Frugal Supermarket Shopping – Fun Quiz

By | December 18, 2018

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(Last Updated On: February 27, 2019)


How many times have you told yourself that you’re just going to pop into the supermarket, grab a couple of things and be back in your car in 5 minutes?

Don’t worry if that doesn’t happen. There’re solid reasons for this.

When you read this post: Supermarket Saving Tips – How to Avoid the Overspending Trap!, you’ll be clearly steps ahead of others who are still floundering in the maze of supermarket shopping.

Why not have some fun first. Take this quiz and see if you’re able to sidestep the supermarket traps.

There may be more than one correct answer. Good luck!

Question 1

What size of trolleys should you choose?

1. The biggest you can!!

2. The smallest you can.

3. The right size for what you want to buy.

Question 2

What should you concentrate on while shopping?

1. The décor and ambience.

2. Your shopping list.

3. Buying food that you like.

Question 3

How much confectionery should you buy?

1. As much as you can.

2. As little as you can.

3. Depends on how delicious it smells.

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Question 4

How long should you spend shopping?

1. As long as you want.

2. As long as the timer you set on your phone allows for.

3. As long as you buy everything you want to get.

4. As long as you buy everything you need, even if the phone timer sounds before you finish buying what’s on your shopping list.

Question 5

What route should you take to get to your groceries?

1. Go straight to where the items on your shopping list are located.

2. Get distracted and buy everything else except what you wanted to get.

3. Take a roundabout route, because there might be a sale on your favorite snacks.


Question 6

What should you buy when shopping?

1. The first thing that catches your eye.

2. The things on your shopping list.

3. Items that are heavily discounted.

Question 7

What should you do when your kids pester you to buy an item with attractive packaging?

1. Buy it for them.

2. Explain to them that it will taste similar to generic brands.

3. Buy generic brands if needed, instead of the items in attractive packaging.

Question 8

What should you do when your kids insist you buy candy or toys while waiting to use the checkout counter?

1. Prevent this from happening by telling your kids that treats are supposed to be occasional before setting off to the supermarket.

2. Buy them the candy or toys once, but then insist that they pay for such treats in future.

3. Buy them the sweet treats or toys.

Question 9

What should you think about when considering whether to use a loyalty scheme?

1. Spend as much as possible to obtain the necessary points for the loyalty freebie.

2. Do not use loyalty schemes at all because they make you spend more money.

3. Firstly, consider how much you need the freebie. Secondly, decide by calculating whether the loyalty scheme is a good deal. Or, if you happen to qualify, join the scheme.

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Question 10

When you happen to drop in on your supermarket’s special sale day, you

1. Assume that the discounted items are selling at lower prices than other supermarkets.

2. Compare the sale prices with prices elsewhere, and buy only when you confirm that the sale prices are lower.

3. Pounce on your favorite discounted items and start hauling them off to the checkout counter.

Each correct answer gets one mark. So how did you do?

Q1: 3
Q2: 2
Q3: 2
Q4: 4
Q5: 1
Q6: 2
Q7: 2 or 3
Q8: 1 or 2
Q9: 3
Q10: 2

Did you get a high score? Good on you! You are clearly a frugalist 🙂

Low score? That’s OK. You’re now more aware of the tips and tricks. This will help you avoid the overspending traps set by your friendly supermarket.

Learn how you can avoid the Supermarket Overspending Traps here and be on your way to becoming a savvy supermarket shopper from now on! Here are 20 Ways to Not Waste Food and Save Money on Groceries.

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