Christmas Money Saving Tips

By | December 1, 2021

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Saving money for Christmas has never been easier. Let my smart Christmas Money Saving Tips get you started on your savings journey.

If you’re looking for more ways to rein in your spending this Christmas, read on.

It’s time to truly enjoy this festive season with real joy in your heart.

You may have noticed that there isn’t any affiliate links in this post. I believe in only including affiliate links if they benefit you. I’ve spent hours on this post as my Christmas gift to you. 🙂 My only request is to share if you think it’ll help your friends. Thanks.

You can boost your savings by taking up one or more of the 19 Christmas-related side hustles in this post and sell your used items like old clothes, electronics and more in these 14 places. You’ll be surprised how quickly your savings can add up.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 9 : Start Saving Up All Your Change

It’s so easy to belittle the humble loose change or dollar bills. But from experience, I’ve changed my perspective of them.

As I don’t keep much cash at home, there were many times when loose change/dollars came to my rescue when cash purchases needed to be paid.

So, look around your home regularly for money that’s lying around – in drawers, pockets, bags, handbags or the couch.

Place your coins and bills in a container – a clear glass jar is ideal, as you can see your money grow as you add to the collection. Continue the saving habit and you’ll soon accumulate a sum that’s not to be sniffed at.

Use the money to buy little gifts or art supplies to make meaningful presents that don’t cost the earth.

Why is saving this way a very good habit?

You’re likely to use the money more carefully for Christmas purchases, since you’ve put in the time and effort to get hold of this cash.

Just an observation here. My family members have picked up loose change quite a few times. We’ve found several dollars left behind in a supermarket self-checkout change slot.

Loose change have been found on the floor and in the grass. Dulled by age, it was either ignored as too tiny an amount or just overlooked by busy shoppers. So, keep your eyes open for free money.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 10 : Buy only with cash

There’s a clear and present danger of overspending during the Christmas season.

It’s all too easy to be caught up in the festive cheer and spending spree, even if you have a cap on your spending budget.

Most people tend to spend more when using credit cards, as it’s not obvious that hard-earned cash is disappearing fast whenever plastic is used.

Avoid this mistake!

Use ONLY cash to pay for your Christmas shopping.

When you hand over your cold, hard cash, you see something limited being taken away by the cashier. This tends to influence you to curb your buying. You’ll be more focused on finding great value gifts and making your cash go further.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 11 : Buy based on value – steer clear of fads

There really is no need to buy the latest item, gadget, phone or toy. The latest stuff or models usually cost the most, as sellers know that they’re highly popular.

What to buy then?

Let’s use an example. Hunting for phones, a popular Christmas gift?

Look at previous phone models, which are usually GREAT value and yet have most of the features of the latest models. So, you really save a lot of money if you select a slightly earlier model.

If the present is for the kids, it would be good to give them the facts – both the prices and features – of the latest and less recent phone models.

Get them to think about which offers better value.

Would THEY want to pay much more just to buy the latest and costliest phone? Isn’t it too heavy a price to pay for the cool factor in having the latest?

Fact: The latest is latest for only a short time, because in few months’ time in the case of phones, it won’t be the latest anymore!

Read more about this smartphone that outperforms both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S9 and comes at a fraction of their price.

So, make sure you make smart buys and model smart buying for your kids. Get them to discuss price and value and so on . . .

They’ll soon learn that it’s very smart shopping NOT to just follow the crowd in buying the latest and “the best”.

When buying, it’s very smart to think about:

– value for money

– personal needs (Not wants). Do you need all the bells and whistles? Will you really use most of the pricey bells and whistles?

Christmas Money Saving Tip 12 : Make Free Garden Gifts

On my walks, I’m usually on the lookout for wild succulents.

I gather and then replant them in my own lovely containers as Christmas presents.

Start planting small succulents and other plants in pots. Dress up the potted plants with attractive pebbles to cover the soil. Wrap a beautiful ribbon to pretty it up.

Such potted succulents can make attractive and very cost-effective Christmas gifts for those who like plants and gardening.

Christmas Money Saving Tip 13 : Give & Receive Free or Low-priced Presents

Now, this is not easy, but if you’ve got debts like high-interest credit card debt that you’ve been meaning to clear or reduce, it’s wise to have a good talk with your other half and family members.

Discuss forgoing pricey presents this Christmas. Most folks don’t need costly presents at all.

Agree to give and receive free or low-priced presents with as many people as possible. Put your money saved to good use like paying off high interest loans.

Reduce your debt and you’ll celebrate the end of the year on a positive note!

This financially healthy approach can be continued beyond the Christmas season. In our case, Mr MMT (More Money Tips) and I have never received Christmas presents from each other!

It’s actually been stress free not having to think about what to buy for each other!

The savings are huge – more so over the years. My son never believed in Santa when he was young. I tried my best to convince him otherwise, but to no avail. He did get some Christmas presents when he was young though ☺

Christmas Money Saving Tips 14 : Needs or Wants or Both?

During this cheerful and celebratory season, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of the ‘feel good’ mentality. But do NOT get your needs and wants confused.

Most folks believe they need a lot of things, but what they “need” are really what they want. For eg, we don’t need pricey brand name shoes, the latest iPhone model, and the latest mega-sized TVs . . .

When we work hard, we may believe that we should reward ourselves by buying what we want. After all, what is life if we’re going to deprive ourselves of what we desire? I can afford this, so why not just put it on my card?

Advertisers are experts in using psychological and emotional strategies to get us to part with our money.

So, don’t get caught up in the happy shopping spree mood. Everyone seems happy. The joyous mood at the mall and at retailers is infectious.

This is simply a marketing ploy to make you spend more money. Most of your hard earned money. All your money if possible!

Do not follow the crowd who is overspending on the latest and “greatest” items!

“Nearly half [49%] of holiday shoppers don’t set a budget or know their average holiday spend” states the Lincoln Financial Group Study.

Resolve to be among those who set and stick to their Christmas budget. This way, you’ll avoid any post-Christmas spender remorse. Instead, you’ll feel a new sense of achievement and build a sound financial future.


Christmas Money Saving Tips 15 : Learn from Successful Savers/Budgeters

Ask your frugal friends, co-workers or relations how they save money when shopping for Christmas.

Listen carefully to what they say – their coups, their mistakes.

What are their ways and means to set AND keep to their Christmas spending budget? How do they hunt for the best and sweetest deals?

It costs you nothing to ask questions and listen carefully to their answers, but you’ll likely gain a whole lot of money lessons and insights that will strengthen your money management skills 🙂

Christmas Money Saving Tips 16 : Make a People List

This is similar to a shopping list, but replace items with a list of people. You must keep strictly to it to save money and curb unneeded spending.

Make a list of people that you plan to buy presents for. Then take a Very close look at your list.

Ask yourself these questions: “Do I really need to give presents to those who don’t expect it?” “Do I need to buy gifts for folks I’ve never given presents to in the past?”

Ask for the opinion of someone you trust if you’re unsure about who to exclude from your list. Consider the list carefully, as once your gift-giving starts, those who get your presents may well expect it to continue.

You may want to consider giving some people a card instead.

Christmas Money Saving Tips 17 : Christmas Stocking

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Wrap Up

Now that you’ve all the above Christmas saving tips at your fingertips, you have no reason to fear Christmas spending anymore.

Instead you’ll be eagerly anticipating this wonderful season to spend time with your loved ones. If you think these smart Christmas Money Saving tips will help others, please share.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of Christmas Money Saving Tips, click here to read it now. Seriously, you will make a huge difference to your budget this Christmas!

Do share this post. Your friends will thank you for it.

Here’s wishing you all the blessings, joy and peace of the Christmas season 🙂

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