Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips (Part 1)

By | September 22, 2018

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Girl celebrating Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, you will want to make sure that your budgeting plans don’t get blown off course even before Santa lands.

It’s not easy to cut back on spending when others are busy opening their wallets, but you need to do yourself a favor. It’s up to you to make this Christmas a different one where you make wise purchases and get great value for your money.

I have some great nifty Christmas money saving tips here that will inspire you to trim your spending to the bare bones.

According to, Americans spend an average of $967 on gifts, festive foods and decorations. That’s about an entire paycheck just for this festive season alone.

My challenge for you is to keep your spending within your means for this festive season. Better yet, spend under your means and strengthen your finances.

In addition to cutting down on your spending, why not take the opportunity to improve your budget by selling your used stuff to make money fast in these 14 great places and taking up any of these 19 Christmas-related side hustles ? They’re sure to give your savings a welcome boost.

Ready to start saving for Christmas?

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Christmas Money Saving Tip 1 : Go Treasure Hunting

Go on a treasure hunt before Christmas. Look for unexpected gems in the hidden corners of your home.

What do I mean to say?

If you’re like me, your home and especially your garage, attic or basement are probably extra storage spaces for your unused, long-forgotten things, often packed into boxes. Think of the ‘treasures’ waiting to be re-discovered!

I have re-discovered a wide range of brand new items that I packed away years ago. They have been lying forgotten in my home and garage, my own Aladdin’s cave!

Among the treasures are new clothes still with price tags on them, new books in mint condition, new DVDs bought on impulse, and many other useful items.

Once you get your hands on these, you can choose to assign them as Christmas gifts for friends or relatives.

One of my CDs ended up as a Secret Santa gift for a colleague a couple of years back. She was actually very pleased with it. I myself couldn’t be more pleased!

So, putting forgotten new stuff to use as Christmas presents is a great way to reduce spending during the festive season 🙂

What if some of your things aren’t suitable as presents?

Sell them online to get cash to supplement your Christmas shopping budget.

Sell on websites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, which is great as it’s commission free – you get to keep all the money from your sales.

Start selling your newly-discovered items as early as you can. You don’t have to get all your stuff ready before you start selling. You can list them online as you go.

Ensure that your items are in a clean condition, and take attractive photos. Not only will you nail a better price, but folks will be more interested to buy your stuff.

Read more on 14 Best Places to Sell Your Used Items Fast and get more cash too!

Christmas Money Saving Tip 2 : Christmas Trees

Do you have a family tradition of having a real Christmas tree every year?

Would you like to reconsider if it’s a want or a need? Or do you get one out of habit?

Think about it. If you get one that can be reused every year, you’ll save heaps of money! Yes, I’m talking about an artificial tree.

According to CBS news and Time magazine, live Christmas trees have been becoming increasingly expensive. Unreliable weather and the rising cost of transport are the main reasons.

If you reuse the decorations and baubles, why not reuse the tree as well? After all, it’s the spirit of Christmas that’s more important.

In 2016, the average price of a real Christmas tree was $74.70 (USA Today).

In just 3 years, you’ll save more than $224, since tree prices keep rising every year. So, over the years in the future, you’ll save more and more. How nice 🙂

Collect real pine cones for part of the decorations – it’ll make your Christmas tree look more natural. That’s what we do.

Nowadays, a good imitation Christmas tree easily passes off as the real thing.

Most artificial trees come pre-lit, saving you time and the hassle of installing the lights. To give you an example, Walmart is selling 2 types of 7-foot tall pre-lit trees for under $90.

I’ve decided not to include any affiliate links on Christmas trees, because the online prices aren’t as good as the prices you’ll enjoy at your local Walmart 🙂

If you really need to experience the real tree, go to malls where they display the real ones that are more impressive than those found in our homes. Soak in the atmosphere –  take photos. It’s truly cost-effective.

I remember buying a small plastic Christmas tree at only $1.30 many years ago!

My child was always asking, “Mommy, why is everyone’s Christmas tree bigger than ours?”

Now that he’s older, he thoroughly approves of my shrewd frugal move!

Christmas Money Saving Tip 3 : Cap your total spending on Christmas gifts

Set a limit on how much you’re willing or able to spend in total. The limit will guide you on spending within your means. Then decide on the actual amounts to spend on presents for specific people.

Remember that a great gift is thoughtfully chosen to suit the receiver, and need not be costly at all!

When you cap your spending AND buy only with cash, you’ll succeed in keeping to your budget. You’ll be very glad you did.

You can net useful online bargains like these on Amazon. Look at this cute electronic piggy bank as an example.

It comes with great features that makes saving fun. This piggy automatically counts the coins as they are deposited. The accumulated sum is shown on the display on piggy’s snout.

The saver gets to see piggy’s growing number of coins.

By receiving this piggy bank during this joyous season, your kids will find saving fun. If you want to encourage your kids to save, this gift can’t come at a better time.

Read more about 50 Fun and Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Money.

Another great shopping site where you can get amazing bargains is at Aliexpress. My family and I have bought many products ranging from smartphones costing hundreds to small handy items as low as $1 over several years. I’m glad to say we’ve been happy customers.

Aliexpress has loads of potential gifts at factory prices. Order early to allow time for international shipping, which is usually FREE.

Retailers in Aliexpress are given customer feedback and ratings, so you can check out your retailers and buy with greater peace of mind.

Moreover, the Aliexpress Refund Guarantee says that “if you didn’t receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, we guarantee to refund your payment”.

What I also love about Aliexpress is the zero conversion charge. You know exactly the price you’re paying as you get to choose the currency you want to purchase in.

Need to contact Aliexpress? They’re always available 24/7 with English being spoken.

Are you thinking of getting a value-for-money smartphone for Christmas? Read this detailed review about the smartphone which costs only a fraction of iPhone and comes with more advanced features.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 4 : Shop outside the Christmas season

Watch out for post-Christmas sales like Boxing Day or Black Friday sales that offer huge savings.

Buy Christmas gifts when you chance upon great deals, and stash them up till it’s time to present them.

My relatives and friends have made great savings buying top quality items to keep as Christmas presents.


Christmas Money Saving Tip 5 : Wow With Home-baked Gifts

Start collecting recipes now.

Home-baked cookies and fruit cakes are often welcomed gifts. They’ll be greatly appreciated as your own creation, and are usually seen as healthier than commercially-baked confectionery.

I know of folks whose home-baked cakes and cookies are so amazing that others would kill to receive them!

What if your baking ain’t the best?

Chillax! All you need are good recipes. Follow all the instructions carefully, and you’ll get the same great results.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 6 : Make Homemade Gift Baskets

Instead of buying gift hampers, make your own.

It’s really fun and you can include higher quality items that the recipient likes and cost less. If you’re not sure about how to package hampers attractively, look at pictures and videos online for ideas.

Assemble your own Christmas hampers to present to your loved ones. DIY gift hampers do help to slash your Christmas gift spending.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 7 : Reuse wrappers, boxes and . . . presents

Reuse your Christmas wrappers. We save up wrappers to reuse, saving money and helping the environment.

Or get your children to do some potato printing on plain paper. They’ll be happily occupied. Use their creations to wrap their presents. They’ll appreciate it more as it’s their own handiwork.

Not all the gifts we get are what we like or need. Why not reuse them as future Christmas gifts to those who appreciate them?

Mr MMT received a box of exquisite cheese knives at a staff function. Guess what? The French made cutlery became someone else’s cherished gift!

Christmas Money Saving Tip 8 : Christmas Potluck!

Have a potluck Christmas meal instead of doing all the prep and cooking yourself.

Invite relatives and friends – ask them to bring along some food to share. You can discuss and agree on the dishes so as to minimize duplicates.

Having a potluck meal can bring folks closer together, as people get to “show off” their dish and culinary prowess, and at the same time get to savor a wide range of culinary specialties.

You also get to enjoy other folks’ cooking, and save a tidy sum too.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve digested these Christmas money saving tips, I hope you’re now able to face the upcoming event with calm and confidence. And look forward to huge savings that’ll please your wallet immensely!

Read Part 2 of Christmas Money Saving Tips where you’ll find more amazing ways to save for Christmas!

What do you think about the above Christmas saving tips? Would you like to share your own saving tips with fellow readers?

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