How to pay off Credit Card Debt in 8 Steps – Guaranteed

By | July 7, 2019

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Because you are reading this, I know you want to pay off your credit card debt. I’m guessing that if you tried, you stopped trying after a while.

I understand your situation, as I also have to do things that I find challenging. This is why I have put in careful thought when writing this post for you.

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2 major reasons why you must really start to pay off your credit card debt now:

1. Your credit card debt interest rates are sky high and financially crippling – most folks’ rates range from about 14 to 26% per annum. What is your credit card debt interest rate?

2. Your credit card interest is compounding all the time, growing bigger and bigger, and therefore is getting less and less defeatable over time.

These 2 reasons help explain why Americans owed a record $870 billion credit card debt as of December 2018 (Source: Federal Reserve).

This humongous credit card debt is also due to the low level of credit card debt repayment made.

Are you feeling stressed out about your credit card debt?

I’m sorry that you feel pressured by your credit card debt.

But I need to say that if you delay and do little or nothing to reduce your credit card debt NOW, you’ll be under even more stress in the future compared to now.

Do not do this to yourself.

Due to it being stressful, I understand that it is very unpleasant for you to even think about your credit card debt.

But if you don’t want to think about your credit card debt, I’m sorry to tell you that you’ll sink deeper and deeper into debt.

Debt that’ll become harder and harder to manage and reduce. Debt that will mess up your financial future and mess up your life.

Make a stand NOW to slash your debt, and this post will help you start taking solid steps to keep slashing down your credit card debt till they are gone. Zero!

NO credit card debt at all. Totally paid off!

Let’s begin!

How to pay off your credit card debt

To start and keep paying off credit card debt, you must be very motivated.

What’s your motivation to pay off credit card debt?

You must find your reasons.

Step #1: Write down NOW all the reasons why you want to pay off credit card debt.

You can type out the reasons using the Notepad app on your phone, as it’s more convenient.

Step #2: Write down how you want your financial situation to be, one year from now.

This is important: Get hold of a plain piece of paper (A4 size or larger is ideal).

In large handwriting, write down the positive money situation you aim to be at, in a year’s time.


June 2020 – Paid off $1,000 of my credit card debt.

You can also write down your positive money situation in 3 years’ time.

Step #3: Stick copies of your note in one or two prominent places in your home e.g. bathroom mirror and dining table top.

The note will keep reminding your that you CAN and WILL slash your credit card debt, and will owe less and less money over time, because you’ll have succeeded in paying off more and more credit card debt.

Step #4: Contact someone you get along well with, who wants to cut down their credit card debt.

Show them this blog post and its 8 practical steps to cut credit card debt.

Tip #1: You can also choose to work with a small group of people (3 to 5) who seriously want to slash their credit card debt.

Tip #2: Make sure you choose your anti-credit card debt buddy carefully. They need to be serious and self-disciplined folks who can walk their talk!

Why join forces with others with shared goals?

1. They will motivate you and push every single group member to succeed in eliminating their credit card debt to zero.

2. They will hold every group member personally answerable to the others for staying on track with their specific goals of cutting down their credit card debt.

Here is how to work with your partner or friend(s) to pay off your credit card debt:

Step #5: Set SMART goals to slash your debt.

Check out this example of SMART goals –


Your anti-credit card debt buddy will also set his/her own SMART goals.

Step #6: Keep a paper copy of your SMART goals. Take it home and display it in a prominent place. Display multiple copies for maximum impact.

Give your buddy your SMART goals, and take a copy of his/her goals.

Step #7: Take ACTION according to your SMART goals.

Step #8: Meet your anti-credit card debt buddies once a week. Chat about how your SMART goals are being achieved. Support one another and keep at it.

You will succeed in reducing your credit card debt to zero.

Important Reminders:

1. How to pay off credit card debt? Always hold yourself and others accountable. You want a brighter money future.

2. Encourage one another – but be firm with those who don’t keep to their goals or procrastinate.

3. Discuss constructively what needs doing if someone isn’t meeting their set goals. Strategies may need to be tweaked to reach the desired outcomes.

4. Plan rewards to celebrate success – goals met or exceeded. Check out these free things that you can do to celebrate your consistent progress and success.

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If you ever feel overwhelmed when paying off credit card debt, pin this quote below.

Start where you are

Wrap Up

You know that you can succeed in paying off your credit card debt.

Make your own SMART money goals NOW.

Take the active steps as explained above. Keep going, supporting each other towards paying off your credit card debt.

Over time, your SMART actions will become a great habit. You will cut down your credit card debt, then pay off all your credit card debt, and become debt free.

Good Luck!

As always, thanks for sharing this!

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8 steps to paying off credit card debt.

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How to pay off credit card debt in 8 simple steps.

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