How to Get Rich Wisely

By | August 30, 2019

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all the answers to this question – How to get rich? And yes, there have been tons of information including finance tips and tools about how to get rich and quickly too. But what about the answers to this: How to get rich wisely?

By the end of this post, you’ll discover life-long tips that will help you get rich – wisely.

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These Millionaire Secrets revealed by finance bloggers have made them rich and to make doubly sure that your money success is guaranteed, Dave Ramsey’s 7 Money Traits will set you on the right path to financial freedom.

Whatever your age or circumstances, these are the best money tips on how to get rich wisely:

#1 Focus on the good and correct past money decisions that you made

Give yourself the credit that you deserve.

Keep a money diary that records all the right money decisions you mean. Refer to this diary every few days to encourage yourself.

Add to your diary any victories you have, big or small.

For instance, you may have been saving steadily for the past week.

Write this down to credit yourself and keep yourself moving ahead in the right direction.

#2 Look on the bright side

See the bright side with regard to money matters. It is never constructive or healthy to stress yourself over money.

Adopt a positive and constructive approach and think about or learn more about how you can save, make and invest more money.

It does not matter where you are financially now, as long as you begin taking the correct first steps and to keep moving forward towards your money goes.

That you are reading this blog article shows that you have made the right decision to do something positive to improve your finances.

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#3 Believe in Yourself, but Allow Enough Time

When you take sensible actions to improve your money situation, using more frugal ideas that you read on this blog, you will see positive results.

But you need to be patient and to keep at it in order for your efforts to snowball and to bring even greater results.

If you face any setbacks or make any money mistakes, never beat yourself up.

Simply learn from the mistakes, and keep moving forward – you will improve your money skills and the state of your bank account.

Remember, seek to improve yourself, but do not beat yourself up over mistakes.

#4 Do what you can to make life better for others and yourself

You must never go overboard with your money goals. One of money’s great uses is to make life better.

Some people can succeed in their frugal ways and then begin to become mean with their money. It is important to know the difference between frugality and meanness.

While you are saving more money, remember that the small things matter. For example, continue to donate to the charities that you prefer. This generosity is likely to come back to you in a positive way. What goes round comes round.

#5 Be kind

You may be on a money saving mission or on a frugality drive, but remember to remain kind – it makes the world better.

Somebody I know is a frugalist, but he willingly spends money regularly on food for common wildlife in the city (sparrows and seagulls). Such actions bring him more meaning to life, and do make the world better, even if only some hungry birds benefit.

Similarly, ask yourself: “What am I passionate about?” Then take the necessary actions towards your goals, even though it may involve spending some money.

#6 Seek true happiness and meaning

Aristotle has a very wise saying: “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life”.

Keep his wise words in mind, and be sensible when it comes to money matters. Seek happiness by using your money wisely, for worthy causes.

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#7 Don’t use money to judge others and yourself

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Do not judge others by the amount of money they have, or by the amount of money you think they have.

Our society today has become mad about money.

Bear in mind that people who do not appear to be financially successful, may actually be financially successful.

This book The Millionaire Next Door has many examples of seemingly ordinary people who are actually rich or wealthy. The only thing is they do not show the world their financial success – they do not need to prove that they are rich to others.

On the other hand, the Joneses may appear to have it all with their large home or fancy brand name cars.

But realize that this has nothing to do with you.

Do not use money as a way to judge your own worth.

You have many positive traits that you should remind yourself about.

Are you patient? A good listener? Sincere? Understanding? Optimistic? Pleasant and polite? These traits are worth so much more than the size of your bank account.

Write down a list of your positive traits, and of the good things, big or small, that you have done. Look at this list from time to time to remind yourself that you are a person of excellence.

#8 Money is your means to your goals

Your goal needs to be tied in with what you wish to achieve with more money. Make your family’s life better? Have a better work-life balance? Retire sooner? Go on a holiday?

The goals must be meaningful and motivating to you. Only then can you be motivated enough to sustain your actions that enable you to succeed in your money plans.

These step-by-step examples will guide you to set Smart Goals effectively. Download my Smart Goal Planner here when you subscribe.

#9 Beware of negative people

Avoid being with money naysayers and “doom and gloom people” – they make your life less pleasant and less constructive.

It is really easy but silly for them to say things like “money does not grow on trees” and “it takes money to make money”.

These are not constructive beliefs – they are negative and assume that it is difficult to make and save more money.

Instead, you need to learn from those who have saved their money, made their money, and invested their money well.

It actually takes IDEAS to make money. Read valuable classics like Think and Grow Rich and start applying what they teach. (You can always borrow these books from the public library to save money).

If you’d like to learn more about this book and prefer to have a personal copy, click on the picture below.


I can assure you that when you think carefully above the above money advice, and act on them, you will change your finances and move towards having a life that you truly want.

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