How To Save Power & Slash Your Electric Bills (Part 3)

By | January 1, 2019

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Welcome to Part 3, the last instalment of my 3-part series on How To Save Power & Slash Your Electric Bills!

In Part 1, I shared how we can use creative ways to save power during winter and keep warm.

In Part 2, you can use these evergreen tips to save power the whole year round.

Not many folks realize we can save lots of power in the kitchen too. So, in this final part of the series, I’ll share how you can save power in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and during summer time.

Have you started using any of the power saving tips yet? If not, choose your favorite tip and make a start to save power and slash your electric bills.

Don’t feel that you’ve to use many of these tips at once. Incorporating even one tip at a time will help you to save money on your power bills in the long term.

Ready for more?

#25. Reduce your shower time

Take quick showers to save on your power and water bill. Don’t leave the shower running when using soap or shampoo. Turn your shower on only when required.

#26. Shower less often

In the cooler seasons, you can choose to shower less. Take short 10-minute showers on alternate days. How dirty are we anyway, unless we’re doing heavy gardening or car repair work?

#27. Time your use of power

Run your washing machine and dishwasher during off peak hours. Many power companies charge less when you use off peak power.

#28. Do cold washes

Do cold laundry washes, and wash only full loads..

You’ll save 90% of the power used by your washing machine when you don’t heat up the water.

#29. Get your ingredients ready before cooking

Get all your ingredients ready before heating up your stove. Cut up your vegetables and place pre-sliced meat in the fridge first. Once you’re ready to cook, start heating up your stove.

In this way, you’re using power only when you need it. It is also safer for you and your family.

I used to heat up the oil in the pan while cutting my vegetables and the oil almost caught fire. Cutting up my vegetables took longer than I expected.

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#30. Boil water using a kettle

If you need hot water for cooking, boil the water in a kettle, instead of boiling water on your stove. This saves you time and power.

Have you come across cooking instructions on food packets that ask you to heat up the water to boiling point first?

#31. Use pot lids

Use cooking lids to cover your food. This helps conserve heat, and speed up your cooking. You get to lower your heat setting too, which saves you more power.

#32. Cook in bulk using the oven

Cook multiple dishes in the oven if possible. Such bulk cooking saves you power and time 🙂

We try to fit in at least portions of food – one on the upper tray and one on the lower level.

#33. Use remaining heat

Make good use of heat that most folks waste. Keep the oven door closed after it’s finished cooking. You can use the remaining heat in the oven to heat up leftovers like vegetables or canned sardines.

#34. Another use for remaining heat

Did you know you can use remaining heat to dry your damp kitchen cloths?

Open the oven door fully till it’s horizontal. Spread your damp kitchen cloths on the oven door. This works well for us as our oven door is clean. Look forward to freshly-dried kitchen cloths in less than 10 minutes.

#35. Use the toaster oven

When you need to cook or reheat small amounts of food ready, use a toaster oven instead of the oven.The toaster oven uses much less electricity.

#36. Use the shortest cycle on the dishwasher

Always use the shortest cycle that washes clean. If your dishwasher has a quick or fast wash cycle, use it as the cycle takes only about 30 minutes, saving you energy.

We always use the fast wash cycle as it cleans the dishes well. My experience of different brands of dishwashers shows that they all wash well in their fast wash cycle.

Remember, the normal wash cycle is often abnormally long, wasting you money.

#37. Wash a full dishwasher load

Only switch on the dishwasher when it’s a full load. In our household of three, we use it only once a day. Try to cut down on using too many kitchen utensils.

For example, If you’ve prepared a plate of vegetables, you can reuse that same plate after you’ve emptied it for cooking, provided it’s not been heavily stained. In this way, you don’t need to use extra plates.

#38. Don’t use the heat dry mode

Heat drying can add about 15% to your dishwasher’s total energy consumption. When the dishwasher has finished its wash, leave the door closed.

Let the hot air circulate inside and the remaining heat should dry most of the washed items. If there’re still some water on them, just put them out in a container to air dry.

#39. Don’t leave the fridge door open

Letting outside air into the fridge raises its temperature – it needs to work harder to maintain its set temperature. So, do not leave the door open too long. Mr MMT is very strict about this. We aren’t allowed to look into our fridge for too long!

Staring into fridges doesn’t seem to use up much time, but every year, it can add up to 10 hours. This alone uses up 7% of the fridge’s total energy consumption.

Science fact – your fridge temperature cannot be higher than 37 degrees Fahrenheit, because microbes multiply quite fast above that temperature. You run the risk of getting food poisoning.

Tips for Saving Power in Summer:

#40. Wear light clothing

Wear thin comfortable clothes and use the fan whenever possible. If you need to use the AC, set the temperature at a comfortably cool level, about 1 degree higher than your usual temperature.

#41. Drapes

Draw your drapes to keep out the sun and to keep your rooms cool.

#42. Windows

Open the windows on opposite sides of your house or apartment to allow cooler air from the outside to flow through. This helps cool your home more effectively.

Wrap Up

Armed with these power saving tips, I hope you’re now feeling more confident in reducing your use of electric power and reducing your power bills as well.

If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 yet, now will be the best time to get all your 42 tips to save more power and cut your electric bill in half!

Remember to keep at it consistently and over time, you’ll surely start to see results. Please share if you’ve found this useful and subscribe to get notified of more saving goodies that’ll come your way.

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