Best Side Hustles to Make Money – $1000 or more a month (Part 1)

By | January 8, 2019

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Many of us think about how to make more cash, so as to afford the better things in life, like taking a well-earned vacation or replacing the old car with a newer and better one. Or you may wish to build up an emergency fund of, say, $1,000, or pay down debt.

You’ve come to the right place! These side hustles and money-making ideas will earn you good cash.

CNN says that more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle. So there is nothing stopping you from making good money from your own side hustles!

Many folks are unaware that they’ve got skills and talents that they can use to make more money.

But you and I know you’re different. You’re here because you want to make a big difference to your finances.

By reading this, you’re already making a good start, ahead of many others. Or maybe you wanna find out what you can do.

No worries.

I have put in time and effort to write this post to give you a great start. Discover 21 more side hustles in Part 2 here.

The best thing about side hustles is not just the extra money. Side hustles give you flexibility and control over your time. You can do them in your free time or they can be ongoing, depending on what you prefer.

Best of all, you have greater peace of mind knowing that you’re becoming richer with the extra cash you’re making.

Money and time

Check out these side hustles and start yours by picking one that fits your skills and interest. It’s a good idea to focus on one side hustle first, to give it a great start at becoming successful and profitable. Remember, there is power in taking action and making things happen!


Be a gardener

This profitable side hustle is an evergreen (pun intended) one. This side hustle is great if you’re green fingered. But you don’t even need to like gardening to do this well.

You may have a lawn mower and/or hedge trimmer. You do weeding. Therefore you can easily do this great side hustle.

Most folks have a hectic lifestyle, and they’re happy to pay others to do their gardening!

A friend of mine offers gardening services for her neighbors. Demand for her services is very high. Last known, she’s too busy to go shopping! Elderly folks and busy people with spare cash would appreciate your help. Add to your attraction by advertising your reliability and reasonable rates.

Be a window cleaner

You can easily get hold of window cleaning equipment and offer this service to your local community. Not sure how to clean windows like a pro? Watch YouTube videos such as this and learn how to do it. Some practice will have you cleaning windows the way pros do it.

(This post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated when you make purchases at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping to keep this blog going. Please read my disclosure policy.)

Be a blogger

This side hustle requires very little outlay. And there’s potential to make good money.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you’ll need a very good web host.

This post has a video that guides you on how to sign up. You’ll get a great discount of 60% off by using this link. (It’s only $3.95/mo instead of $11.95/mo) Plus it’s a risk-free trial run. You can try it and see if it suits you.

This post compares two of the world’s popular web hosts and why one is better than the other.

Be an affiliate marketer

Michelle of Making Sense Of Cents is well known for making more than $100,000 a month consistently. She has a course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing which teaches students her secret to successful affiliate marketing.

Thousands of students have taken her course. She’s lovely and she personally answers every email despite her hectic schedule.

You can also join her Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook group which is only available to her students. Members in this group are very active and helpful. Jeff Proctor of DollarSprout reckons this is one of the best Facebook groups.

You can learn more about this course in this interview and how it can help you make money from affiliate marketing. This is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Save time and start affiliate marketing the right way.

Be a gutter cleaner

Offer your services especially in neighborhoods with lots of mature trees! You’ll need some basic things like a sturdy ladder, overalls, gloves, eye protection, boots and a gutter scoop.

Gutter clearing is understandably seen by most folks as a chore, which is your opportunity to make money! Folks are often willing to pay well for gutter cleaning..

A clever tip: Get as many written testimonials as you can. This will improve the success of your side hustles.

Be a furniture assembler

I read about a local college student who is handy with DIY tasks. Most of his clients buy furniture which needs assembling as they cost way cheaper.

To save time and effort, they employ him to assemble their book shelves, wall cabinets and entertainment units. He charges $50 an hour.

Last heard, business was so good he had to employ several college mates to meet the demand. This can work with dis-assembling furniture that are fixed to walls too. People may want a change of decor.

Come to think of it, Mr MoreMoneyTips is very good with practical skills. Hmm . . . more income for me!

Be a carpenter

You can make money with your carpentry skills.

I used the services of 2 elderly gentlemen who used to be builders. They’ve worked together for 40 years.

Instead of retiring, they offer very reasonable rates for fixing simple carpentry and woodworking jobs. Last known, they’re so popular that they have to take on a younger helper to manage their workload!

You can learn carpentry skills from YouTube videos and books, or by attending some classes.

Work extra hours on your current job

I work for an organization that has many branches. Nearly every week, my work email is flooded with requests for help. There’re always people away for different reasons – sickness, holidays, conference attendance and so on.

I know this may sound boring, but if you offer to do extra hours when your colleagues take their annual leave during Christmas, you earn their gratitude as their leave gets granted, you have the chance to earn extra money, and you get into your boss’s good books too 🙂

Be a computer and digital technology geek

Are you good with computers? Can you troubleshoot and solve problems? Then chances are you can offer computing consultation services.

You don’t have to be an expert. If you’re good with digital technology, you can start this side hustle too.

A local computer shop in a sleepy part of town charges $63 just to transfer data from a laptop to a USB stick. Another computer company in town charges $109 per hour to fix computers! And you need to book days ahead.

Same day services will set their clients back by more than $200. Are you shocked at how much money they are making? So was I.

One way to make your service more attractive is to offer a free pick up service to save customers a trip. To save gas and time, make sure it’s within a certain radius of your home or workplace.

If you charge less than a shop, clients would likely consider you. Don’t forget to get written testimonials to back you up.

Some seniors pay for one to one tutoring in my neighborhood. They have virtually no idea how to use computers at all. This is another great area to go into – help out others and earn extra cash.

Wrap Up

Are you all fired up now to take on one or some of these side hustles? Don’t forget to head over to Part 2 where there’re 21 more side hustle ideas for you.

I hope these side hustle ideas have inspired you. Make a start by choosing one side hustle, learning more about how it works and take concrete steps to make it happen.

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