What frugal means

By | January 4, 2019

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You’ve heard this word ‘frugal’ countless times. But what exactly does it mean? How do we become more frugal? “Gosh! I don’t want to just survive like a cave dweller you know,” I hear you say.

Calm down. It’s still possible to live the good life while being a frugal because I’m doing it. Most importantly, it’s good to be frugal to get ahead financially.

Have some fun watching this video on what it means to be frugal . . . Have a laugh!

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Let’s look at some examples, and decide which relate to being frugal. Ready?

1. Using price comparison websites to find out the best deals on a phone you’re buying.

2. Taking medicine that’s past its expiration date.

3. Collecting rain water in buckets to flush the toilet.

4. Reusing dental floss.

If you thought #1 is frugal, you’re right! Comparing prices online is a quick and easy way to save money when you shop.

What about the other examples? They relate to saving money, but are not frugal actions.

#2 Taking medicine that’s past its expiration date can make you sick!

#3 Collecting rain water to flush the toilet is a waste of time and effort, and doesn’t save you much money!

#4 Reusing dental floss is just plain crazy! Your gums can get badly infected, and you may lose your teeth! Not to mention the astronomical dental fees that you’ll have to pay!

OK! By now we have an idea of what frugal means.

Frugal meaning

I’m sure you’ll agree that taking care and using common sense is important when being frugal.

We would love to be frugal and save money, but not when it takes too much time and effort to save a few cents. Not when saving money or food can harm our health.

I hope you’ve got a clear idea of what being frugal means.

It’s great to be sensibly frugal, as you:

-minimize wastage

-save money

-become richer as a result!

Frugal: Do you really know what it means?

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