Rich Beyond Money Series 2019 (Part 1)

By | July 3, 2019

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I’ve been wanting to start this ‘Rich Beyond Money’ series for some time, but I kept putting it off as I was thinking ‘Not many would be interested in this kind of thing’.

Folks are far more interested in knowing how to have more money. . . like saving, making and investing their money.


How can Rich Beyond Money Series help you?

My inner voice tells me that having more money is fulfilment on the outside. But to be truly rich, we need fulfilment on the inside too.

“There’s more to life than money” – Mr MMT

How true!

I don’t mean money is unimportant.

It is.

But to lead a truly rich life, we need more than just money.

All of us need this balance. To have one without the other is like going through life with one hand.

We all require two hands to realize our dreams and live a rich, meaningful life.

To truly help you folks live the rich life you deserve, I give you ‘Rich Beyond Money’ Series.

Why is money never enough?

I’m sure you’ve come across very rich people who are never satisfied with the wealth they have, and are always unfulfilled.

I know of a wealthy couple who has never worked and everything they own is debt free.

They bought 6 acres of land, built a sprawling and luxurious new house, but complained that their relatives were far wealthier and could just buy houses as if they were purchasing clothes.

Having said this, I’ve never been envious of this rich couple. Just sad for them that they couldn’t appreciate their good fortune.

Or have you met multi-millionaires who say “I just need a bit more money” when asked if they’re happy with what they have.

You CAN have Both Money and Fulfilment

I believe you CAN have both.

While working on building your material wealth, work on your inner wealth too.

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Let’s begin.

For this series, you can opt to keep a notebook or journal. I’ve included these ones below for your convenience.

Jot down your thoughts so you can track your progress better.

You can choose to share it to encourage your loved ones or keep it private. It’s all up to you.

#1 Challenge of Rich Beyond Money Series

The fastest route to inner wealth and joy is Gratitude.

How can we be more grateful for what we have?

I have 3 strategies here and it’s my earnest hope they’ll help you improve your life.

Before Bed

Every night just as I’m about to fall asleep, I’ll say 5 things I’m grateful for.

It’s as simple as ‘I’m grateful for this comfortable bed to sleep in’, ‘I’m grateful for warm clothes to put on’.

Here are the 5 simple gratitude statements you’re welcome to use. Add more if you like.

1. I’m grateful for ___________________________________________________________________

2. I’m grateful for ___________________________________________________________________

3. I’m grateful for ___________________________________________________________________

4. I’m grateful for ___________________________________________________________________

5. I’m grateful for ___________________________________________________________________

Gratitude Stone

Another way is to use a gratitude stone or rock to remind yourself to be grateful for the things in your life.

You can have more than one stone, one in your pocket and the other where you’ll see it often.

In fact, you can use anything, not just stones for this purpose.

When I was very stressed several years ago, I found this stone just outside my garage.

I thought it had been left behind by my son’s music student. She had given him a similar stone as a gift the previous Christmas.

I also checked with the property manager who came around to do her usual house inspection as we were renting a place then.

But nobody knew about it.

The strangest thing is it was in a prominent spot near the front of my garage and I couldn’t miss it.

The gratitude rock I found.

The gratitude rock I found.

It has since become my gratitude stone and I love it.

The message on the other side of the stone is a quote from the Bible, so it has special significance for me.

Your Alarm

Another way is to set your alarm to a specific time during the day.

When it rings, it’s a reminder for you to say and feel what you’ve been grateful for that day.

Wrap Up

If you’d like to read more inspirational stuff to empower yourself, head over to my 60+ Inspirational Quotes to enrich your life.

I hope you’ve found these ideas useful. If you like it, do share to help others too.

It only takes a few clicks and you’re done! Thanks.

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