Minimalism: 147 Things to Let Go in Your Home 2020

By | January 18, 2020

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“The greatest step towards a life of simplicity is to learn to let go.” Steve Maraboli

We’re creatures of accumulation.

Tidy house

There’s no denying that each of us have our own reasons for not throwing away our precious possessions.

Could it be that the more things we have, the merrier it’ll be? Or maybe we need that added security and reassurance that come with more things.

Yet many of us justify holding on to our possessions because . . . well we’re just plain sentimental about them.

But no matter how good your reasons may be, you’ve reached that critical point where you know you need to do something about it. The tell-tale sign is when you can’t even vacuum thanks to the mountain of stuff clogging up your home.

A fresh start to 2020 is what you need. But what exactly are these things you’re supposed to let go?

I’ve taken the guesswork out and put together these 147 things you can let go without too much pain.

These are the common things that we unintentionally accumulate. You can opt to sell, recycle or donate them to charity, provided their condition is acceptable.

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Area #1 : Our Bedrooms

  1. Books lying beside your bedside table untouched for 6 months
  2. Magazines you’ve been meaning to browse for the past 4 months
  3. Pillows that have seen better days and are practically falling apart
  4. Broken or chipped reading glasses
  5. Old suitcases not used for decades
  6. Stained bed linens
  7. Old and yellowed pillowcases
  8. Old candles
  9. Tattered drapes
  10. Tons of framed photos
  11. Torn bed sheets
  12. Slippers with tears and holes in them

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Area #2 : Closets

  1. Clothes that will never fit, not anymore. You need to get real here.
  2. Old clothes donated by well meaning friends and relatives
  3. Socks that don’t match
  4. Clothes that need ironing. . . and you simply loathe ironing.
  5. Extra wire hangers
  6. Bedroom slippers that have worn out (I’m still trying to get Mr MMT to throw away his heavily-bandaged duct-taped ones)
  7. Scarves that haven’t been worn in a year
  8. Hats with stains from sweat or lipstick
  9. Broken belts
  10. Clothes with holes in them due to wear and tear. (Not the trending type)
  11. Broken coat hangers
  12. Ironing board and iron unused for years
  13. Old undies that are loose
  14. Socks and pantyhoses and thin tights with holes and tears

Area #3 : Living Room

  1. Keys you have no idea where they should belong to
  2. Plants that have perished months ago
  3. Old receipts
  4. Music recordings and tapes that are outdated and no one wants to listen to
  5. DVDs that you have no intention of watching again
  6. Books and magazines you’ve put aside for another day, but which you’ll never have the time to read
  7. Old furniture that are unsightly with tears and damage on them
  8. Toys and board games your kids have long since abandoned
  9. Old TVs and stands, old computer stands and old computers lying around
  10. Old decor items especially those on the wall that sap your energy
  11. Old electronic instruments no one has been practising on for years
  12. Cables and wires you’ve no idea where they belong to
  13. Old sunglasses and glasses with multiple scratches on them
  14. Damaged clocks and watches that don’t run
  15. Reminders and notes you’ve written to yourself
  16. Cards from friends and relatives
  17. Old calendars
  18. Old wall hangings
  19. Outdated pictures
  20. Old photos with little sentimental value
  21. Dated audio equipment
  22. Old batteries
  23. Damaged and/or outdated phones

147 Things to let go in your home

Area #4 : Bathroom

  1. Empty product packaging
  2. Used remnants of soap bits
  3. Moldy and stained towels
  4. Items you’ve tried and dislike
  5. Skincare items that have expired
  6. Prescriptions and medications that have expired
  7. Unsafe products you’ve unwittingly bought
  8. Old disposable electric toothbrush heads
  9. Old makeup that have expired
  10. Empty original bottles of shampoo and other products

Area #5: Kids’ Rooms or Playrooms

  1. Damaged toys, especially those with sharp ends
  2. Board games and puzzles kids have outgrown
  3. Electronic games kids no longer play with
  4. Grubby and soiled stuffed toys
  5. Old clothing and footwear that are outgrown
  6. Half-completed crafts that have been abandoned
  7. Toys and games with parts missing
  8. Activity books that are unfinished
  9. Paint and play dough that have dried up
  10. Toys that are similar to one another
  11. Left-over art and craft materials
  12. Pens and markers that are used up
  13. Paper crafts like origami creations

Area #6: Garage

  1. Empty cardboard boxes
  2. Broken garden tools
  3. Expired liquid fertilizers
  4. Empty bags of compost and potting mix
  5. Electronic tools that no longer work
  6. Boxes of old clothes
  7. Furniture parts that have been salvaged
  8. Odd pieces of car parts like wheel caps belonging to cars that have long since been sold
  9. New garden ornaments that don’t suit your current house
  10. Duplicates of garden tools
  11. Broken flower pots
  12. Damaged items which couldn’t be repaired
  13. Odd pieces of wood
  14. Old garden furniture
  15. Empty plastic containers

Area #7: Kitchen and Pantry

  1. Children’s drawings and outdated notes on fridge doors
  2. Expired products in the pantry
  3. Spices that have expired
  4. Empty cooking oil containers
  5. Washed clean jars with no lids
  6. Damaged water flasks
  7. Chipped crockery
  8. Pots without matching lids
  9. Dirty and soiled sponges
  10. Stained, torn and dirty hand towels
  11. Drinking glasses that don’t suit your needs
  12. Bake ware and cookware you don’t use anymore
  13. Poor quality pots
  14. Kitchen appliances you don’t use
  15. Empty food packaging
  16. Worn and damaged place mats
  17. Cutlery you seldom use
  18. Empty plastic water bottles
  19. Discolored old cereal containers
  20. Worn and torn dish cloths that have seen better days

Area #8: Mementos, Keepsakes and Relics

  1. Posters
  2. Old keepsakes
  3. Old and faded cards from family members and friends
  4. Unwanted gifts
  5. Old and unimportant trophies
  6. Newspaper and magazine articles you’ve saved
  7. Recipes you’ve collected but have never used in the last 2 years
  8. School magazines
  9. Old photos of acqaintances
  10. Unimportant informal awards, for example, “The Fastest Pizza Eater award for Classroom 2G”
  11. Kids art work
  12. Old wedding invitation cards

Area #9: Home Office

  1. Faded Pictures
  2. Pens that have run out of ink
  3. Faulty mechanical pencils that don’t work
  4. Pencils that are too short
  5. Outdated software and hardware
  6. Damaged equipment
  7. Broken rulers and staplers
  8. Wires and cords that are not used
  9. Old calendars
  10. Glue sticks that have dried up
  11. Used ink cartridges
  12. Books you don’t need anymore
  13. Notebooks full of outdated information
  14. Paper items that need shredding
  15. Sharpeners that aren’t sharp anymore
  16. Erasers that have been reduced to tiny remnants

Area #10: Paper, Paper Everywhere

  1. Outdated notes and reminders
  2. Coupons that have expired
  3. Grocery and shopping receipts that you’ve checked against your statements
  4. Old business cards you don’t need
  5. Advertising leaflets and flyers
  6. Outdated health records
  7. Secondary tax documents dating back more than 8 years
  8. Outdated warranties
  9. Local and community newsletters
  10. School magazines, letters and newsletters
  11. Used school worksheets and textbooks your kids have no use for
  12. Old newspaper clippings

Wrap Up

With these simple ideas, you can now take the easy path towards decluttering your home much faster than you realize.

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147 items to declutter from your home



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