Frugal Challenge Series 2020 ( Week 4 )

By | May 11, 2019

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Welcome back to the Frugal Challenge Series where each week, I’ll give you a little frugal challenge that you can take away to do. Over time, these little frugal activities will help you learn to become more frugal in your everyday life.


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You have been requesting more of these activities, so I’ve decided to continue posting them to help you achieve a frugal lifestyle you’ll be proud of. Plus these frugal habits will surely help you achieve financial freedom sooner 🙂

Who will benefit from Frugal Challenge Series?

This series is perfect for you if you want to incorporate frugal living habits into your daily lives and practice doing it.

If you’ve always wanted to make a start on frugal living, but don’t know how to begin beyond reading blog post after post, then this series is for you.

It can be overwhelming to have so many frugal tips at your disposal. The temptation is to use them as soon as possible at the same time.

So, I have broken these frugal tips into easy, bite-sized steps for you to carry out.

Frugal Myth

Most folks think that a frugal lifestyle involves hardship and tons of sacrifice.
But nothing can be further from the truth.

You can live the good life while being frugal and make good savings at the same time.

My family has saved more than $40,000 in 2 years on a modest income. Yes, it’s still possible to save even if your income isn’t big.

Don’t worry, these challenges are easy and doable. They won’t take up too much of your time. Nor do they involve too much effort. In fact, you’ll enjoy them.

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Are you ready for Week 4 of the Frugal Challenge Series?

For this week, I would like you to go out and find something that is free. And find a use for it.

Don’t force yourself to use something if you don’t need it. Find something that you really need and fashion a use for it.

I’ll show you what I mean.

Example One :

During my nature walks, I’m on a constant lookout for free plants. I have an interest in harvesting wild succulents and planting them in pots or in my garden.

Have a look at these succulents. They’ve been thriving for a couple of years now. Best of all, they’re FREE.

A pot of lovely succulents.

Pretty succulents.

Example Two:

During one of my walks, I noticed an excavation in progress. Someone building his own home during his spare time. After a brief chat, he generously gave me permission to haul away some rocks for landscaping my garden. Have a look at my picture below.


Landscaping rock

Example Three:

A friend of mine built a brand new house from materials discarded in builders’ skips. Most of his materials are FREE. He was featured in the local news. Alas, I didn’t save a copy of it.

I was glad it worked out well financially for himself and he actually did his part for the environment by reducing wastage.

Wrap Up

As you can see, adopting a frugal lifestyle is not hard at all. We can easily develop the frugal habit and apply it in our daily routine, even something as simple as taking walks.

When you need something, don’t rush out to buy it. See if you’re able to get it for free !

The best part of being frugal is we’re all doing our part in conserving resources, reducing wastage and helping our environment. It’s the best legacy we can leave to our children and for future generations. Priceless and far beyond what money alone can buy.

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Frugal Challenge Series Week 4

Frugal Challenge Series is back. More frugal tips to transform your life.

Frugal Challenge series. Find out the latest tip I have for you.

Frugal Challenge Series week 4 is here. Get you latest tip.

Ready for the latest frugal challenge? Week 4.

Frugal Challenge Series Week 4

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