54 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore

By | April 16, 2019

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Did you just come home with 5 different jackets and 3 pair of shoes you don’t need? You promise yourself you won’t buy anything . . .

Yes, you may be a spender now, but by the time you’ve finished this post, you won’t be needing these things anymore. You’ll become a minimalist instead.

“We need much less than we think we need” – Maya Angelou

Keep this quote in mind and take action- the action of NOT buying things we don’t need.


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Find out the 22 things you shouldn’t spend your money on in this post. #1 was a real money waster.

So what do we frugal folks don’t spend our money on?

#23 Deluxe Duvet Cover Sets

Why would I need luxury duvet cover sets that cost more than $100?

They don’t even have to be matched perfectly. I admit in my home they get mismatched sometimes, but nobody cares.

Since we value comfort more than looks, making do with our old faded ones still bring us joy.
We’ve not bought any new ones for 10 years.

#24 Branded smartphones

Branded goods are not for me unless they’ve been proven to be of superior quality. I was making do with a $13.50 smartphone till it malfunctioned. For its price, it did last for quite some time.

Instead of buying a new one, I was delighted to inherit a working Samsung smartphone from my son when he upgraded his.

Being a frugalist, I will never fork out any money for the latest iPhone. Sorry Apple fans, they’re not worth it for me.

#25 New Cars

According to this post by finance101.com, your brand new car depreciates by as much as 10% the second you drive off the parking lot. A new car will set you back as much as 20% in the first year.

My family only ever had one new car and that was more than 2 decades ago.

#26 Used branded cars

So great, don’t buy new cars. What about used branded cars like BMW, Jaguar or Audi, I hear you say.

If you value your hard-earned cash, don’t go for those either. They’re money-suckers, costly to maintain and repair.

They may appear affordable at first glance, but beware they’ve heavy hidden costs that come with their cheaper price tags. Avoid them like the plague.

#27 Pre-cut fruits, cheese, vegetables and meats

Anything that saves you time and labor is going to cost you more.

I don’t buy nicely pre-cut packaged goods anymore. The only exception is cheese. Grated cheese in my town costs the same as cheese blocks.

#28 Non-stick cookware

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Don’t run the risk of using non-stick cookware. They can be dangerous for two main reasons.

a. Even at normal cooking temperatures, non-stick cookware release toxic gases.

b. When the surfaces are scratched, PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroethylene ) particles get into our food. Learn more here.

Always use stainless steel cookware, including cooking tools like spatula.

You don’t even have to spend a ton. Stainless steel cookware lasts for ages and protect your health for years to come. This 12-piece set below costs less than $55 at time of writing. It’s received a 4.2 out of 5 star rating.

Invest in your health. You deserve it.



#29 New furniture

10 years ago. That was the last time we bought new furniture. Now I sell my furniture to earn extra cash.

If you want to find out 14 great places you can sell your old stuff for more money, check this out.

#30 New woollen coats and gloves

Must you buy new winter clothes every year? Match what you have with great accessories or mix them up to get different styles.

If you really have to, visit thrift stores or buy them at the end of the winter season.

Most shops have clearance sales near the end of different seasons.

#31 Cotton buds

It’s a pity I didn’t discover how harmful they can be. I used them to clean my ears after every shower. That led to ear problems and I’ve not recovered fully since then.

#32 Writing pads

There’s no need for me or you to buy writing pads.

Any discarded paper from your office can be reused on the other side as long as they don’t include sensitive information.

Have a look near your office copier.

Can you spot them?

#33 Disposable plates and cutlery

I don’t waste money on disposable plates and cutlery, and you shouldn’t too.

Yes, it’s fast and convenient. But think of your wallet. Think of the environment.

#34 Gym membership

I have never paid for any gym membership ever. It’s just not viable. Do you know that gyms accept way more members than they can handle?

They know most folks don’t bother going to the gym.

#35 Cable, Hulu or Netflix

You may find it hard to believe, but I don’t use cable, Hulu or Netflix or anything else

According to msn.com,Netflix increased their prices in Jan 2019, while Hulu has also introduced some price changes too.

The Motley Fool reported some folks paying nearly $200 for cable TV and internet. We all need the internet, but do you really need cable TV?

Is forking out $2,400 a year for some entertainment worth the expense?

So how do we survive?

Borrowing DVDs from your local library and watching YouTube videos are great alternatives.

#36 Premium gas for cars

Our cars don’t need them. What about yours?

#37 Premium brands of food

We always buy supermarket or generic brands. They’re cheaper and you know what?

They’re usually lower in salt and sugar, especially canned food like baked beans.

#38 Fashion labels

I never buy fashion labels. Do I feel deprived? Not a tiny bit!

To be honest, I feel great because I’m saving money.

#39 Smart watches

We don’t buy smart watches and you mustn’t too.

They’re basically mini tablets and smartphones, so you’re essentially spending money on duplicates.

#40 Moving boxes

Are you buying these?


Look for free ones near shopping malls. They’re usually flattened and placed in recycling containers.

You can also reuse cardboard copier boxes and shoe boxes to store photos and sewing kits.

#41 Extra makeup items

I don’t buy any extras like mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows and blushers. You’ll save on makeup removers too.

#42 Hair Dye

Enjoy the beauty of your natural hair color. We’re our own harshest critics. Turn it around and love your own hair instead.

#43 Pedicure and manicure

These can make you feel good, but pedicures can hide hidden dangers. Dr Ulett recommends DIY home pedicures which are safer. Read here to find out more.

#44 Candy

You don’t need me to tell you candy is bad for health. They’re loaded with chemical flavouring and artificial colors.

#45 Sodas like Cola

Sodas like Cola are best avoided for health reasons. The amount of phosphoric acid in sodas may be linked to the lower bone density in women. Learn more about it here.

Instead of drinking it, try this instead.

A can of coke will do the job of cleaning and removing stains from your bathroom sink and toilet bowl. Besides, it smells good. Pop any leftover in the fridge to keep it fresh for next time.

Watch this video on how to use cola for cleaning.

#46 Coffee

Why buy when most workplaces offer beverages for free?

#47 Christmas gifts

Ok, children are the exception here. Most adults can take the pain of not receiving presents.

#48 Commercial air fresheners for both homes and cars

Most air fresheners are packed with chemicals that are toxic. Why not consider using baking soda to remove odors? It’s natural and cheap.

Find out how to make a cheap and safe baking soda air freshener here. https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Baking-Soda-Air-FreshenerConvinced? Here’s a link to getting baking soda here for your convenience. #aff

#49 Cereal Mini Box Variety Packs

Yes, they’re irresistible. But. . . packed with sugar. We prefer to have the plain old corn flakes. With less packaging, a big box of cereal is more gentle on our environment.

#50 Baking Soda Tooth Powder

Ok. I admit it. I shouldn’t have bought this. It works the same way as toothpaste.

#51 Teeth flossers

Using regular dental floss works out to be cheaper.

#52 Plastic sandwich bags

Don’t add to landfills. Stop buying these and get yourself containers you can use over and over again. Think

#53 Branded personal computers

Skip this if you love Apple computers. Anecdotes from multiple sources confirm the lack of performance in their products. Would you pay for brand names if they aren’t reliable? Don’t succumb to advertising.

#54 Out-of-season vegetables and fruits

We avoid buying fresh vegetables and fruits that are not in season. They not only pricey, the long distances they need to get to you will ultimately cost the environment even more.

Wrap Up

Armed with your new-found knowledge, you’ll be able to spend less money. The best part is you’re not only saving money but helping our environment as well. By cutting down your expenses on things you don’t really need, you’ll be on your way towards a brighter financial future.

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