33 Items You Need at Home During This Crisis

By | April 6, 2020

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With an increasing number of locations facing lockdowns, you’ll be thinking about what food supplies you should have at hand in case you need to self isolate.

You’ll probably have to keep your visits to the supermarket to the absolute minimum to safeguard your health.

fruit slices

I have compiled a practical list of foods and other essentials here, which will save you time and effort.

Keep this shopping list handy and use it as a checklist when you shop.

You’ll also be thinking about how long you should stock up your foods for.

The general rule is to try to stock enough foods that will last you about a month (if your budget allows it), though no one knows the exact period of time lockdowns will last.

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#1 Frozen vegetables, fruits, and meat

Frozen vegetables can be just as nutritious as fresh ones. Make sure that you thaw your frozen meats well in your fridge for at least for 24 hours begore using depending on the size of the cuts.

#2 Frozen crumbed fish fillets

#3 Frozen fries and wedges

#4 Protein bars

Give Paleo bars a try! They’re delicious and filling too.

#5 Breakfast foods like cereals, oatmeal, wheaties or cornflakes

#6 Spreads like peanut butter, jarred jams, choc spreads

#7 Healthy snacks including nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts and walnuts

#8 Staples like dried pasta, bread, rice, noodles and wraps

#9 Other grains like lentils and beans

#10 Canned legumes like baked beans, chickpeas

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#11 Canned foods including canned meats like beef and chicken as well as canned fish (for example, tuna, sardines and mackerel)

#12 Canned soups like mushroom and pumpkin soups

#13 Canned fruits like peaches, pineapples, plums

#14 Canned vegetables including canned tomatoes, mushroom soups, chicken broth

#15 Bottled pasta sauces and tomatoes

#16 Brown rice oil, canola oil for cooking

#17 Baking needs like self-raising flour, plain flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs

33 essential items

#18 Dry crackers and biscuits

#19 Beverages like coffee and tea, and shelf-stable milk

#20 Bottled water

#21 Canned baby food and formula

#22 Pet food and snacks

#23 Butter

#24 Eggs

#25 Blocks of cheese or grated cheese

#26 Frozen meals like pizzas, pizza bases, lasagnes and falafel

#27 Powdered milk which will last longer

#28 Comfort treats like ice cream and chocolate

You can buy chocolate with at least 70% cocoa as they’re healthier.

These may not be the healthiest foods, but they go a long way towards improving your mental states just in case you need them.

There are a few other items that are non-food items but are useful for everyday purposes.

#29 General household supplies like laundry detergents, hand soaps, dishwashing liquids, gloves, garbage bags, disinfectants and general household cleaners.

#30 Indoor plants like rubber plants, anthuriums and peace lilies are great and can help purify the air at home.

#31 Oral medications like painkillers, cough syrups, lozenges and so on

#32 Non-oral medications like plasters, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizers

#33 General household items like toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, shampoo

Wrap Up

Preparing well will not only make you feel more in control. It makes you feel better too during this period of uncertainty.

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33 essential items you can't do without



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