How to Find Remote Work Online (Top 20 Remote Job Sites)

By | July 18, 2020

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In the not-so-distant past, most stay-at-home moms were mainly the ones looking for online work so they could devote more time to their kids and make money at the same time. But no longer.

In the current climate, things have changed – a lot.

dog sleeping beside lady working on computer

Working remotely online has recently become hugely popular as it not only offers a great opportunity to maintain your physical distancing, it gives you a whole lot of advantages such as:

-avoiding the rush hour traffic,

-savings on transport costs and work lunches,

-not to mention the hassle of spending time getting dressed for work.

Anyway, who cares if you haven’t had a chance to brush your teeth or take a shower yet?

To top it off, you’ve earned your pets’ devotion up a notch by simply being around at home for most of the time.

Given all these positives, it makes great sense to look for online remote work as it offers so many advantages.

Most of the sites I’ve researched allow you to look for part-time, full-time, contract, freelance or temporary work. You can work as much or as little as you like.

So if you’re a retiree, or stay-at-home mom, or just someone looking to make that extra bit of cash, take a few moments to browse through these top 20 job sites.

It’s worthwhile to note that quite a number of remote jobs do require you to have some experience. Always read the requirements carefully to avoid wasting your time preparing your application.

Warning : Never reveal your finance details such as bank account numbers or make any kind of payment without carrying out thorough due diligence. Make sure that the site you’re applying to is reputable.

#1 No

You can sign up to get notified of job vacancies.

What I like about this site is, it specifies clearly job vacancies that are fully remote without any geographical restrictions and those that are only remote in the United States.

#2 CareerBuilder

This site has a ‘Quick Apply’ feature that allows you to apply for several jobs with a single click.

You can also sign up for their job alert emails and get notified of new jobs. Download their mobile app and it’ll make your job search so much easier wherever you are.

#3 Pangian

The site allows you to create your profile. Pangian has a remote-work community, which can be handy especially when you need more advice.

Sign up to be notified of the latest jobs. However, some jobs that are labelled Pagian Pro need a monthly subscription to access the job vacancies which frankly is not to my liking.

However at the time of writing, Pangian is running a special with discounts of 25% for the Pangian Pro and 58% for the Pangian Pro Annual. Learn more here.

How to find remote work online

#4 Indeed

This site needs no introduction. You can search for jobs, post your resumes and look up companies.

#5 Remotive

The remote jobs listed are mainly in software development, customer support, design, marketing and more.

#6 Authenticjobs

You can search for full time and part time jobs, freelancing jobs for developers and designers as well as professional creatives.

#7 We work remotely

The site states it’s the ‘largest remote work community in the world’.

Under the categories tab, you’ll find jobs in the fields of programming, design, copywriting, customer support and more.

#8 Seek

Yet another well known site. Just key in ‘remote’ to look for remote jobs.

#9 Remote ok

You can opt to look for tech and non-tech jobs at this site. This site actually verifies whether job postings are from trustworthy sites.

Keywords relating to the jobs are listed and they also cite how recent the job postings are.

The site also makes it clear if the job applications are accepted worldwide, in North America or from the EU.


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#11 Free Lancer Map

Freelancermap connects freelancers and employers directly round the world.

The best part is there’s zero commission charge for freelancers.


There’s a wide range of jobs advertised here including accounting and finance, customer service, data entry, design, developer, editing, healthcare, HR, IT, legal, marketing and so on.

#13 WFH but Hiring

This is an interesting site as you’re able to add your details to what appears to be an excel sheet.

You fill in your details including your linkedin profiles, emails, where you’re currently located and whether you’re willing to relocate.

You can also highlight the types of jobs you’re interested in. Different categories of jobs include accounting, marketing, engineering, design, sales and more.

However, it’s only for those located within the United States.

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#14 Remote 4 Me

This site is an aggregator for remote jobs that includes both tech and non-tech work.

#15 Remotees

A site that has a daily listing of jobs. It detects sites with remote-friendly jobs continuously. There’re quite a number of jobs which are tech-related though there’re customer support jobs and finance-related jobs as well.


Jobseekers are able to sign up for the job newsletters which are delivered to your inbox every week.


What I like about this site is these remote jobs are global or worldwide unless specified. Scroll through their jobs listings and sign up for their weekly job alerts.


Lots of the jobs posted here are tech-related and the monthly salary is also listed alongside the jobs advertised.

#19 Careeremote

You can customize your job search with the filters indicating job category, job type, experience level and so on.

The site’s focus is mainly tech-related jobs including data science, engineering, web developerment and other technical roles.

There are jobs relating to customer support roles, content writers and designers too at time of writing.


This is a very interesting site. I’ve decided to include this though it’ll benefit mostly those in software development.

It’s 100% free for developers.

How it works is you create your profile and go through a 4-step vetting process.

I had a look at the vetting process and you do need some experience for the initial screening to proceed to the next stage of their vetting process.

The good part is you don’t a resume. Once accepted, companies reach out to you instead.

You only need to apply once and this will open the door to multiple offers.

They have a comparison chart to Toptal and Upwork as well so you can see how they compare with other platforms.

Wrap Up

Give these job sites a go. When you’re putting in the effort to look for jobs, chances are you’ll be able to find something that suits your skills, experience and interest.

All the best.

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