30 Frugal Family Activities for Spring

By | May 5, 2019

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Spring is here! It’s time to shake off the last trace of winter. Letting your whole family enjoy these frugal spring activities that are fun and best of all – they’re either free or low cost.

Get everyone together and create memorable moments with these family activities.

With so many outdoor and indoor activities to choose from, your family will celebrate the onset of spring with absolute delight.

#1 Plan your walks in public gardens and parks

Put away your phones, earphones and headsets.

Have a list of things everyone can do.

For example, in your Botanical Gardens, have your 5 year old count how many types of flowers there are. Or close your eyes and see if you can name the birds that are singing.

#2 Take photos

Snap photos and make an online photo collage for free.

#3 Get ready some crumbs

Feed the birds and ducks breadcrumbs during your walks by rivers or lakes. You’ll rediscover the joy of being at one with nature again.

#4 Have fun looking out for baby animals

Can you spot baby ducklings, sparrows and other baby animals during this time?

#5 Activities you can do outdoors

Collect shells and pebbles. Build sandcastles or walk barefooted on beaches.

Keep an eye out for things you can collect and do at home with kids on rainy days. Pick up twigs and leaves for your art and crafts sessions as part of your indoor activities.

#6 Paint the pebbles you’ve collected

Watch this video and learn how to do it. It’s easy and fun.

This post has great ideas for your painted pebbles.

Sell your painted pebbles on Craigslist.

Or gift them or make them into your very own personal paperweights.

#7 Explore new places

Look up the map of your town or city.

Find a new nature reserve or park you’ve never been before, and visit it!

We’re always discovering new parks and reserves. Ask your friends or co-workers for recommendations!

#8 Visit local farms

Check out and visit local farms and watch adorable baby animals.

Don’t forget to take photos or record them on video.

#9 Visit your local zoo

See if they’re free or they offer special concessions for children and adults.

#10 Check out free events

Find out out’s happening in your town and local libraries.

Sign up for their free workshops, concerts and events.

#11 Have a hot chocolate night

Make an informal indoor tent with sheets, curl up with hot mugs of hot chocolate and tell each other stories.

#12 Organize a home concert

Have each family member prepare a musical piece.

Each family member can choose to sing or play an instrument. Invite grandparents for your home concert and perform for them.

Or hold karaoke evenings 🙂

#13 Go out camping and enjoy a campfire

#14 Have fun coloring sessions

Print out a giant drawing of say a rainbow. Glue it together and everyone can color in their favorite colors.

#15 Start planting

Get some seeds and start planting some easy-to-grow herbs, flowers or vegetables.

What you grow tastes fresh and so much better that what’s bought.

#16 Get some kites and be ready to fly your kites on windy days.

#17 Have fun with paper boats

Set a day to make some paper boats and take them to a nearby lake to sail them.

Learn how to make paper boats here.

#18 Potato printing

Make stamps using a potato. Watch this video for inspiration.

Have fun stamping!

#19 Make paper aeroplanes and have fun indoors on rainy days.

Learn how to do it here.

#20 Take a short drive out of town to a river, beach, lake or other natural attraction.

Enjoy your outing and pack a picnic.

#21 Go cycling along an esplanade or country track.

#22 Have a Bake Day

Set aside a day just for baking. Bake muffins – it’s super easy. You can’t go wrong with the old favorite – chocolate muffins.

Get your super easy recipe here.

#23 Head to your biggest library

Borrow books and read, read, read.

#24 Choose a day to celebrate Mother Earth

Draw colorful posters for ‘Save Nature’ or ‘Save Water’ or ‘Save Trees’. Find out how to do it here.

Display them at home. You can also ask your local library if they’ll allow your kids’ posters to be displayed.

You can explain that this as a great way to promote nature conservation among your local community.

Why not suggest your local library hold a competition or exhibition for this?

#25 Visit art galleries and museums

Find out what’s currently on display.

Have your kids find out more about the topic first before setting off. This will enhance their general knowledge.

#26 Have a Declutter Day

Organize your family members into sorting items they don’t need.

These stuff can become part of a garage sale. Tell them there’s a reward for doing this.

Use some proceeds from the sale to reward everyone for their hard work and cooperation.

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#27 Go on a treasure hunt

Organize one outdoors. Check your weather forecast and have fun.

#28 Play the ‘I Spy’ game with a twist

Your goal is to get your family members to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Write a simple sheet and have an ‘I Spy’ game when your family takes walks around the neighbourhood.

#29 Clean Up Day

Have a beach clean up day with your family at a nearby beach. Explain to your kids why this is important.

This video is great for the whole family.

#30 Decorate your sidewalk or pavements with sidewalk chalk

Get your family’s creative juices flowing!

Wrap Up

With these frugal and fun spring ideas for your whole family, I bet you can’t wait to get started.

Spending enjoyable time with your family and creating special lasting memories need not cost any money or cost the earth.

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30 Frugal Family Fun to enjoy Spring.

30 Fun and Frugal Spring Activities for the Whole Family

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30 Fun and Frugal Spring Activities for everyone.

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30 Frugal Family Activities for Spring.

30 Frugal Spring Activities for the Whole Family

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