How to Save Power & Slash Your Electric Bills

By | December 6, 2018

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Cabin in winter
Are you a power waster or power saver? No matter which camp you’re in, there’re lots of ways to save power and slash your electric bills.

This is the first of our exciting 3-part series on How to Save Power and Slash Your Electric Bills where you’ll get clever tips to keep warm in winter and boost your savings at the same time.

In Part 2, you can use these evergreen tips to save power the whole year round.

Part 3 is packed with creative frugal tips save power in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and during summer time.

We all have habits that cause us to use too much power without realizing it. So, even if you think you’re already saving power, you can always do more to save more power.

So, how do we become more eco friendly and save lots of money? The key is to start making small changes that will add up over time so that you save BIG as a result 🙂

Most Americans are using more power than they need.This means you’re not just wasting power, but your money too.

According to this article, Americans spend an average of $104 per month just on electricity alone. That’s a whopping $1248 a year.

The good news is when you use different ways to save power, you can save up to 25% of your power bill. And you’ll be helping the environment too. A win-win for everyone.

So what can you do? Plenty, from the looks of it.

By reading this post, you’re already ahead of most people. By the end of this post, you’ll be one of the savviest power users in the world!

Interesting Fact

According to the U.S. Energy Information Adminstration (EIA), 41% of the power in US households is used to heat up our homes.

So, do you know where heat is escaping from your house?

The roof. Don’t worry if you didn’t guess right. Most of us don’t realize this.

#1. Insulate Your Roof

But if you think about it, this makes perfect sense as hot air rises. So, make sure that you insulate your roof . As much as 25% of heat can be lost if we forget to insulate to do this.

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#2. Stop Heat Loss From Gaps

Heat also loves to escape through the gaps around doors and windows. Draught proof the gaps by sticking insulation strips around the door frames.

This is cheap and cost-effective. If you haven’t any insulation strips, it’s time to install them. Have a look at different insulation strips here.

Another common area where heat is merrily escaping is under your doors. Put a draught stop underneath your doors to trap the heat in.

This product below works well as a draught stop too.

#3. Heat Up Only Part of your Home

Limit heating to only certain areas of the house. During winter, we only heat up one room which is the kitchen-dining-living area. We don’t heat up any other area in our house during the day.

#4. Location, Location, Location

It also pays to have most of your house facing the winter sun. If you’re buying a house, don’t forget to factor this in.

Among all the houses I’ve lived in, our present house is the only one that fulfills this criteria. For once, I didn’t suffer from chilblains. Facing the sun keeps our house warm and snug in winter, besides helping to reduce heating costs.

When I used to live in a 60-year-old house, I wore my heavy outdoor woolen coat as it was only 41 degrees Farenheit INSIDE my house. Frankly, it was warmer outside the house when it was sunny.

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#5. Wear Warm Clothing

We made sure to wear several layers of warm clothing with internal thermals so that our aircon is set to a lower temperature. This helps reduce our power bills.

#6. Blankets to the Rescue

When it’s bedtime, we use multiple layers of blankets which can get quite heavy. But we got used to that.

#7. Limit the Heating Time

We switched the heating off in our rooms after an hour. We have a free one hour of power each day.

#8. Shut the Doors

Remember to shut the doors. We always shut the doors leading to other parts of the house to trap the warmth in our heated rooms.

#9. If You Should Get Up In The Night

When you get up in the early hours of the morning to use the bathroom, make sure you don’t flip your blankets over and expose your warm sleeping spot.

Precious heat will escape. Position your blankets back to keep your bed warm first.

#10. OhmConnect

By the way, do you know that you can be paid to save energy in your home? Yes, it’s true!

I’ve discovered that OhmConnect pays their users to save energy once a week. You’ll need to connect your utility account and this service is available to to 95% of the homes in California.

I’d loved to use this service, but it’s not available in my location.


What a great way to make some passive income.

You gain both ways!

Save money by using less energy AND on top of that, get rewarded for using less power.

You receive alerts from OhmConnect that helps you keep your energy usage on track.

Sign up with OhmConnect here and start saving money now.

How do they work?

Simple, they reward you with points. You get $10 for 1,000 points. When you reach a minimum of 1000 points, you can cash it out with PayPal. You can also use them to buy $20 gift cards from the OhmConnect store.

Did you know that you’ll also get a $20 bonus for every friend that you refer? Seriously, with so many advantages, sign up with OhmConnect and get your rewards!

#11. Cut down on using your electric dryer

I try my best not to use my tumble dryer in winter.

Better yet – minimize using your tumble dryer by line drying your clothes whenever possible. I actually used my tumble dryer a couple of times last year, thanks to line drying whenever the weather allowed!

Read more in our popular post on 20 Clever Frugal Tips to Save Even More Money ( Part 2 ) where my family has made saving fun and rewarding.

#12. Another Tip If You Do Need To Use Your Electric Dryer

Here’s a neat trick to cut back on the time needed to tumble dry your clothes.

Simply place a DRY towel in the dryer with your damp clothes.

The Good Housekeeping Institute tried this and cut the drying time by 30 minutes!

Imagine – 30 minutes less tumble drying can mean 10 hours less use of your tumble dryer (assuming 10 weeks in winter needing the use of the dryer, and drying twice a week).

#13-14. Two More Tips On Using Your Washing Machine

I always use the shortest cycle on my washing machine. Don’t forget to wash with full loads, and lastly, always use cold water.

#15. Solar Oven

Build a solar oven to cook your food during summer to save power. Do you know you can turn your pizza box into a solar oven that cooks for free? Watch how to do it here.

Wrap Up

Armed with these power saving tips, you are now on your way towards making great savings on your power bills.

Use one or all of these tips and practice them consistently. Soon you’ll be on your way to saving lots of money.

Hungry for more power savings? Use our tips in Part 2 of How to Save Power and Slash Your Electric Bills now to cut down on your power costs.

Don’t forget to head over to Part 3 of How to Save Power and Slash Your Electric Bills to increase your savings!

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Proven frugal tips to keep warm this winter.

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Frugal tips for keeping warm this winter on a tight budget
Frugal tips to keep warm this winter on a tight budget
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