Valentine’s Day : The Frugal Way

By | January 4, 2020

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Valentine’s Day. Is it possible to show your loved ones you care the frugal way?

valentine's day

With a few simple tweaks, it won’t cost you the earth, promise. You CAN enjoy this special day with peace of mind with these inspiring money saving ideas.


#1 The Message

It’s not how costly or impressive the Valentine card looks. It’s the message inside the card that truly matters. Write from your heart. Even a simple message will make all the difference.

#2 Go ‘Untraditional’

Flowers is a great all time favorite way to express your affection. But you don’t have to go for the traditional pink and red roses.

Why not consider other affordable options like red carnations?

You can save even more by buying flowers from grocery stores or supermarkets. According to this article, Trader Joe’s bouquets start from only $3.99

Use the free flower food that usually comes with most supermarket flowers to make them last longer.

Avoid buying flowers online. In this way, you save on delivery cost. In addition, the flowers may not be kept fresh and cool during delivery.

You can also opt for a single big rose with a card that has a meaningful message – it makes all the difference.

#3 DIY Gifts

Gifts need not be elaborate or costly.

Craft your own custom homemade gifts, like cards. These not only show how much you care as you spend your time making them, but you save money too.

#4 Eating Out

Go out for breakfast, lunch or drinks, but not dinner.

These alternatives are far more affordable. What makes it special is that you spend quality time together.

It strengthens your relationship too, when your other half understands your goal of improving your finances and is willing to help you achieve this.

#5 Postpone Your Celebration

Another great way to save is to agree with your Valentine to celebrate that day later, say within a week.

Valentine’s Day products can cost up to 95% less if they’re bought after that special day. What a deal that’s not to be missed by frugalists!

#6 Meals In

Choose to dine-in, but make a special home-cooked meal.

Why not prepare a meal together? It’ll taste extra special. A simple meal can be healthy and cost you less than $20.

#7 Express your Love

Consider getting Why I love you: A Journal Of Us ? A meaningful and thoughtful gift that is truly priceless for your loved one.


#8 Ice cream Time

If both of you love ice cream, why not celebrate this day by eating different types of ice cream?

Make this morning / day / evening fun, relaxed and enjoyable!

#9 Change your meal location

Having a special meal doesn’t have to be dining out. Try eating in a different part of the house. For example, if it’s warm enough, you can dine on the balcony or patio, instead of at the dining table.

#10 Wine

If you can’t do without wine, choose Prosecco instead of Champagne. You can’t really tell the difference and what’s more, you can get it at a fraction of the cost.

#11 Jewelry

Consider all your options and do some research. If it’s cheaper to buy locally, go for it. Ensure your jewelry is certified, if that is what you prefer.

Would you consider costume jewelry? They’re just as beautiful, but are cost-effective.

#12 Entertainment

Watch Netflix movies at home instead of going to the cinema. Get your popcorn ready.

Another great idea is to visit art galleries if you’re a culture fan. They often offer free admission.

Can you sing or play an instrument? Compose a little tune. Sing or play it. You can record it and press play, or perform live. Even if you can’t perform well, inject some humor to get some laughs / love.

#13 Personal Vouchers

Give your loved one your personal vouchers. For example, you can offer to give a 15 minute massage once a week for 2 weeks, as a Valentine gift.

#14 Celebrate with a Theme

Have a ‘chocolate-theme’ evening if both of you love chocolates. Bake a chocolate cake, enjoy mugs of hot chocolate milk, savor chocolate cookies and so on . . .

#15 Nature

Go for a nature walk and have a stargazing evening. If it’s cold outside, take flasks of hot chocolate along to enjoy and keep warm.

#16 Ice skating

Have fun ice skating. It can be such a magical experience and it doesn’t cost the earth.

#17 Decor

Create the Valentine mood. Fill your room with pink balloons and pink cushions.

#18 Dance

Turn on your favorite music, dim the lights and have a slow or even fast dance together.

#19 Games

Play board games or card games, and have a quiet but enjoyable evening.

#20 Make it Magical Every Day

Valentine’s day need not be a one-day celebration. Start writing little notes of appreciation on Post it notes for the next 2 weeks and beyond to each other. Don’t underestimate these little acts of love.

Wrap Up

I hope these Valentine’s Day ideas will inspire you to celebrate this special day with meaning and joy, while keeping your pocket intact.

Here’s wishing all of you HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY!

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