27 Frugal Ways to Keep Cool in the Heat Wave

By | July 19, 2019

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The heat wave is upon us. How do we maintain our cool, and yet avoid crippling power bills? Here are many smart frugal ways for you to keep cool when two thirds of the US are sweltering under the summer heat.


Cool lime drink

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1) Take several cold showers during the day.

2) If you’re in the garden, sit or rest under a tree – it is much cooler not just due to the shade. The leaves of the tree give off moisture that cools the air under and around the tree.

3) When you water your lawn, stand in the spray of the water sprinklers to cool yourself. Click on the picture below to find out more.

4) Better yet, use an inflatable swimming pool in your yard and soak in it. Click on the pictures to learn more.

5) Visit a community pool or a safe swimming area and enjoy a cool dip with family and friends to keep cool for free.

6) Go to public places that have AC, like public libraries and malls. But be careful in malls to make sure it is a no spend visit, except perhaps to spend some money on cold drinks and ice cream.

7) When walking outdoors, use an umbrella to shelter yourself. Buy umbrellas with UV protection like this one below, as they reflect the heat off you better.

8) You can also use a spray bottle to spray yourself, your top and the fabric of your umbrella to keep cool.

9) Make sure that you always try and park your car in the shade, like in the shadow of a building or under trees, so that the inside of your car does not become super heated when you’re entering it.

This will reduce your need to turn on the AC of your car, saving you gas and cash.

10) When driving, lower all your windows and allow outside air to cool your car. This is especially helpful soon after you enter your car that has been parked in the hot sun.

11) Switch on your car AC only when you need it – this will again save you gas and cash.

12) Now, how do you keep cool at home?

One good way is to frequent or remain in the coolest parts of your home.

Places like your basement, for example, are cooler than other parts of your home, as they are lower and closer to the ground, compared to parts of the house at a higher level.

13) Go to the coolest places in your home – places facing north, which should be cooler and shady compared to other parts that face south.

14) While at home, you can also use a spray bottle filled with water from the fridge to regularly spray your face, neck and dampen your clothes to keep yourself cooler. The evaporating water will help you to remain cool.

15) A great way to cool down the air in your home is to open windows that are directly opposite.

This is to allow outside air to flow through your home. This can help prevent heat build up in your home. On electric fans to improve the airflow through your home.

16) If your fan is blowing warm air at you, what you can do is to place a basin of ice cubes in front of the fan, to cool the air that reaches you.

17) You can also hang your damp laundry near open windows to help cool the air in your home. When the damp in the clothes evaporates, it lowers the temperature.

18) Fill your bathtub with cold water and add ice cubes – this will allow you to soak in relaxing cool water.

19) The best clothes to wear during the heatwave would be loose natural cotton clothes that help you cool down. Similarly, make sure that you use cotton sheets on your mattress.

20) Or you can sleep on a hammock that allows the air to cool you down. Check out this hammock below.

21) You can create cold water bottles by filling your water bottles with cold water and placing them in the freezer. Your cold water bottles can then be used during both the day and night.

22) Another way is to apply a cold compress on yourself. Fill a basin with water from the fridge and soak some cotton towels in it. Squeeze the cotton towels and place the damp towels around your neck, your face and head to keep cool.

23) Reduce the use of your oven during this heatwave to avoid making your home even hotter.

Instead, you can build a solar oven to cook your food outside or in your yard. This is a fun way to cook without having to pay for any electricity- you are using free solar power 🙂

24) Remember to drink lots of cool or cold water in this heat wave. It is also a good excuse to enjoy as many ice creams as possible 🙂

25) Now, you do need to use the AC as you can get unbearably hot. The health hazards of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are real. But how to minimize the power bill?

One way is to make sure that your AC is operating as efficiently as possible. Remove the air filter of your AC and vacuum it gently to remove the build-up of dust on it. This will raise the AC’s efficiency.

26) You can also clean the evaporator fins of your AC to make it work as efficiently as possible, saving you more power.

27) A good idea is to combine the use of your AC and your electric fans. Doing this will allow the AC to work as effectively as possible in circulating cool air well, throughout your room.

So, there you have it – the best ways to stay cool during this heatwave without breaking the bank.

Try to use as many of the above ideas as possible, so that you and your family can stay cool. You’ll also save your money at the same time.

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