22 Useful Things You Can Get For Free

By | February 24, 2020

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We live in a world that is money-oriented. Do you realize we are being conditioned to pay for all the things we want? So much so, we sometimes forget that we can actually get free things some of the time.

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You may be familiar with some of these freebie ideas. However, there are some new ideas which will hopefully trigger your “Aha” moments and serve to inspire you to think creatively in a different direction.

Getting things that are free helps us live below our means, putting more savings in our pockets.

It’s smart to adopt a frugal lifestyle. Why pay when you don’t have to?

More often than not, getting free things reduces wastage and pares down our wants. This helps us to truly appreciate what we have.

When we consistently apply this to our way of life, it adds to our goal of achieving financial freedom much sooner than we think.

It also gives us a greater sense of purpose and that is, to do all we can to save our environment!

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#1 Free Holiday Accommodation

Instead of paying for your holiday accommodation, you can make arrangements with friends and relatives from different parts of the world and stay at their homes for free.

In return, they too will reap the benefits of free accommodation when they visit you.

A friend of mine has been taking annual vacations by staying at his relative’s house in another country.

He pays her about $700 for meals, sightseeing and housekeeping costs for his family of four for a month.

#2 Exchange or Barter Produce

You can negotiate an exchange of harvests form your garden with your neighbors or co workers. We’ve been fortunate to receive gigantic spring onions, peaches and more from green-fingered co workers.

#3 Give and Get Free Babysitting

Instead of paying for a babysitter, take turns to look after your friends’ children, and they can do the same for yours.

#4 Toys and more

The same goes for toys, and even children’s educational materials like books, magazines, DVDs and CD- roms. Just make sure they’re in the same condition you find them. Why not go a step further and clean them up as a token of thanks.

#5 Bikes, scooters, camping gear, garden tools, children car seats, camper van

You can borrow these things from friends, neighbors, relatives or even co-workers.

I once saw an online ‘request’ to borrow a camper van from neighbors for the summer holidays.

This french family specified that the camper van they intended to borrow had to be in a clean condition, besides a list of other requirements. No payment was ever mentioned.

Wow! That was an eye-opener!

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#6 Staff Discounts

Don’t forget about staff discounts and work benefits.

They CAN offer great savings in many areas depending on which industry you work for. For instance, the organisation I work for offers a range of discounts from retailers including pharmacy discounts, car checks and so on.

#7 Union Benefits

Do you belong to a union?

Check out their benefits. Mine offers heavily subsidised holiday accommodation around the whole country.

For example, they cost only about a quarter of what I would normally pay.

Of course, they’re basically ‘no frills’ in nature such as providing my own towels, bed linens, removing rubbish and making sure the place is clean before I leave.

#8 Repurpose Gifts and Wrappers

What about Christmas presents that you don’t have any use for?

Save them up for the following Christmas as presents for someone else.

You’re not only saving money, but doing your part for the environment too. A win-win!

Used Christmas wrapping paper, gift baskets and ribbons can be used again if they’re in good condition.

For example, my family recently decided to donate a food hamper to the volunteer staff based at the South Island Wildlife Hospital as a ‘thank you’ for their invaluable time, effort and care for wildlife.

#9 Freebies from Charitable Organisations

Charitable organizations like the Salvation Army or the Society of St Vincent de Paul sometimes leave boxes of free stuff for people to help themselves.

Even second hand clothing shops have their own collection of freebies.

I once saw a delighted little boy hauling off a pair of roller blades and a scooter.

#10 Supermarkets

Some supermarkets provide children with free fruits like apples, bananas and mandarins, while mom and dad do their shopping. This is another way to save money on groceries.

#11 Public Libraries

They’re a great place for freebies!

Libraries offer free story telling sessions, arts and crafts sessions, coloring sessions, programming sessions and more.

Many libraries also offer free one-to-one coaching on using computer programs. Just ask.

#12 More freebies

You can download e-books from libraries, read them online and you don’t even have to pay any fines if you’re late as the items will automatically be taken off your card once they’re due.

The same goes for digital magazines and audio books.

#13 Eating Out

When you eat out, ask for water, which is often free. Sometimes you may get offered free tea as well.

These are much healthier than paid drinks like soda, with their empty calories.

Once when we visited a restaurant during off peak hours, they offered us free dessert.

#14 Watch Free videos online

Personally I believe in watching videos online for free.

Why should I pay when I get to watch them free on YouTube?

The huge range of topics is mind boggling, spanning “how to” videos to holiday destinations, and everything in between.

“How to” videos can help you save lots of money through giving you DIY skills to tackle jobs like auto repairs and home repairs.

After learning from YouTube videos and websites, Mr MMT serviced our cars’ brakes and renewed the brake pads. He did a good job and saved lots of money in the process.

(Just make sure that you fully understand the tasks, and take full safety precautions when doing DIY. Ensure your personal safety all all times).

#15 Monitor your workplace intranet

Find out if colleagues are giving away things for free.

For example, in my workplace, we have Yammer that links different teams with stuff to sell or give away.

Once I saw someone giving away rugby tickets worth more than hundred dollars!

#16 Other Company Freebies

Check out the freebies your companies may be providing.

If you look through your company website, you may be able to get freebies such as free income protection insurance.

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this?

It’s already been pre-paid by your company. Moreover, some employees can extend it at a discount.

#17 Tailwind’s free trial

This is perfect for you if you’re using Pinterest for your blogging or online business.

You can schedule and publish up to 100 Pinterest pins and/or 39 Instagram posts. Included in this package are 5 tribes for you to join with a maximum of 30 pins to submit to these tribes per month.

You’ll also get free access to Pinterest reports: Brand Profile Performance, Pin Inspector, Board Insights and Monitor Your Domain. Instagram reports: Brand Profile Performance & Post Inspector.

Sign up for your freebie here.

#18 Free Public Events

Look out for free public events in your town like music, arts and cultural festivals.

There are free lunchtime concerts in parks during summer.

Some coastal towns may have beach events that you can enjoy for free.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy a free and fun outing with your family at no cost at all.

(They have already been paid for with your taxes).

#19 Amazon E-books

Are you surprised?

Not many folks realize they can download free ebooks for free legally on their computer, tablet or mobile device from Amazon which also gives away free Kindle apps for PC, Mac, iPad and Android.

#20 Why pay for music?

Free music downloads are available by using free music apps. Check out Google Play, Amazon and others.

#21 Listen to free internet radio

Check out AccuRadio and Internet Radio, just to name a few..

#22 This Blog

Lastly, you’ve just been reading FREE quality information from blogs like mine! 🙂

Wrap Up

There you have it! I’m sure that when we keep our eyes and ears open, we’ll discover many more areas in our lives we can get free stuff from. This is a great way to trim our living costs.

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