109 Personal Finance Tips to Manage your Money

By | September 17, 2019

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Have you decided to take steps to improve your personal finances? Since you’re here, I’ll assume you have. When you search the web, you’ll see money tips ranging from 5 to more than 75 tips.

What’s different about this post?

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It’s not just about numbers. These personal finance tips are simple and practical – ideal for you to take your beginner steps to improve your finances quickly.

There’re so many routes to achieve financial wealth. And by giving you these options, you’ll have a wide selection to choose from.

I have been using many of these finance tips below to increase my savings by almost 50%.

I know they work and I know they’ll work for you too, if not better, especially if your income is high.

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Ready to take on these personal finance tips?

#1 Set saving goals. If you don’t, how do you know you’re meeting your targets?

#2 Use cash when buying stuff. Sometimes, I choose to use cash as it drives home the point that money is being parted from me. I need the occasional reminder.

#3 If you have credit card debts, start paying it down ASAP as they have the highest rates of interest.

Learn how you can pay off your credit card debts fast using only 8 simple steps.

#4 Sell off the stuff that you don’t need. Get extra cash by selling them in these 14 different places.

#5 Borrow things. For example, head to the nearest public library, tool library and toy library.

#6 Look for creative ways to save more money. Get my original ideas on how you can save money the fun way every day.

#7 Look for new ways to make more money. Most of these 30 side hustle ideas will make you $1000+ a month quickly.

#8 Get free samples online.

#9 Get free stuff. For example, have you considered harvesting free fruits and vegetables from community gardens and nature reserves?

Check that you have permission to do this. In autumn, we get our free supply of apples from an apple tree in town. It’s just outside a glazing company.

The shop owner has generously given us permission to harvest the apples. You can opt to volunteer at a community garden and in return, gather the produce for home use.

# 10 Learn from the habits off the millionaire next door.

#11 Never keep up with the Joneses.

#12 Buy generic brands as they are often as good as brand and pricey stuff.

#13 Set Smart Money goals. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly what to do to achieve your goals.

#14 Team up with people who want to save and earn more money. Surround yourself with supportive people who understand and encourage you.

#15 Give yourself little rewards for reaching your money goals.

#16 Make your things last longer by looking after them well.

#17 Maintain your things well. For example, change your engine oil according to what your car handbook says.

#18 Don’t your clothes too often unless you need to, or they’ll wear out faster.

#19 Buy clothes from thrift shops.

#20 Get free stuff from co-workers, relatives and friends.

#21 Don’t keep buying new clothes. Use your clothes longer and ignore fashion trends. A clever tip is to buy timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Aim for neutral colors that can go well with almost everything.

#22 Use your appliances less. For example, choose the shortest wash for your washer and dishwasher.

#23 Use less resources. For example, use less washing detergent and dish washing detergent than the recommended amount.

#24 Use less electricity and gas. Put on more layers of warm clothing in colder months.

These 42 frugal tips will help you save tons of money on your power bills.

#25 Walk if your destination is nearby.

#26 Can yourself learn from YouTube how to do some plumbing or oil change?

#27 Look after your health – you save on healthcare and medical fees and medicine in the long run.

#28 Exercise regularly as it helps curb your appetite. Remember to eat healthy foods. Learn to reduce food wastage with these 20 tips.

#29 Do simple health checks like monitoring your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

#30 Use free or cheap entertainment – go for walks beach go to the river. My 100 Frugal Ways will surely help you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

#31 Being in nature is good for your health both physical and mental well-being.

#32 Search online to compare to get deals in the things you buy.

#33 Ask colleagues neighbors and friends for recommendations of where they buy stuff and of the things that last really long.

#34 Go to comparison websites like YouTube to check out product reviews.

#35 Be happy with what you have. This reduces your urge to buy more stuff or to upgrade more stuff.

#36 Before you buy do you really need this or do you simply want this.

Apply the 30 day rule before you buy anything more pricey.

#37 Totally avoid going to mega sales like Boxing Day sales and Black Friday sales- the buying fever will get to you and you will end up spending unnecessary money on the things you don’t need.

I almost fell into this trap, but using these 6 clever strategies, I was able to buy just what was needed.

#38 Remember sales are there to take as much money as possible from you.

100+ Personal Finance Tips to manage your money every day

#39 You use a credit card and do not pay off every month, you are paying heavy interest rates that is making you poor.

#40 Use simple and proven cleaning products at home like vinegar and baking soda.

#41 Avoid buying all kinds of chemical cleaning products. They usually contain toxic chemicals and are bad for your health.

#42 Practice this – a penny saved is a penny earned.

#43 Practice frugality in your thinking what you say and what you do.

#44 Stop buying things you do not need. For example, branded clothing and other branded products like iPhones.

#45 Do your chores yourself. This includes simple chores like lawn mowing, cleaning windows, washing your cars and clearing your gutter.

#46 Give yourself no spend challenges. My money saving challenges are perfect for small budgets.

#47 Learn more saving tips and money making tips improve your skills and knowledge so that you will become richer.

You’ll love my 20 frugal living tips and these 30 side hustles will help you start making $1000+ a month ASAP.

#48 Learn how to use what you have by improvising. For example, my broken vacuum flask makes a pretty vase for flowers.

#49 Look for savings coupons online and use them regularly to buy only the things that you need.

#50 Create a budget and regularly track your spending, savings and investments. Subscribe to download my free BUDGET SUCCESS PLANNER, plus other free goodies.

#51 Regularly check your motor oil level and the air in your tires to ensure that they are inflated. Properly inflated tires see if you gas and prolonged pile life saving you money and keeping you save.

My 12 clever tips to save fuel and car expenses will save you tons of money. You don’t have to know much about cars to apply these simple saving tips.

#52 Eat less meat NZ a more healthy vegetables which saves you money as well.

#53 Eat out less. Pack your own lunches and reduce your meals at cafes and restaurants.

#54 Don’t buy plants. Collect samples of cuttings from neighbors or friends.

#55 Do your own baking and cooking as you save a lot of money.

#56 Never buy brand new cars.

#57 Be motivated to waste less resources as it is good for the environment.

#58 Seriously consider getting some suitable professional of formal qualifications to make a bigger salary for yourself.

#59 Take up a side hustle to make more money. For example, if you can do gardening or babysitting you can make more money this way.

#60 Adopt minimalism. Free up the clutter in your life, home and mind.


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#61 Pay yourself first. Automate part of your savings first before you start spending it.

#62 Always spend less than you earn.

#63 Think carefully about having pets. They do cost a lot as you need to take care of their needs.

#64 Set up a budget. Allocate amounts to spend in different categories. If you overspend in one category, make sure you cut back on another.

#65 Set up an emergency fund as soon as possible. The amount should be 3-6 months of your living costs.

#66 Always be on the look out for sales especially in supermarkets.

#67 Apply the 50/30/20 rule for your budgeting success.

#68 Think of creative ways to use the same item before trashing it.

#69 Try to repair an item if it’s faulty. You need to find out how they can be repaired properly. If you’re unsure, don’t do it. This applies especially to car repairs and electrical appliances.

#70 Don’t throw away packaging materials. They can be used to wrap parcels or presents.

#71 Stick to just one credit card. You save on fees and it’s easier to keep track of your spending.

#72 Consider using the cash envelope system. Discover its pros and cons here. It works well for some folks.

#73 Always compare prices before you buy.

#74 You can sign up with Ebates to save money on your purchases. You’ll get a percentage of your money back when you make your purchase. Make sure you only buy what you need.

Sign up here to get your $10 welcome bonus after making your first purchase using Ebates.

#74 Save money by using this free online tool that tracks your purchases AFTER you’ve bought your items.

If there’s a price drop, it’ll get the refund for you from retailers that are part of their program.

This is very useful and saves you time and effort during your holiday shopping, especially when you shop for Christmas.

Sign up with Paribus here for your peace of mind. You’ll never lose out when there’s a price drop.

#75 Check reviews of products before you buy.

#76 Meal planning is essential to prevent impulse buying. If you need help, check out the $5 Meal Plan that has helped many families save hours of meal planning every week.

#77 Reduce food waste. Always try to finish all the food on your plates. Train your children to eat ‘clean’.

#78 Have no spend days.

#79 For really cheap travel, try staycations. Pretend you’re tourists in your town. Check out places you’ve never been before.

#80 Take packed lunches to work.

#81 You don’t have to use costly skincare products all the time. Use alternatives.

For example, instead of using my Antipodes moisturizer all the time, I’m using this a cost-effective product, Sukin which works almost as well.

#82 Be willing to compromise. Is it really important to keep buying that premium brand of sardines?

#83 Be flexible. You can change your habits and adapt.

#84 Avoid buying your fruits and vegetables from supermarkets unless there’s a special sale. They usually cost more than roadside stalls.

#85 Make sure you use up what’s left in a container as much as possible. For example, a tube of toothpaste.

#86 Plan your car journeys and other travel to complete as many errands as possible. You save time, effort and gas. And it’s good for the environment too.

#87 Time your visits wisely. Meals are offered at hefty discounts in food courts near closing time.

#88 Buy fruits and vegetables in season. You can buy frozen ones that are not in season to save costs.

#89 Don’t forget to use your credit card rewards.

#90 Minimize eating out.

#91 If you must, go for lunch menus that are on specials.

#92 Use special vouchers or eat out only when there’re other specials like discounts that are offered for dinning early.

#92 Don’t always go for the cheapest items. For example, quality shoes are worth every cent as they’re durable and don’t wear out as fast.

#93 Try your best not to pay the full price especially for big ticket items like dishwashers. We bought ours at a great discount because the packaging was slightly damaged.

#94 Don’t be lured by easy credit.

Never make purchases using store credit or similar. When they say you pay zero interest until 2020, they’ve already factored in the interest rate in the price.

100+ Money Tips to manage your finances.

#95 Don’t buy lattes.

Some folks disagree with this.

They maintain that you can buy all the lattes you want as long as you make more money.

My take on this?

If you’ve access to free coffee making machines at work, why not take advantage of it? Your savings may not be in thousands within a short period of time, but you can use this extra money for other useful purposes such as an emergency fund.

#96 Are you paying extra for insurance? Go over carefully what you really need.

#97 Don’t forget to invest your savings. Acorn is a handy app that rounds off your loose change and invest them for you.

#98 Make contributions to your retirement savings. It’s never too late or too early.

#99 Get saving tips to reduce your water bills. My 35 water saving tips will inspire you to start ASAP. Find out how I managed to survive with very little water during two earthquakes.

#100 Take steps to reduce your power bills.

#101 Educate yourself. Read the best financial books and personal finance blogs like yours truly.

#102 Review your money goals at regular intervals.

#103 Check your bank statements at least once a month. My Frugal Challenge has an exercise to help you with this.

#105 Track your spending to make sure you haven’t strayed from your budget.

#106 Know when you should use cash or credit card or debit card to save costs.

#107 Know your risk tolerance when investing.

Do your research and see what other areas you can invest in besides the stock market. For example, there’s been many recommendations to invest in ETFs. But most stock prices have risen so high that it’s not in your best interest to buy now.

#108 Are you spending money on assets or liabilities?

#109 Knowing the difference between good debt vs bad debt.

In short, good debt helps you increase your net worth, while bad debt means that you owe money on items that depreciate over time such as smartphones and furniture.

Learn more about it here.

Wrap Up

Are you fired up to start improving your finances now? Good. I hope you’ll choose at least one of these finance tips to start on.

I’ll be updating more finance tips on a consistent basis, so remember to check this space out!

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