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Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips ( Part 2 )

Welcome to Part 2 of Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips! If you have read the Smart Christmas Money Saving tips in Part 1, I trust you have been saving well. So, let’s continue to rein in your spending – make this Christmas the best ever and enjoy this festive season with peace of mind. After all,… Read More »

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11 Personal Finance Experts Reveal their Secrets of Success

A very warm welcome to you, dear readers. Recently I invited my favorite top personal finance experts to share their secrets of success. If you have always wanted to know the best financial tips to get ahead and achieve wealth at a much earlier stage in your lives, look no further. These tips of money… Read More »

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Best Budget Apps and Finance Tools to Save Thousands

A warm welcome to you, dear readers. I’m excited to tell you about some amazing budget apps and finance tools that will give you that much needed boost to your net worth. You’ll save thousands and the best part is, you can use your money to grow them into millions. The icing on the cake… Read More »

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Smart Christmas Money Saving Tips (Part 1)

With Christmas fast approaching, you will want to make sure that your budgeting plans don’t get blown off course even before Santa lands. It’s not easy to cut back on spending when others are busy opening their wallets, but you need to do yourself a favor. It’s up to you to make this Christmas a… Read More »

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Which is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

A warm welcome to my blog, dear readers. If you’re thinking of buying the best smartphone, you’ve come to the right place. Today, I have a special guest post by Ezra. He has carefully examined the 3 most important things you have to think about if you’re after – value – price – performance (This… Read More »

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22 Things We Stopped Buying to Save Money

Welcome, dear readers. I’m glad you’re here. Today, we’re looking at what things you can stop buying so you can save more money. Are you buying things without realizing that you don’t actually need them? In the midst of our hectic day-to-day living -juggling our work, kids and pets- it’s all too easy to slip… Read More »

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15 Money-Making Hobbies That Are Fun

  Today I have a special guest. My good friend Arlene from FromPenniesToPlenty.com has put together an excellent post on 15 Money-Making Hobbies that are fun and can earn you good money. If you’re looking for great ideas to earn money from your hobbies, read on!  A few years ago, I sent evites to my… Read More »

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How to budget your money and become rich

Are you saving regularly to reach your goals? Or are you making ends meet, but can’t seem to get ahead on a small income? Whatever your money situation, knowing how to create a budget that really works is very important. It allows you to know, track and control where your money goes. It really pays… Read More »

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7 Frugal Ways That Saved Us $1,300 Recently

Trying hard to save on your income without compromising your quality of life? Maybe you have heard of super savers who saved more than $100,000 a year. Then, you realized that they are either high income earners or are making good money in their businesses. No one can deny that for these persons it’s far… Read More »

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How We Saved More Than $40,000 in 2 years on a Modest Income

Are you saving hard and yet it’s not as much as you would have liked? Are you looking for even more creative ways to cut your spending, so as to have more money in your pocket? Saving has also been a challenge for my family too. Our background We are a family of 3, with… Read More »

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Interview with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Blogging is hard work – effort and time are needed to create helpful content for readers. So it’s no surprise that most bloggers would like some income streams in return. Affiliate marketing can bring in a great income. What does it take to become a successful affiliate marketer? How does one get started in affiliate… Read More »

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20 Clever Frugal Tips to Save Even More Money (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of 20 Clever Frugal Tips to Save Even More Money 🙂 You’ll find exciting and fun frugal ways to save more money with these clever tips, more than you could have ever imagined. They are super easy for you to do from day-to-day, especially for anyone on a budget AND you… Read More »

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12 Surprising Frugal Tips that Thrifty People Love (Part 2)

With inflation, the cost of almost everything we can think of keeps rising. We need to be really creative and use smart saving ideas to get great deals on the stuff we need to buy. Previously I’ve talked about 6 other super frugal tips to save more money. It pays to read it as well.… Read More »

5 Smart Ways to Crush Your Student Loan Debts

Are you burdened by student loan debts? Do you want to crush your student loan debts fast and save heaps on hefty interest payments? Today, I have a special guest writer, Andrew from LendEDU – a consumer education website and financial product marketplace. In this post, Andrew shares his best strategies on how college graduates… Read More »

22 Things We Stopped Buying to Save Money (Part 2)

A warm welcome to you, dear readers of this post. Have you read part 1 of 22 Things We Stopped Buying to Save Money? If you haven’t, remember to head over to it later. You’ll discover more inspiration and tips to stop wasting money. In this post, let’s look at more unnecessary things you and… Read More »

Are You a Wise Frugal? You decide…( Part 2 )

Welcome back to Part 2 of Are You a Wise Frugal? You must decide… I’d would like to ask you, dear readers, what your impression was after you read Part 1 of Are You a Wise Frugal? Were you taken aback by the extremely frugal measures that my family had taken? Did you do similar… Read More »