11 Personal Finance Experts Reveal their Secrets of Success

By | October 11, 2018

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A very warm welcome to you, dear readers.

Recently I invited my favorite top personal finance experts to share their secrets of success.

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If you have always wanted to know the best financial tips to get ahead and achieve wealth at a much earlier stage in your lives, look no further.

These pearls of money wisdom will surely help you surge forth in your quest for true financial freedom.

Moreover, these 21 golden rules will pave your way towards becoming a millionaire.

Are you ready? Let’s start.


“We have always believed that having a monthly budget and actually dictating where our money goes. Once you stick to a budget, you can quickly see your spending habits and how to improve on them. Once you get your spending under control with a budget the next step is increasing your income. In today’s digital world making money online has never been a more realistic and legitimate option. The bigger you can make the gap between your monthly income vs expenses the faster you can grow your net worth which is one of the most important numbers to keep track of on your personal finance journey.”

Brittany and Kelan from The Savvy Couple


“To tackle debt head on and be aggressive. Once your debt is gone, it feels so freeing! I saved enough money by my graduation date to pay off all of my loans, so I did that instead of investing that money. For me personally, paying off my debt in full was more important than having both debt and investments. Do what is right for you in your life.”

Alexis from Fitnancials


“The best financial tip I have received was probably to find ways to make some side income. Before I started my financial blog, I didn’t even really think about making extra money, and what a huge mistake that was! It just never really even crossed my mind. Then, one day I decided to make it my mission to make extra money and started working pretty much a full-time job on the side between all of my side hustles. That allowed me to pay off my $40,000 student loan debt in just 7 months and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made! This then allowed me to leave my day job to pursue one of my side hustles (blogging) full-time. Yes, it was hard to work so many hours, but it kept me really motivated to see all of my debt disappearing week after week and month after month. Best. Decision. Ever!”

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents


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“The best financial tip that we have for you is to start your own business. Starting your own business allows you to pursue your passion, get paid more, work your own hours, spend more time with your family and be your own boss. A regular job will never pay you what you are worth, because they need to make money. If you work at a job you will only make your company or boss rich.

Many people never start a business because they think that it is too risky. They would rather stay at a job they hate because they perceive it to be a more ‘stable’ and safe option. But this is probably a false economy for most people as the likelihood of being laid off is higher than some people like to imagine. If you start your own business, YOU are in control and in charge of your own destiny.

When we started our online businesses a few years ago it was a lot of hard work. However, these days we have multiple streams of passive income.These streams come in even while we are on vacation or sleeping. We have freed ourselves from directly exchanging our time for money and that is the best feeling in the world.”

Russell and Maleah from Unconventional Prosperity


“Our best financial tip is it’s never too late to start improving your finances no matter what your circumstances are. The most important thing is to run your own race. Don’t compare your income and savings to other people’s. Look at your own progress instead. Keep your focus on learning better ways to improve your financial situation.

There’re now so many new ways to save, earn and invest your money. The truth is, there’s no one perfect way. For example, a successful property investor will always assert that real estate is the way to go. On the other hand, a successful stock investor will tend to maintain that the stock market is among the best ways to build wealth. Keep in mind that how you want to invest really depends on your personal preference and individual appetite for risk.

We have discovered new ways to make our money work much harder, and we are reaching our financial goals. The first step to building your financial security is through savings and then using your savings to invest wisely. There’re many free options that you can start by using these free money tools that will help you increase your net worth. The good news is you don’t need a lot of money to begin. Make a start now and you’ll be thanking yourself much sooner than you think.”

Jo Anna from MoreMoneyTips.com ( Yes, it’s yours truly. I can’t help but sneak in here to offer my humble tip as well).


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“Most of us are told to save as much money as we can, so we can live comfortably in the future.

The best advice I’ve ever received was to instead realize that the biggest lever to financial success is not how much you can save, but rather how much you can earn. If you make $30k a year for your whole life and try to raise a family, no amount of frugality is going to really help make a dent in building up your savings. But, if you can find a way to double or triple your income (or more) either through a side hustle or becoming a more valuable member of the workforce, that will have a much greater impact on your ability to save.

Personally, this advice has done wonders for my financial life. Instead of putting all my energy into saving a dollar here or a few cents there, I am focused on building and growing a business that helps a lot of people and provides a healthy income for me in the process.”

Jeff Proctor from DollarSprout


“I grew up in a financially frugal family. Both my parents had worked in the financial industry at some point in the lives, and they brought us up with the basic idea that you should always spend less than you earn. Like Benjamin Franklin would say, they told us to never “spend money we had not earned.”

While it is difficult to pinpoint the best financial advice. I have received (I have gotten several), one of them would be my mom insistently telling me to stay away from credit cards. Today, I own a couple credit cards (almost unavoidable if you are not living off the grid) and use them whenever I can to make purchases. However, the bank pays me (with cash back and other rewards) to use them. I have never paid an annual fee, and since I always pay down my card balance during the “grace period,” I never ever pay interest fees.”

Enoch from Savvy New Canadians


“The best financial tips I’ve been using to achieve financial success can be summed up in five simple steps: plan early, work diligently, save consistently, spend responsibly and invest wisely. Each subsequent step builds on the success of the previous step.

Planning early starts with setting the financial milestones that I need to achieve in order to reach financial independence. Working diligently involves executing my plan and work relentlessly to earn a stable income, increase it and diversify my income sources over time.

The next step is to save consistently, which means I need to automate my finance and learn how to pay myself first. The fourth step goes a bit further, stating that I need to spend what’s left of my savings instead of saving what’s left of my spending.

Last, but not least, the invest wisely step is the one that will determine if I’ll reach my financial milestone or not. I need to have my money working hard to make more money by taking the appropriate risk to invest and grow my net worth.”

Leo from isaved5k


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11 Personal Finance Experts Reveal their Secrets of Success

“The best financial tip I’ve used is to automate your savings. I’ve found that saving money isn’t about self-control. It’s just about getting the money out of your hands and into somewhere else where it can be better used. The great thing about automating your savings is that, since you never see that money, you don’t even realize it’s there. And as a result, you won’t miss it.

Automating has helped to save, since otherwise, I’d spend more. When I don’t see it, I don’t spend it.”

Kevin from Financial Panther


“Managing your finances is like running the marathon, it absolutely is all about learning to pace yourself, picking up tips and ideas and fine tuning your own financial skills. The best financial tip I learned and still use is “Pay yourself first”. Doing this means you can stop worrying about money and can manage if the unexpected happens – a large bill, a job change.

But I would refine that tip further and say “Pay your future self first”. You want your future self to have choices in life that you can pay for. Your future self does not want to be reliant upon social security or the ever changing retirement age. In the UK it’s now 68, do you really want to HAVE to work until 68?

Hubby and I decided we definitely didn’t want that so for 12 years we have saved hard for our future selves. We are now almost ready financially to stop work and live the life we want. 15 years+ ahead of when our government says we should. Best advice we ever took!”

Tuppenny from Tuppennysfireplace


The best advice I received was to use cash. I used to be the person who said if I have cash, I spend it too quickly. But, as it turns out, I was doing it wrong.

When I started using cash for the things I needed, I became more aware of the cost of things. When I used my debit card, I just got what I needed and did not think much about it. Not only that but having a certain amount of cash to last for two weeks forced me to be more aware of my purchases and decide it was needed or not. I made sure that everything I bought was what was needed.

And paying with cash hurts! Handing over $150 in cash is much different than swiping your credit or debit card. Seeing the money physically leave your hands is powerful.

If you want to really control your spending, cash is the way to go.”

Tracie Fobes from PennyPinchinMom

Wrap Up

There you have it. 11 of the world’s best financial secrets from our money experts.

When you take all these juicy advice and put them into action, you will surely transform your finances, create wealth and gain financial freedom. So, what are you waiting for?

I hope you’ve found these ideas useful. If you like it, do share to help others too.

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11 Personal Finance Experts share their best financial wisdom
11 personal finance experts share their top tips

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