Frugal Challenge Series 2020 ( Week 1 )

By | January 4, 2019

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Welcome to the Frugal Challenge Series. Each week, I’ll give you a little frugal challenge you can take away to do. These little challenges help you get into the minds of frugal folks. You’ll learn to think like a frugalist in your everyday life.


Who is this Frugal Challenge Series for?

This series is perfect for you if :

You want to incorporate frugal living habits into your daily life.

You want to make a start on frugal living, but don’t know how to begin beyond reading blog post after post.

It can be overwhelming to have so many tips at your disposal and the temptation is to use as many tips as possible at the same time.

So, I have organized these frugal tips into easy,manageable steps for you to carry out.

By being here, you’re already ahead of other people. So make a start today. By saving more money, you’re taking the the first step towards your financial success!

Help! Frugal Life is hard!

Many folks think that being frugal means scrimping and scraping. And that life is generally hard because of this. But nothing can be further from the truth.

You can live the good life while being frugal and make good savings at the same time. My family has saved more than $40,000 in 2 years on a modest income. Yes, it’s still possible to save even if your income is small.

In these challenges, you’ll have to decide on getting a good balance between –

-what is good for you and your family

-versus merely making purchases based on price alone (aka cheap).

These challenges are easy and doable. They won’t take up much time.

If you’ve missed the earlier challenges, click on them below to find out what daily habits you need to form lasting frugal habits that’ll help you achieve financial freedom sooner.

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Week 1 Frugal Challenge Series

In this Week 1 of the Frugal Challenge Series, we’re going to challenge you at . . . the supermarket.

When you shop at supermarkets, do you usually grab your usual favorite brands?

To be frugal, you’ll have to weigh the price, nutrition information and taste of the product.

In Week 1, set aside 5-10 minutes at the supermarket.

Decide on a product you want to buy e.g a can of tomato sauce.

1. Where is the most expensive tomato sauce? At eye-level, on the higher shelves or lower shelves?

2. Find the cheapest tomato sauce. Is it a generic or supermarket brand?

Compare the prices – check the price per gram. Some supermarkets display this on the price label.

If you can’t find the label, use your phone to calculate.

3. Compare the ingredients of both brands. Check the ‘Nutrition Information’.

Look under the column ‘Average Quantity per 100 g’.

Which can has more sodium?

Which one contains more sugar?

Does the can say it has BPA-free coating? What about artificial flavors? Are there tons of chemical names no one’s able to pronounce?

Which one would you buy?

If you’re uncertain about the taste of the new product, buy one and see if you like it.

What have you learnt from this little exercise? What made you buy one brand over the other?

How to sharpen your supermarket shopping skills and make the most savings?

Take this fun quiz. See if you can escape the supermarket traps to reduce your spending.

Want to save even more on food?

Get these 20 easy practical hacks to reduce your wastage on food and save more money.

I hope you have found this challenge useful. Next week, you’ll be given another challenge from the Frugal Challenge Series to help you on your journey towards frugal living. Make this year THE YEAR packed with great savings!

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Frugal Challenge Series. Take up this challenge. You can do it.

Frugal Series.Take up this frugal challenge

Frugal Challenge Series- week one. Try it-it works

Frugal Challenge week 1. Step-by-step to frugal living

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