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Interview with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Blogging is hard work – effort and time are needed to create helpful content for readers. So it’s no surprise that most bloggers would like some income streams in return. Affiliate marketing can bring in a great income. What does it take to become a successful affiliate marketer? Simple! Learn from the best – Michelle… Read More »

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12 Surprising Frugal Tips that Thrifty People Love (Part 2)

With inflation, the cost of almost everything we can think of keeps rising. We need to be really creative and use smart saving ideas to get great deals on the stuff we need to buy. Previously I’ve talked about 6 other super frugal tips to save more money. It pays to read it as well.… Read More »

How to Transform a Super Spender into a Super Saver for Good

  This post has 8 easy tips which you can use to save heaps.  If you have access to Ebates, Ibotta, Aldi or Walmart types of stores, you’re going to enjoy watching your savings soar. That’s because we don’t have access to all these wonderful incentives and stores. Our family income is not high and… Read More »

20+ Best Quotes You Must Know For Money Success (Part 2)

If you’ve already read part 1 of 20+ Best Quotes You Must Know For Money & Success, thank you. I trust that you found the quotes thought provoking and useful. Here is part 2 – the exciting conclusion to 20+ Best Quotes . . .  🙂 “A day without laughter is a day wasted’ – Charlie Chaplin Jo: Most… Read More »

20+ Best Quotes You Must Know For Money Success (Part 1)

Don’t we love quotes? There’s something special and magical about them. They are full of power and capture the essence of meaning in just a few words. That’s what I love about quotes – they’re masters of efficiency. They empower, encourage and motivate us to scale greater heights and spur us to become better versions… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gifts That are Affordable and Thoughtful

Mother’s Day is approaching on May 13. Are you at a loss for ideas? Or, if you’re like most folks and really haven’t given a thought to what to get for your mother, don’t panic. I have put together several gift ideas here for moms who love the good life. Most of us would agree… Read More »

11 Easy Ways to Slash Your Motoring Costs

“Owning and operating a vehicle . . . accounts for the second-largest household expense” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The rising cost of motoring is a sickening drain on motorists’ finances. Have you tried countless times to reduce your car expenses and seem to be always spinning your wheels? What a pain! Want to save money… Read More »

20 Clever Frugal Tips to Save Even More Money (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of 20 Clever Frugal Tips to Save Even More Money 🙂 You’ll find exciting and fun frugal ways to save more money with these clever tips, more than you could have ever imagined. They are super easy for you to do from day-to-day, especially for anyone on a budget AND you… Read More »