Rich Beyond Money Series 2019 (Part 2)

By | July 10, 2019

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Welcome back to Rich Beyond Money Series where my earnest hope is to share with you inspiring tips for you to live a life far ‘richer’ than you can ever imagine.

Choose Joy

If you’re new to this series, I started Rich Beyond Money Series as a way to help you live an amazing life filled with meaning and purpose, far beyond just financial success.

I started my blog to focus on offering practical personal financial tips, yet as time passes, I’ve come to realize that we can’t ‘live on bread alone’.

We need something more to nourish us on the inside, for what is the use of having money if we’re ‘poor’ on the inside?

Last week in Rich Beyond Money Series (Part 1), we looked at different ways to practice gratitude. Did you give one of them a try? And did you continue practicing gratitude?

All I know is that the more you practice gratitude, the happier you’ll become.

So, this brings us to this week’s Rich Beyond Money focus.


We know it’s important to be joyful in our life. But how are we going to experience true joy?

I mean, some days are just not the best days.

But we need to make the choice to be joyful. So let these ‘Joy’ tips below help you.

Rich Beyond Money Tip #1

Be in the joy of the moment when it happens

No matter how small or insignificant your positive experiences are, feel the joy when they happen.

You can start with something small, even as tiny as feeling the cool breeze on a hot summer’s day.

Seize the moment, savor it, and feel the happiness. Immerse yourself in it. Empty your mind of the past and the future.

Practice mindfulness. Be fully aware of your joy at that moment in time. Learn to capture the feeling of joy in your heart.

Rich Beyond Money Tip #2

Create your joy in that moment in time

We can capture spontaneous moments as in #1, but we can also create moments of joy intentionally.

Set aside some quiet time. Think about and write down the things and happenings that make you happy.

If you need inspiration, choose from this list of 100 ways to live joyfully without spending a ton of money.

You’ll be able to find some ideas to begin. Try to come up with about 10 “Joy” ideas. Get a Joy journal.

Write your own ‘Joy’ list and keep this list with you. Can you do one of them each day?

I used to know this lady who loved keeping her personal joke book. She’d record every joke she’d heard that brought her joy and laughter.

Isn’t this a marvelous idea?

Rich Beyond Money Tip #3

Share your Joy

Remember to think and talk only about happy things. Humans by nature tend to gravitate towards the negative.

Every time when you’re about to say something critical or negative, you need to catch yourself and stop.

Change the direction of your thoughts to something positive and pleasant.

Try smiling to yourself even when you don’t feel like it. You can also laugh at funny gags on YouTube. The good thing is it’s free.

By focusing on joyful thoughts, you’ll be helping yourself. You’ll also radiate happiness to others too.

For example, saying kind remarks to encourage others or complimenting someone can do wonders.

Rich Beyond Money Tip #4

Your JOY List

Keeping this list handy – reading through it will help keep your spirits up even if you’re busy and not able to take time off to do the things that bring you happiness.

Rich Beyond Money Tip #5

Relive your JOY

It’s strange, but have you ever realized that we tend to relive the negative events? I know it happens to me.

The trick is to switch to the positive. Pick one joy in your life and decide that it’s going to be at your beck and call.

Whenever you need some joy, call it up. This takes some practise, but know that your personal happiness is truly worth some time and effort.

Rich Beyond Money Tip #6

Learn to Let Go

I know this is pretty hard. I find it difficult too to let go of past hurts.

But we have a choice. We can choose to let go of our mountain of past hurts by choosing to let go of just one at a time.

Some folks find it easier if they actually do the action itself. What do I mean?

Get some helium balloons and write down one negative hurt on each balloon. Then go outside and release each balloon.

As you do that, say to yourself, “I let go of the time when ………’

You may like to let go of one or two such balloons a week.

Another way is to make paper boats. Write a negative past event on each boat. Then gather them and release them in a stream or lake and watch them float away.

Yet another way can be to gather some pebbles. Each pebble represents a past hurt.

Then hurl each pebble into the sea, stream, river or lake. You can say ‘ Goodbye’ to all these negative things mentally as you dispose of the pebbles.

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a good job in giving joy back to yourself.

Wrap Up

Even if you just take away and apply one tip today, I know you’ll soon be on your way to a fulfilling and joyful life.

Empower yourself further today with my 60+ Quotes to enrich your life.

I hope you’ve found these ideas useful. Do share them to help others too.

Thanks for reading!

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