Frugal Challenge Series 2020 (Week 2)

By | January 12, 2019

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Welcome to the Frugal Challenge Series where each week, I’ll give you a little frugal challenge that you can take away and do. These little exercises will help guide you to be more frugal in your everyday life.

Who is this Frugal Challenge Series for?

This series is perfect for you if you want to incorporate frugal living habits into your daily life and practise doing it. If you’ve always wanted to make a start on frugal living, but don’t know how to begin beyond reading posts after posts, then this series is for you.

Last week in Week 1, I gave you a little exercise for you to do at the supermarket. I hope it has helped you to become more aware of how you can shop better and save more at the supermarket.

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Week 2

In this week’s Frugal Challenge Series, we’ll focus on minimizing waste.


Let’s say you’re about to throw something out. Before you do this, I want to challenge you to think of at least one way you can re-use it.

But first, there’re some things which are simply not worth your time.

Stuff that can be thrown out:

Old batteries

Broken or dried out pens

Worn out shoes

Mystery keys

Expired cosmetics or skin care products

Broken appliances or electronic products like earphones

Examples of minimizing wastage

For this week’s challenge, we’ll use this example. Say you’ve just used some water to rinse your vegetables like lettuce or cabbage. Don’t pour this water away.

Save it up to water your garden plants instead. We usually use this water to flush our toilets for ‘liquid body waste’.

Sometimes, we also use it to water our indoor plants.

But don’t make the same mistake like I did. We have a couple of empty plastic bottles in our kitchen that double as informal watering cans. Sitting next to them is a similar bottle pre-filled with ‘water’. I was merrily watering my favorite indoor plant with it. But it turned out it wasn’t water, it was vinegar!

Important tip: It’s essential to label your used bottles.

I won’t describe the next few moments when Mr MMT discovered the error! Judging from our internet research, I’m glad I wasn’t alone!

Long story short, we flushed the pot and kept our fingers crossed. I’m glad to report our plant is safe and sound after a week. It has since sprouted new leaves!

Two More Examples

I’ll give you two more short examples. Our town’s council has discontinued the use of sturdy plastic crates which had been funded by our property tax. These crates were meant for residents to fill with recyclable items. Once a week, council trucks would empty these crates. Now that they no longer serve any purpose, some enterprising souls turn them into funky garden containers filled with flowering plants!

Old car tyres can be cut in half to fashion into a swing and attached to a tree branch.

So for this week, take a look around your garage, house or attic.

Do you have an item that you’re about to trash?


  1. Can you think of a way to reuse this item?
  2. If you really can’t and if its condition is still acceptable, list it in freecycle or craigslist.

You can also get more inspiration from these places.

  1. Recycling guide
  2. 10 Home items You can Reuse Over and Over Again

Wrap Up

I hope you have found this challenge useful. Stay tuned for next week’s challenge where you’ll learn to think of ways to prolong the life of things you’ve been using – another valuable challenge for the Frugal Challenge Series to help you on your journey towards frugal living.

If you’ve found this helpful, do share. If you’ve more creative ideas to be frugal, share it below.

Frugal challenge series week 2

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Frugal Challenge Series week 2 C'mon you can do it
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