How This New Mom Blogger Makes $1000+ per month!

By | March 16, 2019

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Most newbie bloggers struggle to make money from their blogs. So today I’ve invited Jane from This Mama Blogs to share her insights into how she makes good money from blogging.

Jane also shares her blogging challenges and offers valuable tips to overcome them. There’re valuable nuggets for everyone.




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Ready to make more money?

Tell us something about yourself and your blog

My name is Jane, the writer behind the mom/personal finance blog, This Mama Blogs. I created this blog sometime in 2017 out of desperation to build my dream life and improve my finances as a broke stay-at-home mom with a 6-month old baby.

I started this blog to share my journey to changing my life as well as ideas on managing money, saving money, and making money from home, hopefully to help those who are also struggling with money.

In a span of a year from the birth of this blog, I learned so much about money that I was able to save more than I ever thought I could. I’ve learned a ton of money saving hacks as well as side hustle ideas for moms like me, and I was able to grow this blog substantially.

You’ll also read posts about minimalism on my blog as it’s been instrumental to helping me find focus in life and improving my mindset.

Embracing minimalism changed the way I spend money and the way I look at how to live life. And I write about it hoping to inspire others who are overwhelmed by life.

What is the most important piece of advice you’ll give to new bloggers?

What I’ve learned is that if you really want to make money from your blog, first, learn how to grow your blog traffic because traffic= money.

Also, master one traffic source at a time. When I started, I was all over the place, promoting my posts on Facebook groups, etc., and for months, I was just spinning the wheels and didn’t find myself going anywhere. When I decided to focus only on Pinterest and learn how to drive traffic to my blog through it, my traffic started growing.

It definitely takes a lot of learning to grow a blog, so allocate a few hours a week for learning, on top of writing and promoting.

I don’t claim that I know it all already. In fact, I am still so clueless about so many things and I am still getting started with SEO, so I definitely still need to burn a lot of midnight oil to continue my education.

But my point is that, and as I always say in my Income Reports, you don’t have to learn it all to start blogging and start earning money from your blog.

You can find free information online and that’s fine, but if you want to grow faster and want to take the guesswork out of blogging, I believe in investing in the RIGHT blogging education and resources.

I know it’s kind of scary to spend money on a blog that isn’t making money yet. It’s one of the best things I did to grow my blog from earning $0 for many months to now earning over $1000 per month in less than a year.

I also want to tell new bloggers or those who are just starting out to persist at least for a year.

Just like any business, blogging isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows and there will be times wherein you’ll doubt the idea of succeeding in blogging (I still experience this), but I hope that you’ll persist and just keep going. Give your best for a year at least before even thinking of giving up.

What are your strengths that have helped you in your blogging journey?

I honestly don’t think I have skills. I don’t think I have awesome creative writing skills that will make me stand out in this industry. I even constantly spot glaring grammatical errors in my posts, which is what I am currently working on to minimize at least.

But perhaps I have the drive to learn. If there’s something I can’t figure out, I would look it up online and try to read about it or I would ask blogger friends for resources. That’s why I also think “networking” is important in blogging as your fellow bloggers can also help you, too!

Can you tell us your biggest challenges? And how have you overcome them?

I think the biggest challenge that I’ve faced so far, and that I think every blogger also face at one point or another, is to let yourself get overwhelmed with blogging tasks. There are so many things to do and sometimes you don’t know where to focus on, what to prioritize, etc. I must admit, this is still an issue for me. I try to handle this by reminding myself to focus on what brings in revenues for me for the long term.

What kind of networking have you used that helped to grow your blog?

I haven’t done a lot of networking yet, but I do believe that in the blogging world, no man is an island. I started with joining a few invaluable private FB groups such as Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and Mediavine. I’ve learned a lot every day from these groups where I can also get to interact with other bloggers when I want to.

Aside from that, I’ve also joined a few Tailwind tribes, which is a great source of traffic and exposure for me. If you haven’t joined Tailwind yet, do so and you’ll also get to join 5 tribes for free. I think it’s a great type of “networking.”

My next step is to reach out to other bloggers to for guest posting opportunities on their blogs.

What strategies have you used that has helped bring traffic to your blog?

Using Pinterest definitely helped me increase my traffic as a new blogger. I think it’s the best platform to use when you are brand new.

I experiment with Pinterest. I create multiple pins with different descriptions and designs per post. I simply continue promoting those that took off, and stop wasting my time on those that don’t. Wash, rinse, repeat.

How do you manage your time to run your blog efficiently?

During the day, I am a part-time mom chasing my son, cooking and cleaning and part-time freelance writer (my other side hustle), and I am a blogger by night. That said, I only have so much time to work on this blog so I need to maximize my time. Recently, I’ve found that I am more productive when I work very early in the morning until before my son wakes up. So, now I try to sleep early and wake up early to I could get things done for my blog. I also encourage you to determine which time you are more productive and work during that time!

What are your most popular/favorite posts?

My recent most popular posts are:

30 Things I’ve Stopped Buying Since Simplifying My Life

Best Side Hustles for Moms to Make $1000 a Month

How to Start a Blog

What are your blogging goals for 2019 and beyond?

I have a lot of goals for this blog and I am really excited about them! For this year, these are the things I want to accomplish for This Mama Blogs.

Reach $2k in income through this blog.

  1. To create my first digital products. I want to launch this within the year.
  2. Reach 100-150k page views. –I reached 100k in January!
  3. I also want to start building another blog on another niche.

Wrap Up

Thank you Jane for generously sharing your advice and encouragement. We’ve learned so much today. Your determination and success have truly inspired us! Here’s wishing you greater blogging success!


You can read more about Jane’s story here.

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