Frugal Challenge Series 2020 ( Week 10 )

By | June 22, 2019

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Welcome to Week 10 of the Frugal Challenge Series 2019. If you’re new to the Frugal Challenge Series, a warm welcome to this series 🙂

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How can this Frugal Challenge Series help you?

Once a week, you’ll get a frugal challenge that is simple and doable.

Not only do you get frugal tips to save well, they’ll help you develop a frugal mentality, to always think of new ways to reuse and re-purpose what you have, instead of going out and spending money on more unneeded stuff. Over time, this frugal mentality will make you richer and richer.

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Is this series for you?

-It’s for you if you want to be more frugal, but are unsure about which frugal tips you can start with.

-It’s for you if you want easy and doable frugal tips that get results and save you money.

Frugal Myths

Most folks think frugal living is just too hard.

I’m going to be honest here and tell you that it does need a bit of effort, but it’s not hard.

As with most things, change involves some effort. But when you do it consistently, it’ll become second nature as you develop positive new habits.

Frugal Challenge Series Week 10

In this week’s challenge, we’ll focus on ‘Decluttering and Salvage’.

You’ll learn to organize and save money by not buying containers for non-food items. You’ll also be helping to reduce the trash that end up in landfills, and so do your part for our environment.

Frugal Challenge Steps

#1 Take a look around your place, especially in your kitchen cabinets. Are there any empty containers lying around? See if you can put them to another use.

#2 When you buy packaged foods, take a closer look at their packaging.

Many times, we just throw out or recycle them without a second thought.

This time round, just as you’re about to trash it, Stop.

Examine it and see if you can put it to another use.

Now it’s my turn to show you what our family has been doing. Look at my treasures below!

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Sub-Challenge #1 Aluminium trays

Original tray with raw chicken.

Original tray with chicken all ready for the oven

New use for this eye-catching container.

New use for this eye-catching container

Pre-packaged for convenience, we were supposed to bake the raw chicken in this attractive aluminium tray, and of course to throw the tray out after use.

However, we wanted to minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, as there is concern about cooking foods in this type of material.

There’s no conclusive evidence about the link between Alzheimer’s disease and aluminium, but we want to be on the safe side. Read more here.

So we removed the chicken and cooked it in our trusty stainless steel dutch oven. It’s similar to the one shown below. Click on the picture to learn more.

Sub-Challenge #2 Takeaway Containers

My plastic container

New use for my takeaway container

We also salvaged plastic containers after having takeaway food.

Instead of buying a clothes peg basket, I reuse takeaway containers to keep the pegs tidy.

Sub-Challenge #3 Ice Cream Containers

My next tip is to give a new lease of life to ice cream containers.


Ice cream container

Ice cream container with a new lease of life

I stash my sewing stuff in this ice cream container. It works really well in keeping lots of little bits together. And its cover doubles as a visual treat for me. Yum!

Sub-Challenge #4 Shoe Boxes

shoe box

My shoe box doubles as a receipt holder.

You can reuse shoe boxes to store photos or music discs too. I use mine for receipts.

Sub-Challenge #5 Food trays

Raw food trays are attractive and highly versatile. You can use them in so many ways. Take a look below. Just remember to give them a good wash before using.

Food trays

Washed meat tray acts as a plant saucer

I’ve used this tray here as a plant saucer. I’ve plans to use more trays to grow my seedlings. Oh, they’ll look beautiful!

Another use for my food tray

This former meat tray contains my kitchen sponge and nail brush

What I really like about reusing food trays is they not only save me money, but time and effort as well.

When they get dirty, I’ll don’t even have to wash them clean. I’ll just recycle them.

Wrap Up

Now, don’t you think this week’s frugal challenge is easy? These frugal examples should get your creative juices flowing rapidly.

Have fun!

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FRUGAL CHALLENGE SERIES week 10. Eco-friendly tips to save the environment.

FRUGAL CHALLENGE SERIES. Week 10. Eco friendly tips.

Frugal Challenge Series. Week 10. How to reuse and repurpose.

FRUGAL CHALLENGE SERIES week 10. Put more money in your wallet.

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FRUGAL CHALLENGE SERIES week 10. Reuse and repurpose.

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