Frugal Living – How to Avoid The Supermarket Overspending Trap

By | December 1, 2018

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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2019)

Avoid overspending when you shop for groceries

Did you know that supermarkets are enemies of frugal living?

According to this National Geographic article, grocery shopping is a “cunningly orchestrated process . . . designed to lure us in, keep us there, and seduce us into spending money.” Supermarkets are specially designed to empty our wallets!

But have no fear! I’ve spent time and effort learning about supermarket traps and how to avoid them, so that we can all shop smarter and save more.

Let’s find out more!

Trap no. 1: Huge Trolleys

It all starts with just grabbing a shopping cart. But my goodness, have you noticed how huge it is?

Beware of big shopping carts and big baskets – they make you buy more. Similarly, giving you big bags for produce and bulk bin products makes you spend more than you need!

Be fully aware of how things seem less when placed in a large bag, basket or trolley. Frugal living tipAlways buy only what you need, and only the amount you need!

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Trap no. 2: Lovely settings

During special seasons like Christmas, supermarkets put in special efforts to make it a jolly season. Noticed that they are literally decked with tinsels, complete with Christmas trees? This is in addition to the usual setting where you’re often greeted by lovely flowers at the entrance. Now you’re also greeted by lovely Christmas plants like the poinsettia.

There’re now designated sections in the supermarket devoted to Christmas displays of scrumptious treats and foods, with Christmas mince pies, Christmas cakes, Christmas candy and much more.

A whole kaleidoscope of vibrant colors with luscious fruits and crisp vegetables attractively displayed gives you that feeling of health and goodness. And puts you in a very good mood to spend your money on stuff.

Don’t you feel good drinking in the sea of colors, and even better after you’ve bought some healthy fruits and vegetables to start off your shopping?

Once you’re lulled into a good mood, you often end up buying more stuff than you require.

You may even justify buying yourself extra treats like chips, because you’ve chosen some healthy fruits and vegetables earlier in your shopping.

I know, because it’s happened to me too 🙁

Frugal living tipBe hyper-aware of this lovely setting trap and resolve to stick strictly to your shopping list to avoid any overspending.