Frugal Challenge Series 2020 ( Week 9 )

By | June 15, 2019

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Welcome to Week 9 of the Frugal Challenge Series 2019.

If you’re new to the Frugal Challenge Series, a very warm welcome to you.


What’s this challenge all about?

Once a week, you’ll get a little challenge, with the aim to help you develop a frugal mindset.

Are you new to our Frugal Challenge Series?

No worries. Click on the links below. You can do the challenges in any order.

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This Frugal Challenge Series is perfect for you if you:

-Want to be more frugal, but are overwhelmed by information overload

-Need easy frugal tips that really work

-Prefer doable action steps that get you results

Frugal Myths

Most folks think frugal living involves pain and suffering, or it’s something they can never get used to. It’s just too hard.

I’m going to be upfront here and tell you it needs a bit of effort, but not in the way you think.

With these easy steps, you’ll form frugal habits that will become natural to you. Only if you do it consistently. And you need is to give yourself time. Be kind to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you ‘fail’ a few times. It took me years too and even now, I make ‘mistakes’ from time to time.

But, if we learn from them, they’re not ‘mistakes’ at all. They’re experiences that help us grow.

My family has been living a frugal lifestyle for many years. We didn’t feel deprived at all.

In fact, by making great savings, we feel in control, more confident and happier.

Frugal Challenge Series Week 9

In this week’s challenge, our focus is on ‘Borrow, Don’t Buy’. This can be both short term or long term

For example, if you need a garden tool. Don’t rush out to buy it – borrow it from your neighbor, friend or relative.

Just to give you some ideas, things you can borrow include:

-Child’s car seat

-Tables or chairs especially for extra guests


-Garden and power tools

-Cars. If you don’t own a car, but need to use one occasionally, borrow it.

Our Family’s Frugal Tip

This is what my family has been up to. We’ve been doing a kind of merry-go-round.

Personally, I’ve been using my son’s computer and smartphone since he has upgraded. They’re on permanent loan.

Mr MMT is going to use our son’s sports shoes for nature walks, so we don’t have to buy another pair.

My son has been wearing his dad’s shirts and pants. If his clothes look a bit old-fashioned on a younger person, no one minds.

As for socks, they’re completely interchangeable. We just use whatever pairs that’re available. Just ensure they’re clean before use.

As our family has been using one another’s items, our savings added up to almost $1000 per year just for doing this alone.

Buy Only What You Need

Seriously, we haven’t bought any new clothes except for 3 new hats this year.

(This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small compensation if you purchase through these links. You do not pay extra. Please read my disclosure policy.Thanks for helping us to continue providing you with useful free information. Part of the proceeds has been donated to the South Island Wildlife Hospital.)

We bought them off Aliexpress for under $12.

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You just need to be patient as shipping can take longer.

Retailers in Aliexpress are given customer feedback and ratings, so you can check out your retailers and buy with greater peace of mind.

Moreover, the Aliexpress Refund Guarantee says that “if you didn’t receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment”.

They’re always available 24/7 with English being spoken.

Just a reminder, before you buy anything online, make sure to sign up with Ebates first. That way, you get a percentage of your money back.

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If you need help to decide whether you really need to make a purchase, use the 30-day Rule.

Wrap Up

Give this challenge a try to day! Write down how much savings you can make with this little exercise.

Your savings will motivate you to save more!

Share this to help others. It only takes a few clicks! Thanks so much!

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