live, and decide on how safe you would be at certain times of the day or night.

Personal safety is of paramount importance – I’m sure you’ll agree and therefore take this matter into consideration when thinking of working hours.

But once you are happy to state your level of flexibility in terms of work times, do make sure that you can walk the talk and deliver on your promise, so as not to disappoint your employer when on the job.

What You Can Gain from Doing Seasonal Work

Even if you are after more permanent work than seasonal work, consider these advantages that seasonal work often brings:

-You get paid a competitive hourly rate, as big retailers need good seasonal staff and are prepared to pay well.

-Companies like Best Buy offer 401K to its seasonal workers.

-You’ll often get a staff discount that can get as high as 50%.

-Free training in transferable work-related skills, like:

-PC skills for taking orders, fulfilment and inventory management.

-Use of mobile check out devices to accept customer payments anywhere in store.

-Package handling

-Customer drive-up and pick-up services.

-You get to experience working in an industry or company for the short term, to see how well it suits you or meets your expectation.

-Seasonal work experience does enhance to your resume, and may increase your chances of getting hired in the future.

-A seasonal position could lead to more and better work, such as a part-time or full-time job in the future.

In your new workplace, when you prove yourself to be punctual, responsible and capable, with good interpersonal and customer service skills, you can count on being considered when new positions become available.

Seasonal Work leading to Permanent Jobs

Let’s look at just some of many examples of seasonal work leading on to permanent positions:

– In 2018, 8,000 seasonal workers of Macy’s secured permanent positions. Many of Gap’s seasonal staff also subsequently obtained permanent jobs.

– 35% of UPS’s seasonal hires become its permanent employees.

– For college students, the UPS “Earn and Learn” program offers its promising employees money for a college education. Think about this. Getting paid to study and qualify for a tertiary diploma or degree

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Thank you for reading my carefully researched information and practical advice.

Now you need to begin taking the suggested actions, to give yourself the real opportunity of getting a good seasonal job. You deserve it, and you’ll be very glad you did.

Good luck!

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